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White Racial Suicide is NOT Affirmative Action or Immigration or Just Birthrates

Just as my ideas seemed absurd in my youth and are commonplace reality now, there is another that is in the same category, starting now. This is that the Mongoloid race will be dying out soon.

This is for the same reason that almost all Ancient Oriental Wisdom was a an Aryan had once. Buddhism was invented by the blue-eyed Buddha, though almost everybody thinks if him as Oriental. Kung Fu, that epitome of Oriental Wisdom, was brought from India by a man who the Chinese say drilled a hole in a hole with his BLUE eyes.

Aquatic rice was developed in India. But it was the Orientals who were capable of enough regimentation to produce the paddy culture, where ten metric tons, 22,000 pounds, of rice can be produced on a single acre, plus another small crop of other vegetables each year.

I would imagine white people brought the wheel to Asia. A usable wheel is unique to Eurasia, and it came from outside the Middle East. The Hyksos brought the wheel to Egypt. If that were not part of written history, Egypt would be said to be where the wheel was invented, just as the weave of the cloth on the white mummies in China was declared to have been invented in the Middle East a thousand years after those white people died.

I doubt seriously that the Hyksos invented the wheel.

They got it from that vague to the northeast of the Middle East, just as the Chinese almost certainly did, or from white India.

All this, like Zoroastrianism, are points I have mentioned, before but one must THINK about them to get extensions like the coming extinction of the Mongoloids.

Orientals take what we develop and go with it. But it is not theirs, and they cannot control it. Japan is now in a birthrate bust worse than any European country. China’s one-child-per-couple law is enforced on a Stalinist basis.

It was the rice they got from white India which made Orientals multiply so much. Now they have hold of the birth control mania.

I have also pointed out that Orientals are much more aware of what I have said than we are. Twice Japanese Prime Ministers got into trouble by worrying publicly about the drop of US IQ due to Hispanic immigration. It seems rather obvious to the Japanese that if you bring in lower IQs your average goes down so they didn’t know they couldn’t say that until the Western media exploded over it.


In the next decade or the next generation Orientals are going to suddenly realize their population is plummeting, especially relative to the darks and blacks. About that time, our own geometrically increasing percentage of people who show this concern will be hitting proportions that cannot be ignored.

But that concern must be channeled in directions that is NOT harmless to THE present Politically Correct goal. As long as it is just a matter of numbers, whites will go and Orientals salvaged if it is just a matter of numbers.

White countries already have enough nonwhites, especially with their rate of natural increase, to do away with us by INTERMARRIAGE. If our attention can be riveted to POPULATION, no alliance for survival will be made with Orientals. They don’t have non-whites pouring in, so all they need is to increase their birthrate.

So yelling about affirmative action and immigration makes plenty of good yelling on Stormfront, hell even National Review is getting in on that stuff. The issue is interracial breeding.




The Aryan Suicide Syndrome

It is only after discussing Zoroaster many times here that I have slowly gotten some idea of why Zoroastrianism is important to our history. I got a communication from a seminary student who explained to me that only “amateurs” thought that Z had any influence whatever on Christianity. He explained that all the writings relating to it and the entire literature of Persia had been burned by the Moslems when they conquered Persia hundreds of yeas AFTER the New Testament was finalized, so it could have had no effect on those who wrote it.

This is way most people view history. The religion of the only empire Rome met and did not conquer could not have influenced the Bible because its literature was destroyed AFTER the Bible was written.

Practically nobody has the slightest historical perspective. Mommy Professor tells them only amateurs or Ignunt people say something and it is not true and that’s all she wrote.

Thinking is not allowed..

It has been noted that the Magi are in the New Testament. They are described as star gazers or We Three King, but at the time the New Testament was written if you had described them as anything but Zoroastrian clerics it would have been EXACTLY like trying to describe a Rabbi as something other than a Jew.

Manichaeism is a heresy described by the Church as being too much a renunciation of life. A Church which welcomed the Trappists at their most extreme condemned the Manicheans. Manichaeism bears the name of Mani, the man who tried to synthesized the two great monotheistic religions of his day

The two great religions of Mani’s pre-Islamic world were Christianity and Zoroastrianism, respectively the established religions of Byzantium and Persia. Not only does Manichaeism have a constant historical influence on Christianity, it is probably the most consistent source of heresy in Christian history.

The reason this is important is because, taken with Indian history, it shows a death wish lodged deep in the Aryan soul. The Hindu and Buddhist ideal is to stop being reborn, to escape the Wheel of Life as one is born again and again and again forever. The Manichaeism seeks to end human life by declaring all procreation a sin. This latter idea is what Mani drew from Zoroastrianism.

