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How Whites Took Over America Part2-IS OUT!

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    Patrick WhiteRabbit

    Link it and share it!

    This one is a heavy hitter!


    Great video.

    One thing I didn’t like, though, was the part where the White immigrants were pointing guns at the Indian chief; I think there should have been Indians pointing arrows and tomahawks at him. The invasion and genocide of White countries isn’t happening because White leaders are threatened by invaders personally. It’s treason.


    Donated to the animation money bomb, hope to see more quality animations sooner.



    Thank you for the kind words. Interesting way to view the ending. Anytime you mirror something. There are always a few different ways it can be viewed. As long as someone gets that diversity is a Genocidal Scam. We’ll I am ok with any other interpretation. But I think you are overlooking something. Traitor Chief is a character that has been introduced in this series. He takes a lead roll pressing the Chief in the beginning and ending. Some thugs then back him him up with some muscle (ambush style) to enforce diversity. If you think about it…..this is an exact mirror of the situation we have faced. An Indian traitor using non Indians to enforce diversity. Only we are the Indians…….


    Thank you. I get emails every other day from rabbits that did not know we had a new animation out. They were not expecting one so soon. And many do not know about the Money Bomb yet. So thank you. David Duke found out about HWTOA part 2 from of all people Gilad Atzmon (who is actually Jewish). Which is kinda funny. We are already working on 3 new projects. Some pro bono. Some paid and some both. And that work will pick up after the holidays.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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