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    Black Byte

    I transcribed Horus’ FTWR-1, added some graphics and saved it as an pdf file. You can download or view here:

    It turned out pretty good, close to a literal translation with only minimum editing. It’s a rudimentary e-book; I only consider it a prototype at this time. I’m thinking about transcribing the first 6 FTWR podcasts and combining them into a single e-book. I’d need some help to do that. It took about 15 hrs of work to complete the first one.

    If anyone thinks it’s a worthwhile project and would like to help transcribing, editing or inserting graphics let me know and I’ll send details.


    Daniel Genseric

    What great ACTION you took there, blackbyte. This is a FAR better start and understanding of what we do than I had when I first arrived at BUGS. Well done!

    That was a LOT of work. I am extremely impressed!

    There are quite a few hearing-impaired pro-whites who have been missing out on the fine work White Rabbit has done on his podcasts. You are a champion and a scholar. I recommend you post this at Bob Whitaker’s BBQ and Swarmfront too. Perhaps the White Genocide Project would be interested in making that available to their audience as well. Are you familiar with Bob’s Porch Talk and The Untrained Eye?

    Great initiative on your part! Welcome to BUGS!


    Coniglio Bianco




    posted in error


    Black Byte

    I’m using NaturallySpeaking to do the audio to text conversion. Horus provided a voice sample to set up his profile. The first raw file was not very impressive and it took a massive amount of work to get into the shape you see. However, I was able to feed that file back into the program so it could continue to “learn” Horus’ speech patterns. I ran FTWR-2 and it came out noticeably better. However, each sentence needs 3-4 corrections – sometimes punctuation or capitals or missing/wrong words. It’s pretty tedious.

    If you want to go over FTWR-1 and tone it up I’ll send you a .rtf file. It’s really best to have a pair of fresh eyes look at it.

    Ideally, I could run the audo/text conversion and do the “first pass” it. Someone else could do a second pass and then a final proof read and add some graphics. The more eyes the better I think. I also have FTWR-2 ready for a second pass.

    Honestly, you’re not going to want a 100% accurate transcription. Transcribing speech directly into text makes it read poorly. Horus is a fast talker and covers a lot of ground but it doesn’t always make sense when you’re trying to read it. Some editing would be helpful.


    Black Byte

    FTWR-2 is posted at the above URL – it needs a final proof read and graphics. Let me know if you decide to work on it.


    Coniglio Bianco




    @blackbyte: God this is synchronicity/serendipity. I was taking a long walk this morning, with iPhone playing FTWR (early episodes), and I was thinking I WANT TO TRANSCRIBE ALL THIS. And I actually started making a few notes about a structure for “getting it out there”.

    We BUGSers seem to think somewhat alike!

    My reason’s for doing this are simple: Horus talks FAST, especially in the early FTWR’s, and it’s not easy to “Get It” on one pass. I’ve listened to several of them 5 and more times, and am STILL taking notes on things I missed. So a TRANSCRIPTION avoids that problem, at least the difficulty of HEARING all the ideas/memes that are embedded in Horus’ Jackhammer-like delivery. That White Rabbit has one FAST MOUTH! Dunno how BIG it is, but it’s way too FAST for “White Normals” to deal with.

    The OTHER reason is that many people we want to influence GET things by reading rather than listening. Don’t want to bore you with why (see Marshal McCluhan for that), but it’s just the way things are.

    OK, now that I’ve finished my (NOT) amazing schpiel about being amazed to find this effort underway … how can I do my part. I guess a start would be to read ALL the above posts, and see how blackbyte has done/formatted/etc. the job on FTWR#1

    Also, I don’t know how to do PM’s in this forum, if they are even possible. Horus knows my email, so if you want to ASSIGN a particular FTWR to me, and cannot contact me otherwise via this site, perhaps go through him. Not that he needs more WORK, or anything ….



    @blackbyte: I can see one problem with your FORMATTING already. Not saying it’s “bad”, but saying that long paragraphs don’t quite transmit the “feel” of the thing being presented. All the words are there, but it may not be RECEIVED in that format because, as “someone” has said,

    “No matter how good a book is, you have to break the mentality that makes people put it down after looking at the title.”

    I’m not talking about the title here. I’m pointing out that big blocks of text, however accurate and interesting, scare the crap out of most people who aren’t in love with 18th century prose stylings.

