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    Mimmy Jarr

    A Hater once said to himself
    “I’m jealous of other mens’ wealth”
    If they were dead
    it’d be mine instead
    so I’ll practice genocide by stealth


    That is the truth Mimmy

    And great advice with the capital H thing Jason

    Benjamin Newells

    @ Daniel Genseric,

    Got Hate? Then Hate white genocide.

    Daniel Genseric

    @Benjamin Newells

    So, you see how it made you think “then”, don’t you? That’s a synaptic leap, my friend. Or what Bob calls, “a bit leap”.

    Got Hate? HATE white genocide.

    We’re prepared for whatever they got.

    Benjamin Newells

    Daniel, so how do you think it should be deployed? In special circumstances? As part of longer minis? As counter responses?

    Daniel Genseric

    I would use it however you see fit.


    I have been using anti-Whites to test ‘Pushing White GeNOcide is a Hate crime, and you are pushing White GeNOcide’

    The overwhelming result is that the anti-Whites make no reply at all, and I do not hear from them again

    Henry Davenport

    Got Hate? HATE white genocide.

    That seems great, in so many ways! Part of the problem is that anti-whites have de-legitimized a perfectly legitimate feeling: hate. Your line restores its legitimacy in the very best way.

    Benjamin, it’s better without “then” in it. Not adding little words like that keeps it stronger. It’s something I’ve noticed a lot about Bob’s phrasings.

    Mandela, that is great too!! And already tested!

    I’m copying all these down, because I’m going to find time to swarm again some day.

    Daniel Genseric

    I’m not using hate, I’m abusing their usage of it. This IS an attack:

    <b>Got hate? HATE white genocide.</b>

    P.S. Thanks for the thoughtful replies. I will continue using the above and report when I learn more.

    Henry Davenport

    [The below is by Bob]

    Please Keep It Interesting — Please Read Again, There is an Extension
    Posted by Bob in About Bob, Bob, Coaching Session, Race Matters on 10/25/2013



    There was an ABC report on it. They just said it was HATE!


    On that word Hate, if I had some workers, we would have some fun.

    They would go to each site and pick someone — let’s call him X — who expressed ANY opinion, on ANY subject. They would simply say, “X, that’s HATE!”

    But MY workers would then have the discipline to simply LEAVE.

    They might later get a yuck out of going back and seeing what if any reply X made, but they would stay mute.

    This wouldn’t be hard intellectual work, like putting in mini-Mantras.

    And you wouldn’t have to dodge the bots as you did with Mantra stuff.

    But then again, getting bots onto “Hate!” might make it harder for anti-whites to use Hate as an answer to anything they don’t agree with.

    And who knows, we might find some guidance in how people who express an opinion on the latest cartoons deal with the word “HATE!” coming out of nowhere at them the way it does at us.

Viewing 11 posts - 41 through 51 (of 51 total)
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