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What to do when some one approves of your mantra post.

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    Undercover Lover

    I’m wondering what people do when someone expresses interest or approval in your mantra post.

    I’ll usually try to talk to them for a little bit about white genocide then ask them if they’ve heard about white rabbit radio or whitakeronline. I don’t give them the link though to encourage them to look it up. The theory is that they are more interested in things they look up themselves. I believe it was Horuss on one of his podcast that mentioned it.

    So are there any tactics or techniques you use to try to recruit people?



    Personally,  what i do is… nothing.

    I don’t feel that I should congratulate people for doing what is right.

    I mean what do i say “Gee, thanks for not embracing the genocide of my race”?

    I think the Mantra recruits itself, especially when there is a swarm taking place.



    I would encourage them.

    Remember – remember – remember. You are talking to an audience not one person. The thing that stops White people overthrowing this anti-White system is fear.

    The anti-White system could be smashed within weeks – I mean weeks, if every White person united and hammered it into the ground.

    Show support and solidarity. Show collective pride in being White. You have made contact with a fellow soul and you should celebrate this. It is a victory.

    Remember there are others watching this. You give others courage to fight back.


    Daniel Genseric

    I drop white rabbit’s link. He leads them here anyway, if they are willing to listen that is.

    “Follow the White rabbit is a game that will teach ALL white rabbits about practical politics…”

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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