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By Bob Whitaker

If you want hours of advice on how to make and spend money, let me tell you the easiest way to get it.

Go to a bar and find a guy who needs for somebody to buy him a drink. Buy him LOTS of drinks and ask him about money. He will tell you about how to make money and how to invest money until he passes out.

It’s a little harder to find the ideal person to tell you all about power. You would have to drink with a multimillionaire. He knows all about making money, he says, so he can tell you all about how, if he wanted to take the time, he would run the country.

The average person would like to have a lot more money and a lot more power. So they think power is all about money.

One of the many conspiracies people talked about is how Dick Cheney, who had huge holdings in Halliburton, tried to make money off the Iraq War. I think that’s funny. But I know it’s funny not because I think Cheney is a moral paragon, but because I know a lot about human motivations.

Cheney doesn’t NEED money. He’s got more money than he can ever find any use for.

Let me tell you something else about money if you are one of the “It’s all about money” crowd. Bill Gates is tens of billions of dollars richer than Cheney, but he would give all those extra billions if he could be in Cheney’s shoes, even though he has tens of billions and Cheney has to survive with only a billion or so.

People are always talking about the Moslem Paradise and the beautiful houris each man there will have. But they don’t talk about another aspect of that Paradise. It has clean, pure, cold water running everywhere.

Mohammed lived in Saudi Arabia, where water was precious. If you are thirsty, you forget sex, money, power and everything else.

If you have water and no food, food is everything.

If you have no money, money is everything.

But when you have all those, you want power.

If money bought power Rockefeller and Steve Forbes would have been presidents.

Unlike money, power is a very complicated thing. A Rockefeller bought himself the governorship of Arkansas. But he found he really didn’t have any power there. Senator Rockefeller of West Virginia is in the same position. He bought a senate seat.

But the way the Rockefellers bought their positions was to hire professional campaign managers. Their managers told them what position on each issue they had to take to win.

But here is something people forget: a person with power is the one who MAKES positions on issues, not one who TAKES the right positions on issues. If Rockefeller weren’t taking those positions as a senator, somebody else would.

So Rockefeller bought a senate seat, but he did not buy POWER.

You can buy an office. You can buy fame. But you have to spend your money following the rules set down by your campaign managers or your press agents, and neither professional campaign managers nor press agents are interested in POWER. They are interested in winning you an office or in making you famous.

A man must provide food and water and shelter for his family. He likes to be famous or to hold office. But the ultimate goal of any man is power, the ability to change the world.

Everything else is necessity.

The guy in the bar won’t tell you that.



Cronkite and McCain, Moles

By Bob Whitaker

In the 1980 election, a lot of hard-leftists in the Democratic Party didn’t want to elect the first Southerner on their ticket since 1844. That was not bigotry like being against Obama. Liberal Republicans didn’t want Reagan. So John Anderson ran on his own far-left ticket.

Walter Cronkite offered to be his vice-presidential candidate. Near the end of his career, Cronkite even told journalism classes about what conservative stories he specifically suppressed. That was the end, which you won’t hear mentioned, of his time as “The Most Trusted Man in America.”

Before that, Cronkite’s image was that of the Middle American.

In the intelligence business, as you know, such people are called “moles.” They are traitors, but they are more despicable than open traitors. A Cronkite or a McCain is far more useful to the enemy than a Ted Kennedy. While Kennedy stands openly for the left, a McCain does not back leftists except when the vote is close.

And that, of course, is the only time it really matters. McCain ran on an anti-gun control platform and voted against Kennedy-type gun issues when it was clear they stood no chance. But when a move against guns stood a chance, he was always there with liberals.

On every other liberal issue, McCain always tipped the balance by being “reasonable.” He ran on his being tortured in Vietnam, but he was generally recognized as being the best friend Vietnam had in Congress.

In South Carolina, the most effective anti-gun lobby is called The South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED). Like the rest of SLED, its anti-gun lobbying is paid for by the state. They delayed concealed carry laws so that SC, though one of the most pro-gun electorates in America, was one of the last to pass one.

Then SLED demanded every restriction on CCW it could find. CCW permit holders have far fewer rights than with the permits SLED and other law enforcement used to give to their buddies.

SLED manages its mole status because South Carolinians are turned off by open gun ban advocates, but worship costumes. We have the highest percentage of veterans of all the states, and we grovel before Law and Order. So SLED, in its police costumes, is the perfect anti-gun lobby.