    Blackbyte, can I take a stab at reformatting the “paragraph-ness” of the current version into something that might better convey the message? After all, in this case and most others, the MEDIUM of the text formatting truly AFFECTS the Message. Old Marshal was onto something with that. And we don’t want to make Horus look like some Mommy Professor by formatting his stuff like Mommy Professor would in her tomes.



    Sorry to be a pest. I don’t assume that I “know the only truth” about how this should be formatted. I wish I did, but then once I thought I did, I’m sure “someone” here would call me out on that assumption!

    I also don’t want myself, or anyone interested in working on this, to waste time with working out and using formatting that may distort the MESSAGE by using an unsuitable MEDIUM of formatting.

    So, IF anyone here agrees that BIG BLOCKS OF TEXT don’t quite support the spirit of Horus’ work, I’m open to suggestions of WHAT WILL WORK, but hope to get them BEFORE sinking time into it.

    Once some “conventions” are hammered out, I’m willing to make this a “several hour a day” project. Like I said above, I’ve wanted something like this for myself, and was going to do some of it for myself. How wonderful that it can be for EVERYBODY.

    Hell, we can even have annotated versions, just like the Talmud! And we can sit around arguing about which interpretation is “correct”, ie “PilPul”


    Henry Davenport

    @ Frank: “Also, I don’t know how to do PM’s in this forum,”

    Frank, check my first post here:



    Thanks HD. That worked fine.

    I’m asking myself a question we’ve all gotten in the habit of asking: “Why is this information being produced?”

    I’m seeing blackbyte introduce a “topic”, and display his (excellent) work, and the idea of a collective project.

    I’m seeing Genseric comment favorably, and noting that one “purpose” of transcribing FTWR would be to make it available to the Hearing Impaired pro-Whites. (good idea!)

    I’m seeing Coniglio weigh in with a thumbs-up to the project, and offer to do some work.

    I’m seeing myself talking about being both amazed, happy, and excited that this is “happening”, and then seeing myself ask “Why is this information being produced?”

    At this point I see it being useful to …

    1. the hearing impaired,
    2. to pro-Whites who get more out of text than audio,
    3. to ANYONE who doesn’t have the patience to “decode” Horus’ mind-bullets and put them in a context that conveys the true depth of what he’s saying (it’s taken me since he first floated #1 out until now to “get it”, and I’m still not finished.)

    … but I think if a transcription is LIMITED to the above, the work involved will not have had the volume turned up enough to reach a lot of ears.

    Do we want Horus’ work to be “limited” to BUGS “insiders”, and assorted Stormfront riff-raff?

    Why not think in terms of several “levels” of this project. The first may be a “blocky paragraph transcription”, a second level might be a “cleaned up” version with graphics, and a THIRD version might be a highly-edited “book” that is far beyond a mere transcription of audio.

    Now I’m going to propose HERESY!

    For that THIRD level … edit OUT much of the transcripts and winnow it down to the basic ideas Horus is communicating. Keep those bits “intact”, but LOSE a lot of the nazi international, Babylon mythology and similar stuff (which might work in audio, but will distract in type).

    For the THIRD level …. only use a small subset of FTWR’s (while still having a total transcript available to those who want it). Use only those that deal with the basic message of how to do practical politics from the standpoint of white rabbits.

    For the THIRD level …. think in terms of a true book, not just transcriptions of audio. A highly edited and formatted book that does, in print, what the CORE of Horus’ work does in audio. But in the print version, make it impossible to “miss” some of the subtle stuff that takes more than a few “listens” of audio to “get”.

    Of course it would all start with basic transcripts, however formatted. But could this become something way bigger than a set of transcripts? I think so.

    What say ye?


    Black Byte

    Frank, I know what you’re saying about the paragraph size but that is completely arbitrary – all up to you when you correct the raw file. Commas, periods, paragraphs all are at your discretion. Someone else will do a final proof read and if it doesn’t work it can be changed.

    I pay very little attention to that on the first pass looking mainly at getting all the words and most of the punctuation correct. On the second pass I try to make some order out of the paragraphs. After it looks reasonable I go back and insert graphics which I think do a lot to break up that extremely dense feeling.

    I’ve tried to get through to Horus a few times, he doesn’t realize the amount of content in each podcast. He’ll say something like, “I already went over that in FTWR.” But nobody knows where! There’s no index, no summary. Everything is there somewhere but no one knows where! Like you say, you’re listening to a podcast multiple times – certainly a written copy is extremely helpful not only for reference but ALSO to reach those people who prefer books. As far as Horus is concerned, who cares – it’s all “digital media.”

