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Questions for a celebrity interview

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    J Locke

    I can’t guarantee this person will call, so I won’t request any more questions. Thanks for those questions already submitted.


    Daniel Genseric

    “How well do you know Howard Stern?”

    “On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being Tim Jacob Wise and 10 being Joseph Stalin, just how anti-white would you say Howard Stern is?” 1 just talks about doing away with whites, the other (10) DOES it.

    “What is THE most anti-white thing you have seen Howard do and/or promote?”

    “What would a sane person, such as yourself, call a program designed to immigrate MILLIONS of non-Japanese into Japan and force-assimilate and promote intermarriage between all those non-Japanese and Japanese?” “Would it NOT be genocide?” Read article II should he buck it.

    “Would you term that very program which IS happening to whites the same way? (and WHY)”


    Daniel Genseric

    “Why or why do you think it has been decided 8% of the world’s population (whites) should be the only people required to abide by Multicultural and Diversity standards? That is, bring in MILLIONS of people not of their own race, assimilate and intermarry with them?”

    “Do you believe in god?” If not, “What DO you believe in?

    In your estimate, would that higher power “be pleased with what is happening to EVERY white country and ONLY white countries? With what is happening to white children, what little remains of their culture and a future for them?” If yes, “WHY?”




    That is good of an Asian guy to do.

    I think it would actually sound even more convincing for it to come from a non-White person.

    Out of interest where does the 8% figure come from?

    Has someone got a link to a reliable source?


    Daniel Genseric

    I guess that’s a clever way of saying I am Unreliable. Would the point be any less cogent if it were 12%? or 15% or 20%, how about 9%? Would we be that much more obligated to be the ONLY countries exploited for MASSIVE immigration and assimilation if we were a third of the population? They won’t be happy until we are gonzo. Right?

    Do the math. I did.

    Now, does anyone have any questions to contribute? Don’t mean to sound too gruff, but that is what he asked for.



    DG – “I guess that’s a clever way of saying I am Unreliable.

    Do the math. I did.”

    We are supposed to be working together on this.

    If you don’t have a source just say you don’t. If you don’t give a source or where your numbers have come from I will assume you don’t have a source. If you can’t remember, say you can’t remember.

    I have seen 8% all over the place but this is a fundamental figure, there must be something better than wiki, yahoo answers or SF?

    There is a thread on SF

    This gives a bigger percentage.



    “I guess that’s a clever way of saying I am Unreliable. Would the point be any less cogent if it were 12%? or 15% or 20%, how about 9%?”

    I have seen data banded around which when chased down was supposed to have come from UNISEF (nothing to do with population figures. ) In the end it did not come from UNISEF, it did not come from anywhere. Somebody had just made it up.

    If we are using a number 8% or 18% or whatever percent it should be right.

    You did the sums, do you remember where the raw data comes from?

    I can do sums with raw data.

    Yes I can give lots of questions but wanted to ask this simple question first.


    Daniel Genseric

    Six gun,

    You didn’t have to mention “unreliable,” it was implied. I just gave you my answer. I AM better than Wikicrappia. I literally took ALL the whites in the 2010 census and the figure is somewhere between 8%-12%, depending on WHO you consider to be white. It is time-consuming and that is why there is NO link. I, and I assume a few others, actually took the time to divide it out. If you want a number YOU are comfortable with, then go through and pull ALL the white countries’ demos and calculate the indigenous population and divide by wikicrappia’s total world population. It’s rather simple. How could I possibly know who YOU consider to be white? Start another thread if you want. I would be happy to contribute there as well.

    Now, do you have any help to offer Mr. Locke?



    I have tried to find data of White minority dates. They are there for the UK and US. There are dates for other European countries you can find, like Germany 2030 or Sweden 2025

    Most countries in Europe do not ask for ethnicity data in their censuses, so I spent hours trying to find where they are coming from. I posted a guy on YT who had this on a video he had made – No response.

    I spent half an hour Googling before I posted here asking where the 8% comes from, could not find anything but the usual BS stuff off “you know who” controlled websites.

    2010 census? The last census in the UK was 2011. There is nothing for 2010.

    I am not being funny with you. I am asking genuine questions.

    These are important pieces of evidence in our case. They should be at our fingertips. When I have been in combat and someone refutes something I say to which I throw back hard evidence they never come back. There is no comeback. The audience sees I am right and the anti-White has evaporated.

    This is why I am so keen on a few pieces of hard data being to hand. Not getting bogged down just a few links and a few numbers.


    1 There must be a key in, a punchline and a thread to the discussion.

    A nice way in would be to mention the anti-White comments by Bill O’Reilly. He’s put these out twice and others are using it.

    Say this came from Bob Whitaker and BUGS.

    What’s BUGS – a group of volunteers on the net who  are talking about the decline in White people in the world through the Mantra.

    George lives in LA. He’s been there as long as Star Trek so that’s a long time. He will have noticed a big change. Brings in the browning of America. That now less than half of births are White.

    Why is this happening. The massive immigration is happening in all White countries and only White countries.

    This isn’t some extreme group, this is just regular people who are concerned.

    Give the Mantra – they can talk about it, so George will need to understand it or it could go tits up.

    Many leaders in Europe have said multiculturalism has failed.

    Depends on how long he has got to talk.

    If it is too heavy and too propaganda it will not go out, so it has got to be topical and relevant.



    J Locke

    Off topic, but I heard on a local radio station that blacks were protesting black genocide at an NAACP event recently, and Christian pastor blacks were also protesting against Obama because of his pro-abortion.

    I think this protest of black genocide is another result of our meme spreading.

    I can’t access the “Where did you post the mantra thread” anymore. I have only been able to view the first page of it for the last two days.



    John Locke you can access the “Where did you post the mantra” thread.

    The thread opens on page 1.

    Go to the bottom or top of the thread and you will see the page count – click on the high number and it will take you to the current page.

    Brian has reconfigured the pages so we have a full editor but the threads are opening on page 1 instead of the current page –


    Brian the plugin needs a bit more configuration to open on current page and not page 1

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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