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dealing with a wily old anti-white

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    Hello I am new here although I have been posting The Mantra for a couple of weeks now, and have been lucky enough to do battle with a an anti-white, which I won I am pleased to say.
    Thing is, I decided that today for the first time, I would post The Mantra in a place where I know a lot of old, experienced old heads hang out, to gauge my progress thus far.
    The first direct reply was regarding the line: Everybody says there is this RACE problem.
    His reply was: I don’t. It seems that your post is shit from word one.

    Should my reply be along the lines of: Does that justify “White Genocide”?

    Excuse me if I do not reply anytime soon, I am going to my bed.

    Thank you.


    I dont use that line for that reason. I say people say there is a race problem.

    However ‘everybody say’s is Colloquial speech and quite valid

    But yeah, ‘does that justify W Genocide’, bring it back to that


    The reply seems simple to me:

    Oh, so you say there’s ‘not’ a race problem– so white genocide is okay then??

    Point is, where he wants to nitpick does not stop the argument–that white genocide is not acceptable.


    @ AlphaBlonde

    You’re not supposed to debate with the Anti-Whites. The trick is to just MAKE YOUR POINT. The Anti-White asked you that question because they don’t want you to talk about White Genocide. My response to this Anti-White would be,

    “Why do you Anti-Whites always avoid discussing White Genocide? ‘Diversity’ is a codeword for White Genocide. ‘Anti-racist’ is a codeword for Anti-White.”

    The trick with swarming for us to control the narrative. Never let the Anti-Whites get an inch.


    (Sorry posted on wrong thread) deleted.

    Henry Davenport

    He’s not wily, he’s just a fool, or acting like one. If someone’s stuck in slow traffic at 5:30 pm and remarks, “Everybody’s coming home from work,” he doesn’t literally mean “everybody” as if he’s stating a puzzle in logic.

    I like Cecil Henry’s reply. Anything that shuffles the anti-white’s non-objection to the side and gets back to attacking him for being an anti-white who supports white genocide is fine.

    I don’t think I ever encountered that objection during the fairly short time I swarmed, but I might be tempted to say,

    “Everybody likes ice cream too, dude. Except maybe you.” And then back to the attack. “Or is it just White people you don’t like and want to see removed from the face of the earth?” Whatever! Cecil’s is probably better.

    Oh, and welcome to BUGS! 😀

    Winston York

    You’re right HD. I think the use of “everybody” is part of the genius of the original Mantra. It has built-in minor flaws which lure anti-Whites into a silly literalism. I think our silent audience can recognize this.

    Mimmy Jarr

    Do it g r a d u a l l y. Like our White genocide.

    “It’s as if everybody thinks….It’s as if everybody thinks”. Do that for the first two times, then do the Netherlands and Japan schtick and revert to “but nobody says….”

    Now you’re set up for the kill: “Everybody says the final solution….”

    Henry Davenport

    No, Jimmy, no! Lol!

    At least certainly not when it’s written. Picturing you being interviewed on that bridge and imagining your inflections and such, it might work for you in that setting.

    But I think it’s better in the long run to use the Mantra as it is, for a lot of reasons, and learn how to respond to the responses it produces.

    The first 5 or 10 times a person hears it, the person reciting it has to accept that usually the listener will not find it congenial or possibly even intelligible.

    The hundredth time they hear it they’ll consider it self-evident.

    Benjamin Newells

    Make sure to keep in mind that anti-whites will always ridicule or slander what you say. If you can make a habit of this and get some practice doing it, you’ll always control the energy flow, and you MUST control the energy flow.

    Either say something like what AnotherOne said, or point out that anti-whites always resort to slander to avoid talking about White genocide.

    Also: Fight fire with fire. This guy picked out one minor inconsistency in the mantra, and didn’t try countering anything else. BUT THEN HE RESORTED TO SLANDER. So give him a taste of his own medicine: Only address one aspect of his post: The slander. And then redirect that and say your own thing.

    Anti-whites always resort to slander to avoid talking about White genocide.

    Anti-white, do you always slander White people when you find out they want their people to survive into the future?

    It’s White Genocide.

    When making your point you have to become childish. Not only should you be making your point but sometimes the most effective tactic is to pretend that the anti-white is saying something that he’s not even saying.

    Benjamin Newells

    I meant that by only focusing on one aspect out of many aspects of his post, that will frustrate him, and he’s not going to bother saying “Why don’t you respond to this or that?”

    Another point: Fighting fire with fire is great because it usually gets you into stalemates very quickly which is what you want.

    Many times I get anti-whites asking me this kind of question: “Why is being White so important to you?” You can bring this to a stalemate (in the sense that the discussion goes absolutely no where after this point) by saying: “Anti-white, you clearly have a problem with White people surviving into the future. It’s White Genocide.” I’ve never seen them respond with anything else other than the same thing they replied with previously. At this point the anti-white has just made himself look incredibly stupid in front of the audience because he has no way of countering the point I’m making that he has a problem with White people surviving into the future. I’m sure the most intelligent anti-whites could create something to get out of it, but I’ve not yet come across it, nor do I think I wouldn’t be able to to re-counter it.


    Thanks for all these replies. I am new to this but I am learning quickly, these forums are a great pool of knowledge.

    I have just received this reply..

    I think you’ll find that Taiwan (Formosa) did recieve millions of outsiders after the Chinese communists defeated the Nationalists so it’s not the best example to use. Japan on the other hand is quite ethnically ‘pure’ relative to most countries around the world.

    Unfortunately I haven’t got any time to research this, not for another 6 hours or so.
    But I am guessing that the Chinese have the same genotype as the Taiwanese, so therefore its not classed as genocide. Am I right anybody?

