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An Interrogator Looks at “Liar!” and “Hate!”

An anti-white thug uses the “Nazi!” label and he uses it only to incite violence.

I have pointed out before that in all my vast experience, every person who used the word “liar” freely was himself a liar. I observed this phenomenon year after year, time after time.

The reason people who normally speak the truth are reluctant to use the term “Liar!” is because, to them, “Liar!” is big word.   Lying is a big thing to a truthful person. A person who uses it routinely does not regard it as anything to be avoided.

A lie is an INTENTIONAL untruth. All my life I have dealt with people who live on misinformation. They are not aware that what they are saying is false, even though they have to sink to true stupidity and deep ignorance to believe it.

But truly decent people, including Ole Bob, have often been very ignorant or just plain stupid.

To some people there is no difference between a lie and a mistake. They tend to be psychopaths, who do not feel guilt. To a psychopath, there is no distinction between being misinformed and lying.

But let’s get this straight: This conclusion came AFTER I noticed that in every single case, a person who freely used the words “lie” and “liar” was ALWAYS a liar. I spent years observing this REALITY before I figured out the why. photo liarspsychopaths.jpg

A person who uses the word “liar” simply assumes other people are like he is. They assume other people lie all the time because they themselves lie all the time.

Another word honest people very seldom use is “Hate!”

Once  again, if you not a psychopath, “Hate” is a big word.

Someone who uses the word “Hate!” is himself a hater, just as a person who believes that anyone he disagrees with him is a “Liar!” is just demonstrating that he is himself a routine liar.

“Hate” is a big word to  a decent person. Anyone who uses it routinely is motivated by hate.