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Why the Past Seems so Nice

One reason the past seems so nice is because you know how it came out.

You think, “I arrived in the new city, and it thrilled me! I saw so many interesting things.”

Actually what you had on your mind at the time was how irritated you were about something. You were worrying about where you would stay that night and how you would find the place and would the taxi driver cheat you. In a new town, nothing looks the same as it does once you are used to it.

I sure don’t miss my youth because I remember so much of it.

Ah, the old Christmas songs! They remind me of comfort and home! But they also remind me that I was counting the hours of my Christmas vacation until I had to go back to school and wander around at recess trying to avoid the white trash bully I was scared of.

When you think of youth, you don’t remember that each and every tooth had to pulled out as the new ones came in. Do you remember walking around trying to decide to pull it out?

Do you remember the measles? Mumps? Just lying there with nothing at all to do but feel bad?

Do you remember boredom, boredom, and more boredom?

And the DECISIONS! It’s cute now to laugh at what you were afraid of and how little you knew. It wasn’t funny then.

There is a very important point here that relates your own personal history to history in general. It is contained in one very wise saying:

“You are not studying history. You are studying other people’s PRESENT.”

You see that guy looking at you from an 1880 photograph? To you, he is in the time of Garfield and Arthur, when the telephone was brand new. You see the past behind him and the future in front of him. You are seeing him as a part of history.

Actually that guy is sitting there in a time as modern as today. He is not a part of history. He is Modern Man, just like you are. The only difference is that you have the cheat sheet. You know what is coming next. You have tomorrow’s newspaper.

When you were young you didn’t have the cheat sheet. What drove you nuts then is cute today.

It’s the cheat sheet that makes all the difference.

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Slaveholding Presidents

Abraham Lincoln was the first president to be reelected who was not a slaveholder. Until Lincoln only the two Adamses, Martin Van Buren, Millard Fillmore, Pierce and Buchanan did not own slaves, and none of them were reelected.

Until 1851, the presidency was pretty much a monopoly of slaveholders. Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe and Jackson owners of slaves who served two terms as president. Harrison, Tyler, Polk and Taylor were owners of slaves who were not reelected, and Harrison and Taylor died in their first term.

When Lincoln was reelected in 1864, Union commander Ulysses S. Grant owned slaves while General Lee had freed his many years before the Civil War. Grant kept his slaves until slavery was outlawed by the Thirteenth Amendment in December of 1865. Grant served two terms as president, and he was the last slaveholder president.

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I Love You, Man

It has become fashionable for one man to say to another, “I love you, man.”

That takes some getting used to for us old-timers, but not because we didn’t always tell our male friends that we loved them. We just did it in a different way.

At our recovery club, we had an old guy who died recently, and everybody misses him enormously. He would rather have died than say, “I love you, man.” But he said it all the time in his own way.

In fact, he had a separate-but-equal way of saying it.

When an old white buddy of his would come in, he would get around to looking at him for a minute and then say, “You know, you are the ugliest white man I ever saw in my life.”

On the other hand, when an old black buddy came in he would usually look at him a minute and say, “You are the ugliest man of color that was ever born.”

And what this meant was, “You don’t mind me saying that because you know I think the world of you.”

And he didn’t discriminate against women either. He referred to them as “You old bag.”

My brother will say, “Bob, comb your damned hair.” I’m 63 years old and he is older, and he is the only person who has the right to say that. He’s my brother.

It all means, “I love you, man.”

I just like the old way better.

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We Need Sergeants!

In every army, the sergeants are the ones who make the rubber meet the road. Everything is just paperwork until the sergeants get hold of it.

I doubt that there has ever been a serious army that didn’t have more generals than it needed.

Often there is not even a shortage of privates. At the beginning of the Civil War, so many men volunteered that most of them had to be turned away. This happens a lot, though usually there is a shortage of privates.

But every army always has a desperate lack of sergeants.

Sergeants are the backbone of every army, and not just the less important armies that wear uniforms. When you have to get the military into action, the more important armies have failed. War is hideously expensive in every way, and every war is a direct result of the failure of the thinkers and doers who should have prevented it. Those are the far more important armies.

Sergeants are the people who keep the forces in hand. Sergeants are the ones who make orders real. Nothing really happens until the orders get to the sergeants and they make it happen.

I desperately need sergeants for my book, Why Johnny Can’t Think.

In the important armies, you say, “We need to get the book out.” You do not have to tell the sergeants that they need to read the book, then put quotes for it in news groups, contact their friends, find contacts.

I keep begging whitakeronline readers: “Please look at

People keep asking me what they can do. I say, “Please look at

They then ask me, “What can I do?”

