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BUGS-inspired activism in Dixie

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    This is from the recent LS anti-immigration demonstration in TN.

    A lot of our talking points (consistent message) has been inspired by BUGS and Mr Whitaker:

    We invite BUGS folks to get active with us. Dr Hill and all the leaders involved in this are fans of Mr Whitaker and inspired by the work of BUGS. I’m asking for your help. This campaign started in Uvalda and Vidalia, GA. It’s gone on to Murfreesboro and Shelbyville, TN. We’re next going to be in Greenville and Greer, SC. Then we’re going to Tallahassee, FL. This is not going to stop. And we’re inspired by BUGS. I invite y’all to help us.


    Hey Southern Nationalist.

    I am one of many proud BUGsers who joined a while back, I am probably one of the the youngest and newest on this site. It makes me really happy to see normal White people getting out there more and protesting.

    I watched all three videos. When protesting, I HIGHLY encourage using our terminology. Instead of “demographic replacement” use “Stop White geNOcide” because it’s NOT just replacement, it’s White genocide. If I were to deliberately replace ALL and ONLY Black people in AlL and ONLY Black countries, I would be committing a genocide. Same thing is happening to the Tibetans as it is happening to us, White people. The anti-Whites have even agreed multiple times that there is a Tibetan genocide.

    Don’t be afraid to use our terminology, it’s extremely effective AND it throws those anti-White maniacs off guard. When met with a counter protest DON’T be afraid to get the crowd to shout “anti-White go away” over and over again, and watch as those anti-Whites get silent in confusion, they don’t expect it.

    I am just making suggestions.


    God bless you Southerners
    I myself will be out on the street again in the next few days
    Off to face the mental anti-Whites for the sake of our future


    Nice to meet you southern nationalist my name is Michael. I live on the east coast, wish I lived closer to you. Nonetheless we are happy to have you and thrilled that you are using our talking points, way to go!

    Give’em Hell



    Good work guys!

    I really like the idea of chanting:

    “Anti-Whites, Go Away!”

    Also, Please do try to refrain from using anti-White terminology like “demographic displacement.” It’s not “diversity” or “demographic displacement,” it’s White Genocide.

    I applaud your work in getting out there and facing down anti-Whites. Just please don’t pull your punches. Call a spade, a spade, an anti-White, an anti-White, and White Genocide, White Genocide.

    You guys rock!

    -A 20s-something, former anti-White.

    Ice Knight

    Well done guys, great to see you out there and active on the streets!

    I echo the sentiments of my fellow BUGSters – always call them anti-Whites and use the term White GENOCIDE rather than demographic displacement.

    Thousands of hours have been invested in weaponising these words and we’re starting to achieve major traction – a single sign on a US highway saying “anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White” gained us nearly a million views on Reddit and a full page report in the UK Daily Mail – the world’s most read online newspaper.

    A full scale protest like you guys are doing, but using BUGS very specific terminology could see you attract massive media attention.

    Good luck!


    L.O.L. “GregP” is right on message, dead on. Great to see it.

    Best regards,


    Peter Cottontail

    This doesn’t seem to be BUGS stuff, unless I missed something.



    Because of your effeminate perspective, every situation is destined to be presented as a false juxtaposition. Situations shouldn’t be seen as shades of grey, but only black and white, according to you.

    The scenario presented is an opportunity for B.U.G.S.ers to show up at an event to push talking points. Obviously, these kind of events are much more high-brow than the literally Nazi events that Mr. Marr got caught up in recently.

    Every time you stick your ugly mug into the mix, P.C., I’m going to stick you right in the nose. “Jab, jab, cross” – “Pow, pow, BANG!”



    @ Southern Nationalist

    Pass this along to your guys:

    It’s all of our talking points put into an “argument” style response.

    Also here’s a total beginner’s guide to White genocide.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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