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Al Parker, Shape Up!

I hate to admit it, but Al Parker, one of my best, actually wrote:

Still, I need more to convince me that the Cause is more than an escapist belief system not extending beyond an angry, small and geographically dispersed group on the Internet.

To give such an example, there were a few demonstrations in Russia and Sweden in recent memory that actually show there are people out there that will attach their names and faces to their beliefs and march for them by the dozen. No torchlights, but slogans, colorful flags, and physical presence.

I must be of a different character, because to me, that commands more respect than I would have for an argument of a radical bent posted anonymously on an Internet forum by someone who appears to be a “lone nut”, i.e. not much different than a stranger who hands you a disagreeable religious pamphlet without giving a sense there are many in his congregation.



“, because to me, that commands more respect”

That depends entirely on whether you want to judge by your respect or WIN this frigging thing. If you REALLY want to command respect, you could commit Seppuku, but you wouldn’t be much use to us afterwards.

Al the crap you are talking about makes not the slightest difference. The millionth anti-white screaming anti-racist is like the absolute unanimity of professors in my youth that races were absolutely, unequivocally equal genetically in all things.

That’s GONE.

There were no marches against that belief. There were giant marches FOR it. I was bowled over when event the New York Times said the hereditarian view of race is now more acceptable. That is the nearest I ever heard a PC Center come to saying it was ever wrong! That means they have been beaten to DEATH. Jensen and Rushton are now main line in academic journals.

If you are depressed and feel like you have an iron deficiency, PLEASE don’t infect the rest of us with it. We have a war to fight.

Nothing you are talking about, least of all the marches, will be remembered at all in a few years. I remember when the word was that a few academic dissidents being shouted down were nothing compared to the riots staged by the anti-whites.

The ONLY thing that Fjordman said that will make any difference in the future is:

“The truth is that immigration policies bear little correlation to past colonialist history, population density or size. Ireland, Denmark, Britain, France, Sweden, Italy, Germany and the Netherlands have one, and only one, thing in common: The natives are white, and thereby have no legitimate claim to their own countries.”

In your determination to be depressed, you completely forget that I told that for twenty years I have battling to get someone to SAY this.

Someone asked me about arranging a “news leak” in DC and I replied, “Do you REALIZE how much WORK it takes to arrange a news lead” that LOOKS accidental and to get the press to take it seriously?”

It is hard for me to comprehend how, after being here so long, you can actually BELIEVE that the comments one needs, the ones that show a movement like this, are ACCIDENTAL.
That is amateurism incarnate!

Which is why I have been so alone in my battle. I mention a major break to someone, a mainline comment that I have been working on for YEARS, and the reply is that the guy who made the comment was as Jew or was ugly, or how it was all hopeless.

On and on and on and on and on, with the usual bragging about how “practical” and “realistic” the talker was.


Granted I don’t have the Practical Man outlook you do, but I do have a certain well-paid-for professional view of what needs to be done and how put our artillery shots down the right holes.

I was a lone nut and I need some more lone nuts, as you call us, to continue hitting where it matters. They are useless if they can’t see what is REALLY going on, the concepts that are the key and how to SPOT them.

Dammit, Al, stop sucking your thumb and join us!