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Anger Makes You Tired

You remember that famous photograph of Jane Fonda in North Vietnam at an anti-aircraft gun pretending to shoot down American planes with a smile on her face? Everybody has finally gotten upset about it and Fonda herself has apologized for it.

Recently Jane Fonda announced that children in upstate South Carolina were STARVING to death. Her Yuppie friends had said they were not getting enough food stamps, I guess, so she called that starvation.

Or something.

So when I see that photograph of Jane Fonda at the anti-aircraft gun I see a different picture than other people do.

Within a mile of Fonda at that time she could have seen people who were actually STARVING.

If you have actually seen and SMELLED people starving, you never use that word freely again.

I told my doctor brother that STARVATION had a particular SMELL, and I wondered if I were imagining it. Sure enough, he explained to me that it does have a special smell to it.

I have seen what was left of a village the Communist Idealists have finished with. I have seen and smelled starvation. I have gone across the deadlines of many a Communist country where there are land mines and men with automatic weapons to keep people from escaping the Workers’ Paradise.

And I myself have escaped into irony with terms like “Peace Loving Democratic Republics” and “Workers’ Paradises.”

I deal with respectable conservatives who are as treasonous as any Communist because they want to push the genocide against my race.

And humor keeps me going.

But there is a fury in me. It is a screaming, vengeful creature that wants to get out.

I am a very sensitive person. I am also a warrior who has fought very long and very hard.

I have fought in a world where the most unspeakable, horrible people, people who make Jane Fonda look like a saint, have to be treated with respect. And humor and irony have kept me going, because I HAVE to keep going.

But that is an awfully lot to be going on in the brain of one mere human being. The beast wants to be let out, and the mature, ironic man knows he must keep fighting.

All of which makes me very, very tired.

I have had two nervous breakdowns.

Oddly enough all this encourages me.

There is on person on earth who knows all my many failings, but who also knows that I will fight until the very end. And that is the one person whose approval I really need.

I think I’m a hero.


An Atheist Should Study Christianity Even MORE

Devout Christians want to know the history of the Church. But their interest is largely academic.

Devout, undoubting Christians have no doubt about WHY Christianity succeeded. They are sure that it was inevitable. God made it succeed.

But I am 99% atheist. I’m not uncomfortable about that. Jesus praised faith the size of a mustard seed. If most Christians weren’t mostly atheist, Jesus wouldn’t have talked about faith so much.

And it is that 99% of me that finds church history fascinating.

A devout Christian believes that Christianity’s success is very simple: God made it what it is today.

But an atheist believes that this titanic, powerful, ancient institution is built on NOTHING except a total appeal to human psychology.

If you are a student of human psychology, which every practical politician must be, you would be a real idiot not to study this greatest success in human history.


8/20/05 Bob’s Weekly WOL Articles

Weekly Articles

August 20, 2005
Lord Give Me Strength!
“In Other Words” Is WRONG
Other Examples of “IN OTHER WORDS” That Kill
Try to Understand The Words I Use

Lord Give Me Strength!

I have pointed out to many people at many times that Political Correctness is a RELIGION, and if we attack it as a RELIGION we can destroy it.

And almost invariably the person I am talking with will say something like, “Well, it is LIKE a religion. It is a very rigid belief system.”

And I say a little silent prayer, “Lord give me strength. Let me remember that this retard is trying to be sophisticated. He knows not what he does. And keep me from committing physical violence against him.”

This dribbling moron, in his desperation to show he knows big words, has justified the entire Political Correctness establishment. He has completely destroyed the whole strategy I laid out.

So I take a deep, deep breath, clinch my shaking hands together and pull apart my fingers that were set to deliver a karate chop to the bridge of his nose, and ask him what the difference between “a rigid belief system” and a “religion” IS.

He never has the foggiest idea. It just sounded real smart. But he has completely missed my point.

Under the Constitution, there is nothing necessarily illegal about government establishing “a rigid belief system.” There is nothing necessarily unconstitutional about the government financing a group of professors who advance “a rigid belief system.”

What the Constitution specifically forbids is an established RELIGION.

If you say something is “a rigid belief system” and not a RELIGION, you have legitimized the whole professor-priesthood.

That is one hell of a price to pay for sounding sophisticated.

I did NOT say, “Political Correctness is LIKE a religion because it is a rigid belief system.” I said “Political Correctness IS a religion because it is a belief system based on FAITH.”

Physics is not a religion because it helps send real rockets into real space. It WORKS. Political Correctness is a religion because it doesn’t WORK. It is based on FAITH. Paying professors who teach a faith is ILLEGAL.

Telling dirty jokes in class is immoral but it is not illegal. Assaulting students is ILLEGAL.

Teaching a rigid belief system at public expense is immoral. Teaching a religion at public expense is ILLEGAL.

Is there any way on earth I can get past this moron’s desperate desire to sound sophisticated to make him recognize the difference between immoral and illegal?
-. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -.

“In Other Words” Is WRONG

The blithering idiot who is trying to be sophisticated thinks he is just stating what I said “in other words.” That’s a great way to miss the whole point.

My Internet radio program this week can be linked at: Townhall – The Untrained Eye is entitled, “The Silly Ideas We Live By.”

They are each ideas that have caused incalculable suffering, and every one of them started as a sophisticated interpretation of a real fact.

They all sounded harmless and even idealistic when they first came out.

Long ago Americans discovered that some intellectual tools are very useful. You need to learn to read. You need to learn arithmetic. Today no one just learns a skill and stays with it the rest of his life. He must keep learning the newest techniques.

Then came the fatal words, “IN OTHER WORDS, education pays.”

