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Diversity Comes to Africa – The Cartoon

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    Patrick WhiteRabbit
    J Locke

    Can any of you post the transcript of this video, please?


    English Captions can be downloaded here

    It’s not time sync’d very well… if someone wants to correct it or translate it… that would be awesome!


    @Patrick – Considering its the Anti-White Student Room the comments seem to be positive. These role reversing animations really are opening minds.

    Great work everybody.


    Yes the comments in the student room are very positive, even the “negative” comments aren’t really knocking it.

    This is clearly a major key to the lock.

    In studies on learning (I mean proper science, not pseudo science) it was discovered long ago that recall is best when the subject is under the same conditions as in which the material was learnt.

    There are clearly many more triggers allowing the subject to recall the information.

    We have all experienced certain situations bringing back memories. A smell, a song (“this is our song”), a sight and so on. This happens without any conscious effort. These sights and sounds may simply evoke emotions both pleasant and disturbing.

    The medium of TV, copied in the video, is very powerful.

    The “students” in the student room are clearly much more receptive to our message when it is conveyed via the medium of video.

    We need many more videos. I made 8 videos this week. The videos can be posted into most forums. They are easy to digest. They do not have to be too difficult to make.


    I have already translated this video into Spanish but I’m having some problem with adding subtitles with Pocket Divx Encoder. This is the first time I have done it after formatting my hard disk.

    I hope to solve this problem very soon.


    Translated into Spanish:

    elcycesrever, I sent you a PM on Youtube.


Viewing 8 posts - 21 through 28 (of 28 total)
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