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Posted by Bob on October 25th, 2007 under Coaching Session

On another WN Forum, a poster decided to accept the painfully gained advice of Dr. David Duke for actually making the beginning of headway IN PREPARATION FOR the actual practice of the responsible assumption of political power.

Some time back, Dr. Duke argued we should get involved with the political parties at the grassroots level, where they offered FREE courses on how to organize and get things done, in the current political framework. Everything is there for you; expert advice on fund raising, finance, sign design and manufacture.

Great idea.

My variation was to work within the new Ron Paul organizations – Internet based, Meet-Up types – and learn with them, gaining practice on a playing field where it would cost us nothing, but offer us a chance to deal with the politics of true alienation.

The other choice – if you are serious about the issues involved in forming a nation – would be to get with Dr. James Dobson’s new proto-party, NOW, and work within that system using the same techniques that worked for Gramsci, in his followers long march through the Institutions. Our difference would be to use the word “Family,” but always apply it, in practice, to mean “Race.”

The tree fell in the forest, and, no one seems to have heard it.

Not one word of commentary on a solution to issues the owner and founder of the board claims to have had in mind when he designed the board.

Not one – not from anybody.

I have done this with my nephews looking over my shoulder, explaining to them what I was doing, and why it mattered.

They were amazed at the complete lack of response to the suggestion.

The answer, of course, is simple.

Tonight, and for the next few days, we shall be discussing the differences between a meeting to alter the Articles of Confederation, and the ratification of the new Constitution by the affected States in 1791.

They have the time ahead I don’t, and I know they will enjoy attending Ron Paul Meet-Ups – “Hey, guys, a chance to meet women for free!”

I’ll find the local Dobson people, and get them to work with them, too, if an opportunity develops.

The lesson?

The Lesson of how a meeting to revise the Articles of Confederation became the foundation of a New Nation is also a lesson in how a small, intelligent, organized minority, given time and a singular focus, can form the lever that rests of the back of the indifferent, moving them into the formation of a New Nation.

Nobody shows up?

More opportunities for US!

  1. #1 by Hardric on 10/25/2007 - 12:41 pm

    I thought sitting around and bitching was the way to go. :)
    Nevertheless, I am engaged in some similar activities.

  2. #2 by Bruce on 10/25/2007 - 12:41 pm

    Bob, you’ve repeated a few times that too many people don’t expect to win, but think the situation is hopeless. My explanation is this – an animal is often most dangerous when cornered. The multicult, in its attempt to paint the world brown, has painted itself into a corner. Like a cornered animal, the multicult is making itself more dangerous than ever via hate crime laws, ENDA, etc. People see all these measures and think the situation is hopeless, but really these measures are just a symptom of the cornered state the multicult.

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