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Experiment: Operation Hornets

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    This is just a little experiment I would like to try. The goal is to get the anti-whites to spread our terminology faster by targeting individual youtube personalities and swarming them until they make an anti-mantra video. Basically get them to bitch and moan about those “racists” who keep calling them anti-white and keep saying “anti-racist is a codeword for anti-white.”

    So we would swarm their youtube videos, put comments on their walls, send them messages, stuff like that, you get the idea. Eventually they’ll likely shut down or they’ll make a youtube video complaining about us.

    The reason I made a separate thread for this instead of just using the existing “Where Did You Post the Mantra Today?” thread is because individual links usually drown in a sea of link there.

    Anyways, I figure 10-15 of us could get the reaction we want in 4-5 days of swarming. We’ll see what happens. I picked a random link and figure this guy seems like as good a target as any: I won’t be able to start tonight because I got a test tomorrow but I’ll be going through all his stuff tomorrow and hiting everything. You’re welcome to join in.

    Let’s swarm us some anti-whites!!!


    Great idea. I have been busy lately and had not much time to swarm but I will get onto this as soon as I can.

    White Dude

    Undercover Lover, this is a GREAT idea. LOVE it. Count me in!!!!

    Ice Knight

    Good idea but just a note on the anti-White target you have picked.  He banned me and deleted my posts a while back, so censorship appears to be their general response to a message they are unable to answer.


    Don`t we want someone more high profile to get our bang for the buck.

    10-15 of us on 4-5 days of swarming is a lot of resources for maybe a response video from a lowly anti-white cult member. I know you say you want to start a kind of chain reaction of anti-whites but I don`t think that`s likely.

    Why don`t we pick an anti-white celebrity?

    We rained on Quentin Tarantino`s Django unchained youtube opening last year, I`m not saying we should go after him but someone of that prestige level.

    Patrick WhiteRabbit

    double post…see below…..

    Patrick WhiteRabbit

    I had a similar idea a few months ago. I suggested we target this guy and hope he reacts by writing about us in The Guardian (the incredibly liberal paper he writes for as a Mommy Professor expert on the “extreme right wing”)

    We could either swarm his email with mantras, or one of us send a “concerned anti-White” email  providing him with links to the Mantra and all the videos–obviously this post would need to be deleted though as it would be great to link him to BUGS.

    Alternatively he would make a PERFECT debating target for Linux/Adelheim or Lord Nelson?


    If you go YT, i would suggest The Amazing Atheist.


    Blocked already.

    Pat Condell is one I think will respond if we target his YT videos.  He is against islam and muslims but abhorrs racists-, he’s anti-White.   Made a start.


    Daniel Genseric

    I’ve got two words for you:

    jenna marbles



    The Culture War on White America

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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