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An argument to use when people say "we need immigrants"

Home Forums BUGS SWARM An argument to use when people say "we need immigrants"

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    j p

    A lot of people use the argument that we need immigration for economic reasons. To pay the pensions, to build the economy, etc.

    A response that could be used against that is saying that there are literally millions of culturally assimilable white South Africans as well as whites from South America (ie the Southern Cone: Argentina, South Brazil, Chile, Uruguay) who would love to come to a country like the USA and who would integrate well, without causing all the social problems that Muslims etc. cause.

    The fact that our governments actively refuse to take in culturally assimilable white South Africans who are literally begging to come here, while taking in dangerous Muslims by the millions, proves that there is a white genocide agenda.

    Idk how to formulate this argument exactly to make it go in line with Mantra Thinking, but I think it would be a good argument.

    Secret Squirrel

    I saw a post where they said, they’ve been bringing into the USA massive amounts of non-White immigrants since 1970. Something like 9/10 immigrants are non-White, which makes what they’re doing obvious. Sorry I didn’t keep a link to it. Might have been Coulter who pointed that out.

    What I would normally do is say they are justifying genocide against Whites using economics and nothing justifies genocide.

    Bob also made a good point on his Twitter about Japan and its aging population. He asked, What is Japan doing without?


    You don’t need to make it complicated, I keep it simple and mock them like this…

    “We need immigrants… but in ONLY White countries!
    We need diversity… but in ONLY White communities!”
    You anti-Whites have never demanded mass immigration and forced assimilation on a non-White country, you anti-White only demand White genocide!


    Why not take a look at the B.U.G.S. Buddy Web to see what it has to offer, J.P.?


    Electric is right. The pattern is that ONLY White countries need this “enrichment”.

    BUGS Buddy does have a lot of great answers that work.


    Genocide is not a suitable solution for economic problems.


    That is not an argument, jp, they are justifying white genocide. Say it.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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