    If anybody wishes to spread the word to these “White Genocide” deniers, here is the link


    I couldn’t leave it alone. This was my reply:

    Millions of outsiders of the SAME race sharing the SAME genotype, so no this wasn’t genocide.

    The Netherlands and Belgium are just as crowded as Japan or Taiwan, but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve this RACE problem by bringing in millions of third worlders and quote assimilating unquote with them.

    Any good?

    Benjamin Newells

    Don’t bother discussing genotypes, or any of those details about Taiwan or Japan – it’s totally pointless.

    Use what AnotherOne or what I said. Keep it short and simple. You’re making your point. This might not mean much to you at the moment because you’re so used to “arguing.”

    Picture being a child and calling some other kid names and using certain phrases to mock them. That’s what you’re meant to be doing here. You’re just repeating points and trying to humiliate your opponent.

    These guys responding to you are focusing on insignificant details and it’s possible that it may appear as if they’re somehow winning a big argument. You have to do the same back – repeating phrases and name calling is the answer.

    Benjamin Newells

    In fact, Alpha Blonde, I suggest you listen to all of Beefcake’s Bootcamp and post mini mantras at least 500 or even 1000 times (10 to 30 a day) before you begin responding to anti-whites.


    Great advice about posting the Mantra and Minis for a while before responding. When I first started, I wanted to come up with creative answers. I broke myself of that habit and I did much better. Later, I started using the BUGS BUDDY to find replies, because it is so fast and it keeps me disciplined.

    We don’t want to be driven by what they say. We are just using them as a prop to make our points.

    Their reply is just an opportunity to get more of our talking points out there. It takes a while to realize you aren’t making arguments, you are spreading memes.

    Beefcake’s bootcamp is great.

    Mimmy Jarr

    “No, Jimmy, no! Lol!”

    I suppose context is an important consideration in these discussions.

    There’s a chance the modified version will be published in a newspaper on Wednesday.

    I’m probably being overly optimistic about this, but I spoke with the editor on Friday and he said he’d call me back this week.

    I counting on Bob forgiving me if the Mantra gets published without all three iterations of “Everybody says…”.

    Once a liberal, always a liberal.

    Mimmy Jarr

    Everybody says there is a Mantra problem. Everybody says this Mantra problem will be solved when new words pour into it from every White mouth.

    The Netherlands and Belgium are more verbose than Japan or Taiwan, and nobody says Japan or Taiwan should change their mantras.

    Everybody says the final solution to this mantra problem is for every white voice and only white voices to “assimilate,” new words into their Mantras.

    What if I said there was this Mantra problem and this Mantra problem would be solved only if hundreds of millions of BUGSers were brought into every black country and only into black countries?

How long would it take anyone to realize I’m wasn’t talking about a Mantra problem. I’d be talking about the final solution to the BUGS problem.

How long would it take any sane BUGSer to notice this and what kind of crazy BUGSer wouldn’t object to this?

But when I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of criticism against modified versions of the mantra, BUGSers agree that I’m a word supremacist.

    They say they are anti-wordist. What they are is anti-change.


    In one of his podcasts, Bob said that the “Everybody says” part is so the anti-Whites will reply: “Not everyone says that”.

    Meanwhile, the audience will ignore that and pay attention to the main point.

    And we can come back in and say “So you admit this genocide is taking place? But, you’re just arguing over who says they want this genocide.”

    Purposely putting a minor error in what you say gives anti-Whites a way out, and then you can come back in and trap them.

    Henry Davenport

    @ Jimmy: When it comes to the Mantra, I’m definitely anti-change, until the time comes that reality has changed so much that the Mantra no longer accurately describes it.

    And that’s not what you’re discussing; you’re offering a change that you believe is a stylistic improvement.

    I strongly resist stylistic changes to the Mantra because I have a deep appreciation of the instinctive subtleties of Bob’s mind and of his writing, and of the fact that he developed the wording in the Mantra over a long period of testing against anti-whites in the opposing views section of SF.

    The subtleties in the Mantra’s composition and wording are appreciated after some experience using it as it is and dealing with the responses to it.

    Even for someone as sharp as yourself, I recommend strongly acquiring that experience, since it’s invaluable. And I should say especially for someone as sharp as yourself, because I believe that one of the greatest dangers to the Mantra is smart people who will confidently change it without having adequately experienced it.

    And yes, “once a liberal always a liberal,” and once a conservative, pro-White, bugster, whatever, always a liberal too, because we’ve all been raised in an era that’s imbued us with the liberal idea that change is the solution to all difficulties, and that the unseen and usually unseeable complex web of advantages in what has already been developed with great struggle is to be overridden in any moment of “improved” insight.

    My appreciation for Bob’s unique style of expression was deepened during my struggle (a struggle you witnessed!) to repeat the lines in the freedom farm script exactly as he had written them…I kept drifting into small changes I didn’t even realize I was making that made the wording more in line with our usual way of expressing ourselves, e.g., saying “You know what is even worse than hate speech,” in place of, “You know what is worse than hate speech?”, and “It’s people like you who…” in place of “It is people like you who…” which unfortunately made it into the finished version.

    Each one of the involuntary changes I made weakened the impact of what Bob had written. I could easily see that myself…it was never discussed with Bob except that I told him of the experience I was having with the script and the deeper appreciation it gave me for his apparently instinctively spare and un-clichéd mode of styling.

    I say, stick to the script. But yes, he’ll probably forgive you if that gets published, and good work. But realize it has an effect on the Mantra that goes beyond the moment.

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