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A Handful is a Lot When You Break All the Rules

After the very rocky start I discussed in my comment on the last article, the PalTalk got going because we had some anti-whites there and Linux and me to answer them.

Linux did GREAT!

It’s a great world when LL is on OUR side!

Laura also spoke some, though she had the tech.

But LL and I were able to keep it going because of the anti-whites.

As for anybody else, for half an hour, as Laura kept saying, “Crickets…”

Then the anti-whites, as always, repeated themselves and got whacked until even THEY couldn’t pretend any more.

Then came the silence.  photo drunk2.jpg

I explained what handicapped us. Any membership and dues man, like James or David, would have lots to say at that point.

But what they would fill the time with was exactly the same as what our drunken buddy was going on about when I FINALLY was allowed to cut him off at 5PM.  Smashed out of his gourd, he would make an excellent regular white radio host.

After a short silence that seemed like a long one, with only Linux and Laura trying to fill some space, the BUGSER cavalry FINALLY arrived!

And they were EXCELLENT!

By then I was too tired to really appreciate it, but they made our points and kept discipline wonderfully.

Our BUGSERS kept making our points but from different points of view.

Other voices making our points in itself makes a lot of difference.

Linux, Laura and I were getting spent, though Linux kept it going.

The miraculous thing about our first PalTalk session was that we survived it.

It seems impossible that we can keep a talk going without dribbling out into “liberals” and “Jews” and “Obama” and Israel.

In fact, you all did it extremely well, and we are planning another session this week.

We have to build our dialogue from the ground up. We can come at basic points, as speakers did in that PalTalk Session, in different ways.

But it is not easy.

What we are presenting is a different world view.

You can come to fascinating conclusions going this different mental route, but it is in a whole different LEAGUE from rattling on about News and Jews.

You done good. I admit it.

But Ole Coach will be playing for you next week.

Audio Bob



The Bizarro World of Anti-Whites

We live in a Bizarro World, a world where White Genocide is being carried out in the name of “Diversity,” and any objection to this anti-white policy is banned.

In our Bizarro World, massive third world immigration into every WHITE country, and ONLY to WHITE countries, is official policy.

In our Bizarro world, General Wesley Clark declared that official American policy is to send troops to fight and die so that, “There is no room for an ethnically pure country in Europe.”

Immigration is only the first step in this genocidal policy. In every white country there Is a policy of FORCED racial assimilation. In 2008 the President of France declared officially that this program of racial intermarriage was going too slow, and he threatened to use force to speed it up.

All whites everywhere must be chased down.

This policy of chasing down a race is not completely new.

In the nineteenth century the United States passed a Fugitive Slave Act to chase down escaped blacks.

We now have a program to chase down fugitive whites. These escaping whites are called White Flight. Policy today demands that all White Flyers be chased down.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has declared that there are too many whites in Northern Idaho. They are raising money to chase them down with non-whites. Yes it sounds insane, but it is official policy today.

 photo antiwhite.jpg

But there is one big difference between the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 and today’s Fugitive White Policy.

Back then, Africans were allowed to condemn the Fugitive Slave Act. But no one is allowed to breathe a word against the policy of chasing down and ending the white race.

Applied to any other race but whites, this Bizarro Policy would be described as genocide. The Australian Prime Minister declared that the aborigines were being subjected to quote “genocide by assimilation,” which is exactly what is being done to whites.

But no criticism of white genocide by immigration and assimilation is allowed anywhere on earth. In our Bizarro world, criticism of our fugitive white policy is crushed.

Anyone who dares to question this Bizarro anti-white despotism is attacked by the three groups I call Screamers, Thugs and Thought Police.

Screamers are there to shout down any questioning of white genocide. They shout words like “Nazi!” “White Supremacist!” “Racist!” and “White Separatist!” One minute they scream for diversity because there are too many white people and the next minute they scream there is no such thing as white people.

Anti-white screamers do not have to make any sense. They just have to make noise.

Then there are the rulers of all our colleges, the thugs.

The thugs are the white version of the Polar Bear Hunting done by black thugs. They control all campuses. If a speaker might question white genocide, they simply threaten to riot and the speaker is banned by the faculty “to prevent trouble.”

But screamers and thugs are all they can use in America. In Europe and other countries they have their anti-white thugs and screamers, but mostly they just use good old fashioned Thought Police and iron bars to suppress dissent. In Sweden, any criticism of any immigration policy gets you slapped into prison.

White genocide is being forced and any objection to it is attacked by screamers, thugs and Thought Police.

Despite all this noise and violence and Stalinist law, I choose to speak out.

I invented the Mantra and the term White Genocide.

I have slowly developed a meme which at least objects to the screamers, thugs and thought police. The anti-whites are finally admitting that the terms “anti-white” and “white genocide” actually exist.

We are in the last country on earth where only the screamers and thugs try to silence me. This is the only country where I can challenge any of you Bizarro anti-whites to debate or question me.

I doubt seriously any of the anti-whites will show up if they don’t have their thugs with them.



An Interrogator Looks at “Liar!” and “Hate!”

An anti-white thug uses the “Nazi!” label and he uses it only to incite violence.

I have pointed out before that in all my vast experience, every person who used the word “liar” freely was himself a liar. I observed this phenomenon year after year, time after time.