We are all aware of the role respectable conservative moles play in making liberalism advance, and without them liberalism would not SURVIVE.

But the Stormfront types don’t look at the moles. They have pictures of Jews in yarmulkes. I have pointed out that the Jews who hate us LEAST are the Orthodox ones. The ones whose Judaism has become nothing but hate are the totally Reformed ones.

Our worst enemies are the ones like McCain, who wore a costume and sold us out where it counted.


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Rule By Default

By Bob Whitaker

I remember a liberal senator being asked what a law that was being considered actually MEANT. He took the deep, exasperated breath Politically Correct people take when a person does not Understand How Things Are and said,

“We have something called The Supreme Court. THEY will decided exactly what the law means.”

To quote Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter, “To say that a law means what it says is PERNICIOUS oversimplification.”

Constitutional Law is also referred to as “judge-made law.” That is its official title. While conservatives talk endlessly about strict construction, none of them means a word of it. No conservative will EVER criticize the decision striking down all antimiscegenation laws in 1968, and the Court openly threw all intent and any kind of construction at all out to get that one.


So conservatives were stunned when Roe vs. Wade, which was far more based on original intent — many states that ratified the Constitution had no antiabortion laws but ALL of them had antimiscegenation laws –was decided. “Where” they universally screamed, “did THIS come from?”

It came from YOU. You acquiesced or praised the 1968 decision.

The Constitution specifically outlaws judge made law. The first word of Article I of the United States Constitution is “ALL.”

As in “ALL legislative powers are vested in the congress…”

But today all legislative power is going to the courts by default. In a multicultural, multiracial country law simply cannot be made by common consent. In a multicultural society society there is, BY DEFINITION, no common consent.

In a system as weighted down with checks and balances and separation of powers like ours, which was developed for a monoracial, monocultural country, nothing but a dictatorship can function. The only dictators who can function freely are the courts.

As the senator quoted at the outset of this piece stated, the courts will become more and more the sole lawmakers.

Until somebody takes power from THEM.

There is a point here that is so obvious that only Bob would notice it:

The courts did not TAKE power. They got power by DEFAULT. No one else can exercise it.

But rule by default NEVER lasts.

Kerensky took over Russia for a year to fill the vacuum left by the fall of the Tsar. The Weimar Republic ruled Germany to fill the vacuum left by the fall of the Kaiser.

Mussolini just mentioned in a speech that he would like to march on Rome and take power. He was so astonished by the reaction that he almost MISSED the March on Rome. This is real history. The default government was so weak that the march began without him.

In 1992, Ross Perot was actually leading in the polls for the presidency when he dropped out. He had just mentioned on Larry King that he would be willing to run for president and the movement exploded, to his astonishment, the way it did with Mussolini.

Nobody but me remembers that, and what it MEANT.

We are being governed by default. When the change comes, we who are doing the talking do not realize how close we are to a March on Rome by somebody.

As President Jackson demonstrated, the courts’ fatal weakness is that they are not in DIRECT command of the armed forces.

In a monoracial monocultural society, Jackson’s telling the Supreme Court he would not enforce its decision has been largely a matter of historical detail. No one was surprised when the Republican platform of 1860 was based on the fact that the Party would not enforce the Dred Scott Decision.

In 1860 no one said the executive or legislative branches HAD to enforce Supreme Court decisions. But NO ONE would say that today.

Least of all respectable conservatives. The last one to say that was Barry Goldwater, and he backed down.

Now everybody looks first to the courts to decide ALL major matters of policy. The other branches of government openly act at the sufferance of the courts. The executive has no power that the courts do not grant it. The congress has no power unless the courts grant it. The states certainly have exactly the power the Federal courts allow them. “We the people of the United States” in referenda are routinely subject to court approval.

A call for a constitutional convention would have to be declared valid by the courts. Only a tiny oligarchy of lifetime appointees CAN make policy in a multiracial, multicultural society.

Today power is becoming less and less a matter of abstract discussion and more and more a matter of bare-knuckled force. The facade is wearing thin.

And in the real world, nobody has power or money that someone else will not try to take away from them. Somebody forgot to tell those who think things are settled that simple fact of life.

Someone who is not a respectable conservative, someone who sees America as a country ready to obey ANYBODY, will want that power and take it.

No, it won’t call itself a dictatorship. And in the real world, ALL governments are oligarchies.

The racial coalitions will form, and it will not be a loud revolution.

They will simply tell the courts to go to hell.

And the courts, just like the executive and the legislative branches and the states and the people have already done, will do just that.