There is another parallel between the deterioration thought among Aryans in both India and in Persia. The name “caste” system was adopted in English because it was a direct translation of the Sanskrit name for the system, which means “color.” The Buddha had “eyes the color of the blue lotus” because the caste system had done its job of protecting the Aryan race for over a thousand years before Gautama Buddha came along.

But Buddha rejected the caste system for his Wordism, and presumably that was a fashion of his day as it is in ours.

Zoroastrianism made the same deterioration. Originally no one was allowed into the faith unless he was an Aryan. By the time of Mani, apparently, Zoroastrianism was against the procreation of ANY race, including the one Z meant to protect.

This is all hidden by the fact that no one even mentions the titanic gaps between the Old Testament and the New on the subject of sex. There was no condemnation of sex, and certainly not of procreation, in the Old Testament.


Jesus never said a word against procreation, only adultery.


Yet St. Paul was advising all young women not to marry, not to procreate.

Chastity has been a monomaniacal obsession with the Church throughout its history.

PCs don’t want to talk about any of this because it shows a continuity of ARYAN thought. The alliance of fundamentalism and PC is shown her once again. People like the seminary student are trained to ignore this giant gap and the natural need one would have to explain it if one THOUGHT about it.

This is not a conspiracy, it is a dovetailing of two types of hypnosis that have a common interest in preserving the rather weird version of history we have.

Our present religion of white self-hatred is directly related to the self-torture and self-denial that we got from the Wordist perversion of Zoroastrianism through Christianity. There is no other source for it.

Once you mention it, you can’t deny it. PC has whites feeling wildly virtuous for their “self-sacrifice” in hating their own. You can’t cure a disease if you do not diagnose it. And you can’t diagnose the Aryan self-hatred syndrome if you try to hypnotize yourself into not seeing it.



Jewish Establishment Agrees With Hitler

If you accept that the Inquisition never did physical damage to Jews, you can accept that the priesthood of the temple did nothing to Jesus. But the converse is true. If you overlook the responsibility of the Inquisition that crucified Jesus you must hold the Inquisition guiltless.

One could say that both the Inquisition and the Crucifixion were terrible mistakes in the millennia-long history of Jews and of the Church of Rome. They cannot be blamed on MODERN Catholics or Jews.

But there is a huge difference here. The Catholic Church has admitted it did wrong. The Pope has gone to Israel and groveled at the Jews’ feet for the Inquisition. He has rolled and puked and peed in his robes over the Evil the Church did to Jews.

In other words, the Church admits it was wrong and separates modern Catholics from the errors of their predecessors. The only problem is that, like other white gentiles, the Church keeps on groveling to a sickening extent.

Jewish reaction to Mel Gibson’s perfectly accurate portrayal of the Crucifixion was the exact opposite. The Jews said that if the Temple Priesthood back then did an evil thing, then that evil is still part of Judaism. This is odd, but that IS the logic..

If you insist that admitting a 2000 year old error by Jews is anti-Semitic, you are agreeing with the anti-Semites.

By the same token, Jews who insist that any attempt to save the white race is Nazi are agreeing with Hitler. They are saying that Jews and Aryans cannot survive in the same world.



Servitude and Slavery

Servitude is doing what you do not want to do. It doesn’t matter if YOU are wielding your own whip.

Servitude should ONLY be engaged in for loyalty or reward. For any other reason it is slavery. Which leads us back to the whip I mentioned.

Aryans spend a large part of their lives whipping themselves for what they “ought” to be doing. This is not slavery if overcoming lethargy will result in a REWARD or a SERVICE to the group to which one has a loyalty. For example, I know that I would spend a lot less time in depression if I got up and exercised first thing in the morning.

Now that I have lived so long, I know me well enough to understand that often I won’t do that “ought,” so I forgive myself. I force myself into enough exercise for my health.

In my Aryan youth, I could not really forgive myself for not doing all that I “ought” to have done. I had two nervous breakdowns to prove it.

I might have avoided the actual breakdowns if I hadn’t spent the little rest time I had whipping myself over what I “ought” to have done additionally.

I might have avoided the actual breakdowns if I hadn’t spoiled the satisfaction of what I WAS doing by worrying over whether I shouldn’t be doing something else, if my priorities were straight.

Many, many times my priorities hadn’t been straight, and I kicked myself over THAT. As a result, my priorities worries at work were worse. Working while you are saying to yourself, “You remember the last time you got off track? You may be doing that again” is a shortcut to a breakdown.

That is whipping yourself for its own sake. That is not servitude, that is SLAVERY. The fact that you are your own overseer makes it worse, not better.

No matter what the law says, slavery occurs when you do not ask, “What is in this for ME or MINE?” Libertarianism makes the fatal mistake of taking the MINE out of the equation.

