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July 2013 Posting Performance

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    July 2013 –

    Total Number of Mantra Postings: 2522 (47% decrease on June)
    Average Number of Postings Per Day: 84 (47% decrease on June)
    Total Number of Bugsters Active: 41 (23% decrease on June)

    June 2013 posting performance can be found here:

    I decided to tabulate how many mantra-postings the whole bugster community has made for the month of July 2013. My methodology was simple: count the number of web links posted on where did you post the mantra today for the month of July. If someone claimed multiple postings but did not provide the links I put him down as a single post. I also made a list of the names of people who posted and counted them up.
    Remember this is the number of posts Bugsters actually reported.

    The Beef

    I should add to that, we need to keep in mind how many posters are still posting, but have noticed Anti-Whites trolling the links, and thus may be posting and not reporting.

    For those who wish to post and not give links, for the troll reasons, we could have some folks chime in with simply saying the number of posts they have done.

    Those numbers could be counted in a separate “unofficial” category.

    Granted the honor system has an obvious imperfection, people can lie and exaggerate, but in this case nobody is getting paid for this, AND no awards are being given either.

    The concern is that someone could try lying in order to infiltrate and “seem active” while acting to disrupt the rest of the swarm.

    But as always we are cautious of anyone who tries to in-fight and/or who tries changing the message anyway.


    Another secret method is just to save all the youtube links in an excel spreadsheet and then email them to someone like me at the end of the month, but something tells me that is not going to happen.

    I don’t know who has control over Whitaker online but the best strategy in my opinion is to create a privileged access thread for mantra postings, so only those with a track record of public postings of the mantra should be given access to read and make posts.


    Maybe I’ll try to post the places I’ve hit. I haven’t been able to do nearly as much lately because of school but I always like seeing statistics going up so I’ll do what I can. By the way good work.

    Also I highly doubt anyone would spend their time trying to skew our reported mantra postings. They could be doing it right now. It wouldn’t change anything. For every 1 false report, there would be dozens of unreported valid postings.

    Secret Squirrel

    I’m not sure why these stats are needed at all. What are they supposed to achieve? Is it some kind of motivator? Is anyone motivated by stats?

    Anyone could see the numbers posting in the Swarm dropped off a great deal since the SPLC paid us a visit, which is only natural. We are Samizdat after all. We are an anonymous pressure group.


    I disagree. If you follow the increases/decreases all the way through and use January as the standard then this is what each month looks like. Personally Stats like these moralize. They show that there is indeed a trend going up, even if there is a drop or a spike every now and then

    Month Mantra Postings % Postings per day % Active Members %
    Jan 100 100 100
    Feb 169 187 121
    Mar 341.4 340.3 140.4
    Apr 198 204.2 108.1
    May 112.9 112.3 105.9
    June 224.7 230.2 112.3
    July 119.1 122 86.5


    I’m very active, but I don’t actually report most of the places I swarm, since it makes it easier for lurking Anti-Whites to operate. I usually only report back if I see it as necessary or especially desirable for a particular situation. Both approaches have their uses, IMO.

    I do think that people posting their links should label what they are though. It’s human nature to feel more inclined to provide backup on threads with clearly designated descriptions, otherwise they’ll just assume it’s probably the small fry.

    PS – I agree with OldBlighty on the statistics thing


    UL, we are MUCH bigger if we count the untold number of unofficial BUGSters posting. I consider that to be motivating, don’t you?

    Secret Squirrel

    @Undercover Lover
    And if the stats show a downward trend, they will demoralize people.

    The SPLC attack will have a suppressing effect, as it was intended to do. If people felt their anonymity was under threat, some would stop posting altogether, others would post somewhere else, while others might not care and keep posting here. That is only natural. Collecting stats about a website that is under attack has no statistical meaning.

    Secret Squirrel

    In the end what matters is not how many are posting on this website, but the effect we are having. When Bob presents his reports, he shows us how BUGS influences the world outside. That is the only true measure of success.


    I post every day, but I am so lazy that I cant even manage to cut and paste a simple link on the working page. I dont mind typing, but something about cut and pasting just seems to be too much effort for the chronically lazy. Sorry.


    I am interested to know the collective performance of BUGs as I want to know where we stand. As has been stressed on many occasions we are not a membership organisation and therefore shouldn’t feel the need to censor any problems and only report the positives.

    I am encouraged to find a positive trend, although if it was negative I still feel the need to report. Stats on the number of posts is not especially accurate, however, recording the number of active BUGsers is. Afterall even the stealthy BUGsers usually drop in a few times a month to let everybody know they are still alive.

    In future I will probably do two stat counts. One the number of links counted and those who self-certify (i.e. don’t include the link but just state that day how many posts they made).

    Secret Squirrel

    What you are measuring is something only a membership organization would care about.

    If BUGS had 10,000 posting, or only a few, the measure of success would still be, the effect BUGS is having on the outside world.

    How much Anti-White and White Genocide appears in the World News etc, is the only thing of interest to a mantra thinker.

    Secret Squirrel

    I was unable to post on YT today, because it is blocking me the day after I posted 25 links here. The days before I posted equal amounts on YT, but did not share my links here and had no problems posting the next day.

    How do you make make sense of something like that, with your statistics?

    Patrick WhiteRabbit

    I agree with OB,these stats are a waste of time and i am unsure of the rationale for posting them–sorry if that offends.

    I hardly ever report here anymore and i know a lot of others don’t either.

    I’d suggest stopping this exercise now and making the stats available to whoever is interested.

    Secret Squirrel

    The only thing I see these stats as useful for, is if we need to shift focus to recruitment, if the numbers of people posting drops off.

    That brings me to my question, do we have someone approving new members, when they make their first posts? I assume Bob is moderator now. Does he know how to do it?

Viewing 16 posts - 1 through 16 (of 16 total)
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