I repeat: in the important armies, you say, “We need to get the book out.” You do not have to tell the sergeants that they need to read the book, then put quotes for it in news groups, contact their friends, find contacts.

We are trying to reach millions of young people, private schoolers, home schoolers, the millions of young people who are paying off their college debts and know they have been cheated. We could win over millions of young people rather than waiting for a bloody revolution in the future. We could be the important army.

But we need sergeants!

No officer tells the sergeant, “Now you go out and get your men together and you tell them to get their guns” That is what they do. They know how to do that better than I do.

Are there any sergeants out there?

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The Man in the Mirror

This will sound like a cliché. But for me it has been basic to survival:

There is one friend you need in the world, and that is the one who looks back at you in your mirror. That is the person you are going to have 99% of your conversations with.

Level with him.

Everybody else is going to present a front to you. When you are about to do something dangerous, all the people around you are going to look brave compared to the quivering mass of jelly you know you are. But this macho crap is the least of it.

I have known war heroes who died because they could not live with themselves – many of them. After they won their medals they died of drugs or alcohol or suicide or killed themselves in other ways. It is a very common thing among war heroes. They have the kind of physical courage it takes to win medals but their weak point was moral courage.

There was a German who wrote, “If we treated anyone else the way we treat ourselves, we would be sadists.” That is very Germanic trait, and there is a lot that kind of German in people like those who read this blog. There is a hell of lot of it in me.

The reason psychopaths have such a huge advantage in our society is because a psychopath never blames himself for anything. You and I are the exact opposite, we blame ourselves for everything, no matter how hard we try to believe the “excuses” we make up.

They aren’t “excuses.” You don’t have anything like the power and wisdom you demand of yourself. You are being cruel to a person who screws life up in exactly the same way anybody else does. But since that person is you, you can’t excuse him.

You are surrounded by people who can explain to you how, though they like to make modest jokes about how they are merely human and are sometimes ridiculous, they are never really cruel or really wrong. You see me do it all the time. I know it is a form of self-defense, and the only difference is that I know I am being self-defensive.

One of my many psychiatric diagnoses is that I have a lot of “offensive” worries. This means exactly the opposite of what it sounds like. An “offensive” worry means that you are overly concerned about having hurt someone else. It would be better for me if I were more of a psychopath. A psychopath is incapable of “offensive” concerns.

Obviously if I had the answer to this problem I wouldn’t be writing this. Some things are incurable. But if you have something that is incurable you are going to have to live with it for the rest of your life, so you damned well better be aware, ALL the time, that you have it.

Forgive yourself, over and over and over and over.

You will be told that this is a license for you to let yourself go. I wish it were. The real fact is that no matter how hard people like you and me try, we will never forgive ourselves enough.

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Health Report

I have been away from Bob’s Blog because I’ve been ill. I cannot imagine anything less interesting than listening to an old man talk about his latest illness, but some people have been worried, which makes me know my work is worthwhile, so I’ll put the whole thing here so they can read it.

The last thing I want to do when I’ve already lost a lot of time and effort being flat on my ass is to have to describe what I went through over and over.

So, once and for all, here goes.

I overdo my exercising, like I overdo everything else. I hate the obligatory time in the gym, so I run and power walk as hard as I can. Inevitably it hit me. On Thursday night my right leg was in agony, and the hip got worse and worse. My left leg just cramped.

By Friday I could only lie on my face on my bed in one position. I also had nausea and diarrhea and shortness of breath and all the fun stuff that goes with great pain.

Let me stop here. I was raised around the group that calls itself “The Greatest Generation”. They would say that that kind of pain never bothered them, I am just not man enough to deal with it.

This pain did all that to Ole Bob. I am 63 and I don’t do competitive macho. It knocked the hell out of ME.

My sister along with my nephew, who recently came back for a break from his medical studies in Moscow, came over and took care of me when they could. I thought I was down for the count because I have bad arthritis in my spine but it showed no symptoms there. A lot of people have that. But I thought that pain couldn’t come from anything less than a spinal problem and that would have been permanent.

So I laid there face down, got up in agony when I had to, and just generally had a wonderful time. I called my doctor and finally got enough antinflammatories to get the hip and leg pain down to where I could get around again I can sit up and write a while before I go and throw up or lie down, but compared to being flat on my face, it’s wonderful.

Basically I am as healthy as a horse and almost as smart. I am coming along fine now. Could we talk about something else?

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Signs of Rebellion

Stormfront is a white nationalist website that has grown from 20,000 members to over 30,000 members in the past three months. Most of the members seem to be young.

Each member who wants to has his own logo. Most of the ones posted by young people have a swastika.

