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    Laura aka minervia

    BUGS Video Skype seminar with Coach Bob.

    Our main focus of this Video Skype is to discuss the Next Step, from active pro-White dissidents to Leadership/Political roles.

    We are Samizdat, but this is not the soviet union and we are not anonymous.
    Remember, the aim of the SPLC article was to unmask White Rabbit and our hiding behind screen names gives their terror justification.

    A group of people opposing their genocide should have nothing to hide! WE have the Moral High Ground.

    We are all journeyman and we have to talk things out. We will meet each other not as leaders to peasants but as a Team with one strict objective. To Stop White genocide.

    This is professional political work. Coach Bob is not guaranteeing a damn thing, but he will be there!

    Should you be interested in participating or have any questions, Please email me at Limited spaces available.

    Patrick WhiteRabbit

    I am going to shoot straight from the hip here.

    I am not sure to make of this at all.

    Why video?

    Unless you are self employed or have already made your fortunes what you are promoting seems awfully risky for the average BUGSter. Particularly those based in Europe and especially the UK

    Good luck though.


    You could wear an Obama mask and pretend your a rodeo clown.

    Laura aka minervia

    Why video? ….. WHY NOT?! We are not breaking the Law.

    Fortunes or not, this is War and in War there are risks.

    We will have willing participants and we wont.

    If this is a Success or failure. WE will learn and report back.


    Minervia…who will this be visible to?

    Laura aka minervia

    Seapea, I have met you in person.

    You in?

    Laura aka minervia

    The only audience will be the select BUGSers attending the seminar.

    During the video Skype we will ask the attending BUGS if they would like to make their usernames public when we report back.

    Also, before we commence the Skype those participating will be made aware of the other BUGSers attending.


    grrl, don’t ya check your email? heh. YES, skype me in.


    I’ll have to think about it.

    Is it suppose to turn into a regular thing?
    What is it for other than meeting each other?
    I mean as far as I know, we just have to stay on message for an indefinite period of time and post the mantra everywhere and that doesn’t really require face to face contact.


    I dont think we have anything to fear…we are ALL over the net if someone wants to find out who you are they will. Besides this is just among us bugsers its not broadcast to the world. If I can figure out this stupid skype count me in lol.

    Laura aka minervia

    When our message can no longer be contained in the Silence We will need Real World People to stand up to this Real World problem. Cutesy screen names will not be the resource in demand.

    And don’t underestimate the power of our people “meeting each other”. BUGS is a Team and this will be a step in the right direction to strengthening our bonds for better Teamwork.

    Politics is Power and Political outfits are Teams.

    Our message contains questions so Hot the Names cannot handle. This is when WE need to become Real World and Hammer our message on a new platform. The next Step.

    So far we have 8 BUGSers attending. 🙂


    I would like to attend but I can’t guarantee you 100% I am able to make it. If I am able to attend I’ll email you.

    Why did you pick right now to do the Skype seminar? Why not just wait for a better moment. Whats the point of it? Are we just unmasking ourselves because the SPLC demands so? The point of BUGS is spreading a message, not necessarily showing our faces to the world.


    What if I kept my camera turned off and not give my full name, What would be gained by showing our faces and giving our full names to you?


    A group of people opposing their genocide should have nothing to hide!

    The only audience will be the select BUGSers attending the seminar

    I just have a funny feeling there is an audience that we’re not being told about.

    Secret Squirrel

    I don’t know this minerva. She never posts mantra in the Swarm and now she is demanding names for no reason.

    Rule 1 of the Internet: Do not give personal details to strangers.

    Ice Knight

    Old Blighty – Minerva made the Stop White geNOcide videos below.

    Minerva – people are naturally suspicious as our organisation has many enemies. I’d support a normal telephone seminar as a worthwhile exercise, but making it a video seminar doesn’t really add a whole lot. It does however carry significant risks of people being identified and targeted by unhinged anti-Whites and could damage our work at BUGS.

    For those BUGSters completely happy about revealing their identity, I’d suggest making as many Youtube videos as possible and publicly discussing our cause as being much more effective. Credit to you Minerva for already having done this.


    I don`t want my drop dead good looks to affect your mental image of me so i will continue to duck and dive in the swarm, but well done all those who are giving the birdie to the anti-white system.

    Secret Squirrel

    Apologies minerva.


    oldblighty is a broken clock – so he’s right twice a day

    iceknight pretty much nailed my view on this… if i decide to put myself out there on video – i’ll just go to youtube and do it.

    I respect minerva & HD ‘s efforts and all the things they’ve done but they’ve been overly concerned about getting me on cam for some reason. To the point it became a “deal breaker”, and now i’m reading this request – it just seems a bit odd and unnecessary – especially when i think about the order of certain events in the recent past (that im not going to go into now)

    I’m not going to try to talk anyone in or out of this… that’s all on you.

    Secret Squirrel

    “broken clock”

    You of all people, calling someone else broken… lol

Viewing 20 posts - 1 through 20 (of 95 total)
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