The reason people who normally speak the truth are reluctant to use the term “Liar!” is because, to them, “Liar!” is big word.   Lying is a big thing to a truthful person. A person who uses it routinely does not regard it as anything to be avoided.

A lie is an INTENTIONAL untruth. All my life I have dealt with people who live on misinformation. They are not aware that what they are saying is false, even though they have to sink to true stupidity and deep ignorance to believe it.

But truly decent people, including Ole Bob, have often been very ignorant or just plain stupid.

To some people there is no difference between a lie and a mistake. They tend to be psychopaths, who do not feel guilt. To a psychopath, there is no distinction between being misinformed and lying.

But let’s get this straight: This conclusion came AFTER I noticed that in every single case, a person who freely used the words “lie” and “liar” was ALWAYS a liar. I spent years observing this REALITY before I figured out the why. photo liarspsychopaths.jpg

A person who uses the word “liar” simply assumes other people are like he is. They assume other people lie all the time because they themselves lie all the time.

Another word honest people very seldom use is “Hate!”

Once  again, if you not a psychopath, “Hate” is a big word.

Someone who uses the word “Hate!” is himself a hater, just as a person who believes that anyone he disagrees with him is a “Liar!” is just demonstrating that he is himself a routine liar.

“Hate” is a big word to  a decent person. Anyone who uses it routinely is motivated by hate.



Shouting “Nazi” in a Crowded Theater

Everyone knows that shouting “Nazi” in a crowded theater is the way universities keep any speaker they don’t approve of off campus.

If the speaker leftists and kept conservatives don’t them want there, the Thugs threaten to cause a riot. So the administration says, “His appearance would cause trouble,” and every effective opposition speaker is banned. photo nazi.png

For his own good, of course.

And to keep the peace, of course.

The classic statement on limitations on freedom of speech is: “Free speech does not include the right to shout ‘FIRE!’ in a crowded theater.”

I am the ONLY person I have ever heard of who asked, “What if there IS a fire in a crowded theater?”

If I note a fire growing that others don’t see, the official doctrine is that I am supposed to go see the theater manager quietly and privately and inform him.

No one else here seems to have thought about this. By the time I FIND the manager, much less get a private talk with him, the fire will have burned the place down and made a good start on the rest of the city.

But, once again, no one ASKS. I am looking at the question from a pre-basic point of view.

No one else does.

They talk about the Mantra causing violence. But the word “Nazi” is INTENDED for no other purpose. The “Nazi” label outlaws the person it is aimed at, the “Nazi” label is INTENDED to cause violence.

No one has thought about this.

No one MENTIONS this.



Anti-Whites: Look Upon Our Work Page and Despair!

Everything Wise said in his attack on me was so old that all of us have been hearing it since me and Moses were kids.

He only had one point that was not primordial and he took it from Oprah, who used it a year or so ago.

Some time ago, Oprah used the old line that all young people are anti-white. When the old people, in this case for Wise it was when the old Robert Whitakers kick off, the world will be entirely anti-white.

Give me control of the polling questions and I will find that young people, or albinos, or any other group you want to agree solidly with me.

It is true that anti-white thugs control what younger people say publicly. And they have given younger people the idea they are as inevitable as Communism was a generation ago.

So where DO we look for the actual future? Is it really true that when the Bob Whitakers finally check out, all is lost? photo moses_carved_stone_575405.jpg

Look at thousands of comments we are generating. Tim Wise wrote an entire column without using the label “racist!” That would have been impossible ten or even five years ago!

We are beginning to make THEM watch THEIR words!

The examples of our new generation are legion, and every one of you counts, but let me talk here about our little legion, what we call the “Working Thread.”

No longer are there the endless talks about whether a word like “genotype” is “more correct” or “covers it.” Now I don’t have to wait, one of our veterans says, “Try it — Does it WORK?”

Every day, like HD, I check to see how long it’s been since one of our WORK crew has put stuff on the web.

I have watched over the years as what were once pages of amateurs trying to impress each other or “win the argument” has turned into a group of hard-eyed professionals. Like pros, they’re there to get our points in an then go to put them elsewhere.

Their technical discussion is as inspiring to me as it is incomprehensible.

That Wise article sure didn’t SOUND like somebody who is sure that everything we say will pass away with Old Whitaker.

If Wise and Oprah could realize their dreams and become Thought Police, Bob would disappear. Lots of dissidents disappeared, but Samizdat remained.

The Inevitable Communism Advance collapsed because THEIR old men, the armor-plated Stalin’s and Brezhnev’s, died out.

The Rule of the Thugs on campus, the fear that the Soviet Police kept in place until the last day of the USSR’s existence, all looked to the media as if they were there forever, because they allowed no questioning.

Not a single professional Expert predicted the whole Soviet Empire would melt away like the nightmare it was. After all, all the young people in the USSR had been raised under Communism, as had their fathers.

Things have never been quite the same for the professional talkers since the Soviet Empire collapsed.

Only the kept opposition keep the illusion alive, and William Buckley is DEAD.

Wise and Oprah are whistling past the graveyard.

They are declaring their ship is Unsinkable.

They say Ole Bob is all that’s left.

Which is why Ole Bob tells you over and over and over again: Do it. Get out there and TEST in the battlefield.

I got you started. When I go, you won’t start acting like a bunch of motherless pups the way the Soviet Empire did.

Toss me overboard and take the wheel.

Audio Bob