And there’s not a Nazi in the bunch.

Every respectable conservative repeats the mantra “I denounce extremism on the left and on the right.”

For those of you who have not yet guessed it yet, I will let you on the secret:

I am not respectable.

Since I have no ambition to be become respectable I can tell you that there is not the slightest comparison between extremism on the left and extremism on the right.

To explain this, let’s start with basics: There ARE NO Nazi dictatorships. When you put up a swastika you are expressing opinions a lot of people don’t like. That is what freedom of speech is all about. If you only have the right to say things that don’t upset people, you have no freedom of speech at all.

When you sign a “Dear Commandante” letter to Fidel Castro or hang out a hammer and sickle, you are supporting tyrannies that EXIST, right now. Over a billion people live and die under tyrannies leftists are expressing sympathy for. When Teddy Kennedy demands that America have face-to-face negotiations with North Korea, he is giving aid and comfort to a regime that is RIGHT NOW systematically starving 200,000 children to death.

Ten thousand young people waving swastikas are nothing compared to the crime that Teddy Kennedy engages in every day. There is no comparison between extremism on the left and extremism on the right.

If there were a totalitarian dictatorship in this country, left or right, I am willing to bet that those young people with the swastika logos would be out fighting it. I am also willing to bet that Ted Kennedy would be in the Cabinet. All the congressmen who signed the “Dear Commandante” letter would be signing a “Beloved Fuhrer” letter.

Nobody who waves a swastika wants a dictatorship here. Nobody who waves a Confederate flag wants to own slaves. They are signs of rebellion.

I wish they wouldn’t put up the swastikas because they are bad propaganda. But when I was young and the United States Army invaded Little Rock and shot people on University of Mississippi campus, I had a swastika on my wall. It said, “Damn you, if only Nazis will fight you, then I’m a Nazi!”

There is no Nazi Germany. Sadly, there is no Confederate States of America. Those flags are signs of rebellion against Political Correctness, against the ongoing and openly announced program of genocide against the white race.

That program of genocide against white people is as important to the young people on Stormfront as a program of genocide against Jews or blacks would be to everybody who is respectable today.

If the only symbol of defiance against that genocide is the swastika, then by God they’ll fly it.

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Bastille Day

July 14 is the French equivalent of our July 4.

Today is Bastille Day, the beginning of the bloody, disastrous French Revolution that led to tyranny and the Reign of Terror and twenty years of bloodshed in Europe.

Let me remind you once again that when Jefferson wrote the absurd words “all men are created equal,” he was writing a document in WARTIME. The city in which he was writing the Declaration of Independence would be in enemy hands within months.

Most of the Declaration of Independence is based on a good, sound resounding lie. It blames everything on the King. Every man at the convention, including Jefferson, had been raised under British Law. Every man who signed the Declaration knew that the King could not have done any of those things without the support of Parliament.

So why did they just blame the King and leave Parliament out of it? Because this was a WAR document, written in the desperation of WARTIME. The colonies had many supporters in Parliament and they did not want to alienate them. Every historian knows that. No historian dares to mention that.

So why did Jefferson say, “all men are created equal?” Why did he refer to “Nature and Nature’s God?’ Because that was the way Rousseau had talked, and Rousseau was the philosopher French liberals followed. French liberals were Deists, and “Nature’s God” was what they believed in.

Britain abandoned the American war when Parliament deserted the King. It was French liberals who eventually got France into the war on America’s side. The wartime propaganda document called the Declaration of Independence was well targeted.

As for “all men are created equal” and “Nature and Nature’s God,” if you have any historical sense at all, those words look insane in an American declaration. No Founding Father of America ever believed that all men were created or that fairies were dancing on the end of his nose. But all war propaganda looks absurd to those outside of the war. What is really absurd is to think that all this crap represented anything Americans actually believed.

This is proved by the fact that when peace came and Americans had to adopt a real Constitution to be adopted by Americans, not one word of this “all mankind” crap was in it. There is no overlap whatsoever between the Declaration of Independence and he United States Constitution.

The French thinking that Jefferson appealed to led to the tyranny, invasions and massacres of the French Revolution, to the total defeat of a devastated France, and a restoration of the monarchy that revolution overthrew. That ` “all men are created equal” crap is insane and insane ideas lead to insane results.

That French nonsense became the motto of the abolitionists. And when Lincoln celebrated the slaughter at the Gettysburg address, he said that America was founded on the French idea that “all men are created equal,” not on the Constitution.

Whenever Americans want a slaughter, they hark back to the French idea of revolution, and they get the massacres they want.

And that is what Bastille Day means to me.