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BBC TV serie "Come fly with me" brings up the mantra.

Home Forums BUGS SWARM BBC TV serie "Come fly with me" brings up the mantra.

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    11:35-11:45 ūüėÄ

    Even if it’s a comedy show and they probebly tried to make fun of the mantra it doesn’t matter. xD they spread the mantra anyway for us.¬† It’s from episode 5 of 6.


    This was recently aired in Sweden. The subtitle says “Did he call me a racist? Then he is anti-white.”


    Dick Whitman

    More good news.

    If they’re trying to mock the¬†mantra¬†or mock BUGS talking points on TV comedy shows, this means the anti-Whites are now forced to try to deal with it. They can’t just ignore it anymore.¬†¬†Next stop, Saturday Night Live?


    This runs video runs for in the UK –

    The anti-White comment is at the end.

    Ice Knight

    This was broadcast in the UK during the Christmas season of 2010, so the BBC were obviously already aware of the Mantra at that point, even before the swarm really became established.

    The BBC would love to to confront the Mantra head on and debunk it, as it runs contrary to all of their GENOCIDAL propaganda. ¬†Problem for them is the Mantra is the naked truth and can’t be debunked, so as others have said the anti-White BBC just helps us to spread it further! ¬†Unlucky anti-Whites LOL!!





    Patrick WhiteRabbit

    Funny you should say that Iceknight but i was thinking maybe we could harass a higher profile anti-White in the media into addressing the Mantra? My thought was to pick a journalist who writes anti-White diatribe and Swarm the hell out of his stories and bombard his email with Mantra questions in the hope that he’ll eventually crack and try a “debunking” story.

    This guy Matthew Goodwin seems like a perfect candidate, he writes anti-White stories for an anti-White paper and he is an anti-White Mommy Professor as well

    Here’s a link I swarmed yesterday and got TWO accounts banned and deleted (i manged to get a good 4 hours out of them though and had the posters jumping through hoops)

    Ice Knight

    Yes¬†patrickwhiterabbit, certainly does no harm to try. ¬†Can’t see him being too keen to embrace it however as being a professional anti-White he makes his living from betraying his own people.

    Daniel Genseric

    OMFG! Y’all are making some serious head way up there!

    Good on you.


    @PWR Here is your guy’s contact details

    He’s got his own website with comments enabled lol

    Henry Davenport

    @ six gun: Thanks for the link. So the enemy (and writers of that kind of comedy are certainly among the enemy) will reflexively try to co-opt “anti-white” and add it to their own arsenal, introducing it as a joke to audiences who’ve never heard the term before.

    They will swarm audiences with re-worked grey goo before we can get to those audiences ourselves.

    It’s getting interesting.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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