    Frank – why don’t you grab FTWR-2 from my website and see what you can do with it. Also insert graphics if that works for you. Coniglio Bianco is doing a final pass on FTWR-1.

    I’ll convert a few more files and post them.

    Maybe we have a small group here
    I’ll convert and do first passes
    Frank does the second
    Coniglio can finish it all up

    If you have questions just send email or post here.



    I don’t know about the rest of you, you who have read blackbyte’s transcript of FTWR#1, but reading this in TEXT is having a totally different effect on me than the “mere audio”.

    Some of it seems out of place in text, but most of it is EVEN MORE POWERFUL in text.

    The implications of this (imo) are huge.




    Thanks for responding. I’ve downloaded the two rtfs and found a few typos in #1, but like you said, this is just starting. I’ll look at the rtf of #2 and compare it with the audio.

    Is that what you are recommending for the “proofing”? Reading the rtf, while listening, and then marking up? I want to “be on the same page” with what you suggest as a proofing technique, so pardon me if it sounds like a dumb question.

    Yes, Horus truly doesn’t realize how MUCH is packed into these things, or can’t remember. But who CAN remember? That’s the beauty of this project. I asked him for summaries, indexes, show outlines, etc. over a year ago. Stupid Frank Rabbit! This stuff just ROLLS out of him, and any of that stuff is going to have to be “distilled” from the audio. I don’t want to get in Horus’ way asking for that stuff. I want to “keep the channels clear” so MORE will come out.

    Blackbyte, it’s your aim to get the first 10 FTWR “in the can” as far as basic text transcriptions of the audio, and THEN talk about what to do with them, formatting wise & etc. Right? Then we can go over some of the thoughts I expressed earlier. Right?

    I would like to hear some feedback about the idea I proposed of a “Third Level” edition, which would be a far cry from a transcription, and would probably edit out more than half of the audio transcripts. Since my first read of the first few pages of #1 had a rather unusual effect, the effect of making SOME parts of it even more powerful than the audios, I’d be interested in whether others had that same impression. Now, on to read/listen compare on #2.


    Black Byte

    Believe me, I know what you’re saying. I’ve already thought this through.

    First use is a transcription of a podcast. Edited lightly for readability with some graphics to lighten things up. It could be jazzed up with a commentary section after the transcription – where key concepts are reviewed and explained in more detail. IMHO, this would be helpful for most readers.

    Second use is a true ebook. If you re-read my first post – my idea is to transcribe the first 6 podcasts and then turn them into an ebook. I’d like to retail through Amazon! Turning those transcripts into a book is creative – similar to the process of turning a book into a movie script. We need to find the right person for that job – someone with actual literary talent. Most likely, that someone would be a BUGSTER.

    Keep in mind, Horus is drawing his listeners from the fantasy rabbits. Maybe it’d be more beneficial to do a “Dan Brown” on the book than a subversion manual. This is food for thought but something we’ll have to look at and decide down the road.

    Right now lets just get the source material, the first 6 podcasts, transcribed.



    @blackbyte, I just emailed you a proofed edition of FTWR #2, FIRST TWO PARAGRAPHS. Let me know what you think of the proofing marks/techniques. I want to make this as easy as possible, by ensuring we’re all using a “standard” method.

    BTW: It required extremely close listening to make the edits I made. Much doesn’t come through correctly with machine transcription, but it’s better than manual for a base to work from! There are so many subtleties in those podcasts, that a TRUE transcription will necessarily require throwing away some of the stuff that comes across as “conversational”, or the final transcript will be semi-unreadable. Imho.




    Just read your “Dan Brown” idea. Yeah, that’s one idea. Or, one could just spin it further down the Rabbit Hole with Alice! All sorts of interesting characters in there, in addition to Green Goddesses and Red Hippotami! I don’t think “Lewis Carrol” would give a damn…



    awesome debate horus pods on debate tactics would be awesome


    Black Byte

    I had some problems with converting FTWR-3, sound quality was poor. I decompressed it and saved as a .wav file and it ran OK. Just took twice as long to run.

    Uploaded Raw files for FTWR 3 to 6 . I’ll take FTWR-3 for the first pass.

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