As I have pointed out before, if the MINE or natural loyalty were taken out, no one would vote libertarian. No one would vote at all. The potential reward to YOURSELF from your vote, if you are doing a PERSONAL cost-benefit analysis, is zero. You vote because you want your SOCIETY to go a certain way.

If libertarianism and its theoretical expression, Public Choice, can’t even explain why people vote it certainly cannot explain the rest of life.

Under pure Public Choice Theory, as all the experts in that field agree, no votes would occur, no public choices would be made. They admit they can’t doesn’t explain why people vote, but they don’t worry about that.

Then they proceed to explain HOW people vote. You cannot explain HOW people vote if your logic tells you they should not vote at all. People only vote because they care how their SOCIETY goes. Only loyalty explains why people vote at all.

Libertarians make this basic mistake because of their own SLAVISH thinking.

Often the person welding the whip of slavery is not you. It is someone you do not realize is your Master.

Anyone who tells you what you want is a PREJUDICE rather than a PREFERENCE is your Master. All libertarians allow an Ayn Rand or some other overseer to tell them that all loyalty is PREJUDICE because it is not PURE self-interest.

With what we know now about the behavior of every social animal, loyalty is as natural to man as sex, and for the same reason. Libertarians all have overseers. They are all slaves.



2008 in Historical Context

I knew a whole cadre of young people who loved Reagan because he ended the political exhaustion of the 1970s. They are never mentioned in the press or by conservatives.

A person coming of age in the 1970s was raised on the idea that his world would see no growth. The Environmental Protection Agency and conservation were the focus of attention. No one but me seems to know where this left a young person.

He had nothing to look forward to. He was superfluous, particularly if he was a white male looking for a job.

In other words, it was just like today.

Back then the big political buzz on the right was that conservatives and conservationists should make common cause.

And, of course, the conservative buzz was also the old “to go after the minority vote.”

I have been this way before.

By definition, the buzz is set up by the establishment and its conservative tagalongs.

One of the most critical signs of 1980 end of the old buzz is, AS ALWAYS, the least remembered. Reporters were climbing all over Washington trying to find conservative contacts.

They didn’t **KNOW** any of us, and they said so. PBS even had ME do a couple of shows for them in the process of trying to find tame conservatives. What if the press in 1932 simply did not KNOW any liberal Democrats?

They would have been laughed at. The 1932 media was conservative, but they were also professionals. The 1980 failure was a professional humiliation, so no one mentions it now.

The 1980 media had been trapped in its own buzz, and “Republican spokesmen,” right up to Election Day, meant moderates.

The reality of the 2008 election is totally opaque to anyone who keeps up with the political buzz, which means anyone who makes his living commenting on today’s politics. If he worried about anything else he wouldn’t be published. This is not a conspiracy. It is just that every editor knows what people want to read about, and that is things like criticism or praise of Obama. They are publishing for today’s
audience, not for accuracy about the future.

Political reality is that the Democratic rank and file, which is hard left, almost always chooses someone who is too far left for political practicality. Nixon was very unpopular in 1972, but they chose MCGOVERN to oppose him.

It was HILARIOUS to watch Democrats nominate one MASSACHUSETTS lefty after another and get crushed at the polls. In 1988 Bush Sr. was so far behind Dukakis in the polls that National Review declared Dukakis’ election absolutely inevitable.

I said, “He’s a Massachusetts liberal. He’ll lose.”

Whitaker Basics again. Simplism.

The Democrats who do the nominating did not like Carter’s image and they did not Clinton’s image. They wanted a New England liberal. This time they hit jackpot.

McCain, like Obama, was incidental to the BUZZ Process. McCain was the Republican who had made himself beloved by the Buzzers. What astonished me during the campaign was that the media actually REMEMBERED they had once loved McCain.

Usually that sort of thing is simply forgotten by everybody, but a number of commentators actually DID mention that the McCain the entire media was damning had recently been beloved of them as the perfect liberal’s conservative.

The present administration is a return to the 1970’s abandonment of any real future. I came up with the certainty that space exploration and new technology would lead into an unimaginably exciting future. Older people were jealous of the great things in store for the young. Precious few older people are jealous of the young ones now.

The buzz has replaced the old time future of a Heaven of Progress and space colonization has been completely displaced by a lifetime dedicated to avoiding the Hell of the Moment. You are now a Carbon Emitter, an Earth Destroyer. If you are young, your life must be devoted to sacrifices to make up for your Original Sin of being human.

We are back in the 1970s.

So Where do we go from here?

When the 70s came, I had spent a lot of years getting ready for it. I had my fifteen minutes of fame getting Reagan elected.

I am more ready for today than anybody else, so I will START addressing that next.

A hint: the 70s malaise came from the politics of self-hatred. We’re back to that.