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How to do deal with demoralization?

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    How do you deal with demoralization? The #StopChildRapeinTurkey HT has really hit me… of course it’s all about Turkey entering the EU… and it’s almost like the antiwhites are bragging about what they are doing to us.


    Every time you post the Mantra or tweet a Mantra meme, you are sticking a knife right in the gut of the anti-Whites. And they know it.

    That’s why Twitter tries to block #WhiteGenocide and #cuckservative HTs.

    As Bob said, real power belongs to those who will not shut up! Believe it or not, the anti-Whites are more panicked than you think.

    Exercising power keeps my morale up.

    Secret Squirrel

    I saw an anti-White making fun of some March Against White Genocide photos. The only anti-White on the thread that was not laughing was one who said she was a cognitive psychologist.

    She said what we are doing is resonating in the entire West and she was trying to warn the others, we should be taken seriously. The other anti-Whites did not listen to her, they kept laughing and spreading our memes for us. 🙂


    SS, that proves the point that the best weapon the anti-Whites have is the SILENCE.

    BUGS is a noisy, rude bunch. 🙂


    I’d say don’t take this work with too much grave severity, and maintain a good humour throughout. Do a bit of work here and there, whenever you can. The techniques that B.U.G.S. will teach you do indeed work, so all that’s left is to apply them.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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