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Getting our message out on Youtube – some guerrilla tactics :)

Home Forums BUGS SWARM Getting our message out on Youtube – some guerrilla tactics :)

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    Ice Knight

    Have been experimenting with a new method for getting our message out to White and NORMAL people on Youtube who wouldn’t normally watch our videos or anything race related.

    1) Take any popular video and download it using or something similar.

    2) Chop it down to approx 1 min using basic editing software and then add on a little surprise at the end like one of our fine mantra videos!

    3) Upload it back to Youtube, title it as per the original video and also hopefully if available choose a thumbnail from the original video.

    4) Await unsuspecting White and NORMAL people to have their brainwashing unjammed :)

    Have only tried it once but the video got more likes than dislikes. Will do a few more over the next week or so and report back results. Should it prove successful, I’ll start uploading hundreds as it’s really simple to do and could take our message to a far wider audience.

    Wait until 3:12 to enjoy!


    Coniglio Bianco



    @IceKnight – I think that is an awesome tactic! but as Linux said it would be better to go straight into Mantra as soon as the video cuts. @Linux – That is the key, placing Mantra and then voting it up quickly, the times I have gone to the viral videos and placed Mantra it does not last long due to all the comments coming in.


    Ice Knight

    Thanks folks for your suggestions – I agree getting comments to the top of viral videos is a really effective tactic and always thumbs up whenever I see mantra posts. However, although we might not achieve quite the same numbers, I think getting people to watch our mantra videos and animations is really important, as they often carry much more punch than can be conveyed by the written word alone. People need to keep finding our message in the most unexpected of places, to show we are fighting on all fronts and the message is constantly being reinforced.

    I will try the different approaches you guys suggest above – cutting in straight to the mantra, a short clip and then the mantra and lastly the whole clip and then the mantra – ultimately it’s just an experiment, but will hopefully answer the question that any BUGSter should ask – DOES IT WORK??


    Undercover Lover

    I’ve tried a similar tactic. Where I rename and retag my videos based on what is currently getting a lot of hits. Unfortunately my videos were flagged as “misleading” so I am temporarily out of YouTube posting.


    That’s a great idea. Nice thinking out of the box. I think cutting very quickly to the message is the key though, jamming it right in their faces instantly, or even just a quick screenshot of “Africa for the Africans” – 2 or 3 seconds more of the viral music video and then another flash of “Asia for the Asians” – 2 or 3 seconds “White countries for everybody” and then to finish “anti-racist is just a codeword for anti-White”
    I’m going to spend some time on I Movie trying to suss something out.


    This is my effort, I got a Eurovision song and spliced mantra throughout it in short flashes – Like subliminal messaging he he he


    Ice Knight

    @ AnotherWhiteRabbit88

    Very nice! I like that approach – the viewer still gets the video they were looking for, but they also get the beautiful free gift of the mantra! LOL


    @iceknight – Yea I am going to work on some more. Having the music continue on throughout is the key, that way they will stick around to get Mantrafied!


    Coniglio Bianco



    I searched for the most viewed music video and came up with this, It is absolute garbage and I felt terrible stooping to this level but I Mantrafied it in the same way. I have also created a YT channel specifically for these “Music(Mantra)Videos” This tactic will subliminally force feed beautiful Mantra to the sheeple as they indulge in their pointless entertainment….Mwah ha ha ha ha ha!

    (I’m not sure of the legalities of doing this though, I assume YT would just pull it down if it breaks a copyright claim?)



    Youtube has a suggestions column on the right side of their pages. Suggestions are determined by which videos people watch before and after the current video on that page. Assuming that all of us watch a viral video, then immediately go to a video like “how whites took over america”, it will show up on the suggestions.

    People really need to take advantage of Googles multiple Sign-In. You can fast-switch up to 10 youtube accounts, meaning you can like your own comments up to the top comments. If we have 10 people doing this, we can have 100 likes on a comment in a short period of time on a viral video. Many of these really popular videos have NO top comments because the comments come in so fast that it has little chance to get the 3 likes it takes to get to the top comments

    Hitting all these immigration/flash mob videos is effective, but we have to “troll” to reach the masses.


    David Joop

    AnotherWhiteRabbit88: That is devilish yet divine!

    I have another idea. How about when there’s a major news event, re-upload the video but have a ticker tape at the bottom: ‘Like news just in “Diversity is a code word for White genocide” Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.”‘


    @David Joop – That is an excellent idea, though I’m not experienced in using video editing programs, that could be used on ANY type of video I think. Just a strip running along the bottom giving Mantra, although with a news piece you could make it look like it was actually on the real broadcast.

    “That is devilish yet divine” lol


    A Mantra tucked inside the filthy anti-White Django trailer.

    Pops in at around 2.14



    Since YT removed the original How Whites Took Over America video for whatever reason, and removed it unjustly (in my opinion), we should inflate the new upload’s views. You can get a Firefox addon called “ReloadEvery” or “ChromeReload” for google chrome and set it to refresh every few seconds at the new videos location

    Youtube allows each individual ip to clock in 300 views, if you set it to reload every 2 seconds you’ll reach 300 in 10 minutes, and if you know how to change your IP you can add on a thousand/s hits a day no problem. If we get a few people doing this, we’ll get back to 110k quickly



    Youtube will remove the video because of cheating. Don’t do it, elcyCesreveR.



    @WW the day the original video was put out, i mirrored it on one of my accounts… I will be inflating the video on MY account instead.


    Yes, bad idea elcyCesreve.

    That video does`nt want tarnishing with rumors of view-botting,even on your own channel.



    You can change a videos Title & Tags on the fly…..whenever a news story hits, you can change the tags/title on a white genocide video to fit the news story… anyone who searches for it will get the video, and it will also appear as a “suggestion” to other videos.

    I had 500 people visit How Whites Took Over America today by copying/pasting the tags for DEAR WHITE PEOPLE, it appeared as a SUGGESTED video

Viewing 20 posts - 1 through 20 (of 20 total)

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