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My podcast on the Cheddar Man Has Done Pretty Well

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    time for freedom

    The second that these stupid anti-whites came out with the claim that Cheddar Man was actually a Black dude, I jumped on it and put out a podcast dealing with this issue. It’s done far better in terms of views than my other Youtube podcasts. Generally my podcasts get between 50 and 100 views. This one has gotten 1.2K so far and still going strong. This has been a great opportunity to discuss the issue of White Genocide and how anti-whites are constantly trying to justify it.



    Good video, it is interesting how quickly anti-whites pick-up on studies that have not been proven in order to degrade white culture and accomplishments.

    The scientific method requires more than ONE study or ONE experiment to determine validity and accuracy. DNA testing is still in its infancy and who knows what BIASes and politically motivated agendas were introduced into the testing without having access to the researchers methodology or collected data.



    Sadly, it is not still up. Please post here if you re-uploaded it anywhere. Thanks,

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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