As a direct result of those OTHER WORDS our young people are now serfs to the professor-priesthood. A young person must waste four years of his youth in a university, then he must spend ten years paying off a backbreaking student loan.

But that is only the beginning. After he has paid off the student loan and has spent fourteen years serving the professor-priesthood, this person now in his mid-thirties can begin to think about having a family. But every child he plans to have will be another serf to the professor-priesthood.

So this person in his mid-thirties must begin to save money, not for a home or anything he or his family can use, but for tuition for each of his children, which means he can’t have more than one or two. Tuition is rising astronomically and it already represents a back-breaking burden.

All this happened because of “IN OTHER WORDS” education pays.”
-. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -.

Other Examples of “IN OTHER WORDS” That Kill

The Constitution of the United States says that this country exists to provide “We the People and OUR posterity” with the blessings of liberty.

So we hear this line every day, “IN OTHER WORDS America is all about spreading Democracy around the world.”

Take a look at the casualty list in Iraq this week if you want to see what that IN OTHER WORDS has cost us.

America was taken away from the several hundred thousand Indians who were still living in the Stone Age by the wave of Indo-European invaders who had earlier conquered Europe. It is now the richest country on earth and, for all the carping we do, the freest country on earth. We destroyed Communism, which enslaved a third of the human race.

And now comes the fatal slogan, “IN OTHER WORDS America is a Nation of Immigrants.”

If I have to explain to you what THAT little IN OTHER WORDS is doing to us, you belong in a retarded home.

Whitakeronline is NOT devoted to “in other words.”

I consider words to be vitally important. I have used weapons and I have used words, and the words have been infinitely more important.

No war hero ever made the slightest difference in real human history. Those who used words have MADE real history.
-. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -.

Try to Understand The Words I Use

I do not say things so that they can be translated into other words. I work very, very hard to write and rewrite and use words to express my exact meaning. You have every right to reject my advice, but you do NOT have the right to distort it.

Ole Bob am a very, very out-of-date sort of person. He means EXACTLY what he says.

If what I say is wrong, as it often is, you have every right to CORRECT me. Being corrected upsets other people. They called it being embarrassed.

Ole Bob has been wrong too often to be embarrassed by being wrong one more time. Others call it embarrassing, I call it learning something. Good solid corrections are genuinely appreciated and you don’t have to be nice about it.

But I do NOT appreciate interpretations. If YOU believe something, put it in YOUR name. Do NOT say it is what I said unless you are quoting me in full.

As for quoting me in full, the easiest thing in the world is to get permission from me for reprints. You can’t reprint my whole book because a lot of other people have put a lot of effort into it. But even when it comes to that, I am certain that, if you could get more copies out than we can, my team would not only be glad to have you do it, they would help you do it, all free of charge as usual.

My team would make just about any personal sacrifice to get a million copies of my book out there and READ. That fact makes me feel wonderful. It makes me feel great that my words, my own words, are that important to such admirable people. It keeps me going.

I spent two years and rewrote that little book sixteen times. “Rewrote” not “edited” it. I spent thousands of dollars on it.

All that work and a lifetime of experience produced a piece of work a handful of great people are willing to make enormous and unpaid effort to promote.

But remember that all that dedication is to MY words. It is NOT to IN OTHER WORDS.

The geniuses who wrote a far shorter and more important document, the United States Constitution, fought over every single word in it. They did NOT write it so that a bunch of Federal judges could say IN OTHER WORDS and substitute their own opinions for the Constitution.

What the founding fathers said was good enough.

I feel that what I say, over and over and over and over and over and over, things like “Political Correctness IS a religion” is exactly what you need to hear.

You are free to agree with me or disagree with my words. But you have no right to TWIST them.

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8/20/05 Insider Letter

(Reprinted to Blog from email list of 8/20/05)

*** Bob’s Insider’s Message ***

Alphabet Soup

I was a political appointee of the President, but before and after that I spent time in the regular career civil service.

So when I was appointed by Reagan to the Office of Personnel Management(OPM), another Big Presidential Appointee pulled out the organization chart and showed me how they had come in and reorganized OPM.

I have a reputation for laughing in all the wrong places, but in this case I managed to keep a perfectly straight face.

You see, every time a new administration comes in the professional civil service wants to keep them from rocking the boat. The standard way of keeping them occupied was something we called “playing alphabet soup.”

Every new cabinet secretary is going to Clean Up the Mess in Washington by making everything logical and orderly. So he takes the Office of Career Development (OCD) out of the Directorate of Training (DOT) and moves it to the Human Resources Development Unit (HRU).

Every administration appointee works on shuffling this alphabet soup around far into the night. By the time he has reorganized everything, the dangerous period when the new administration might actually do something has passed, and everybody is settled into Business As Usual (BAU).

It makes not the slightest difference who is in what letters of the organizational alphabet soup. The same high-level career people will be doing the same thing they have been doing for the past twenty years.

This is all well and good, except that people get hung up in trying to follow all the movements of the letters, and respectable conservatives debate the merits of this arrangement vs. that arrangement and argue with liberals over the most minute details of having this agency under that agency and so on, and forget the main point – that the same people are doing the same thing they have always done, and wrecking the country. This last detail seems to escape the notice of almost everyone who is allowed to appear in the media to tell us what is going on.

Getting caught up in following the shuffling is about as useful as playing the “shell game” with one of those con-men on a city bus. And a whole lot more disastrous for the country as a whole.

The reason we are expending the effort to bring you WOL, a radio program, and my book, is that someone needs to call attention to that forgotten detail, the one that everyone seems to have overlooked while following the shuffling.



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