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    Laura aka minervia

    Hi ladyBUGSers,
    How about a little place here on BUGS,  for all the White and Normal Women out there fighting White genocide? A place we can use to share our ideas, welcome new ladyBUGS and most of all, get to know each other, so we can work better together!
    LadyBUGS can serve as a place where women, new to BUGS, can go to find everything they need to know, about BUGS and getting active in the SWARM. This can be a place where women can feel at ease and ask questions directly  to other Women, fighting White genocide.
    From my Own personal experience, BUGS can be an intimidating and slightly confusing place, perhaps even more so for the new young ladyBUGS.
    While BUGS isn’t exactly oozing a ‘woman’s touch’, we can at least create a little space where ladyBUGS, of all ages, can go and feel a little more at ease discussing topics and asking questions.
    This will also be a thread for ALL BUGSers, not just ladyBUGS. So to all the Guys fighting White genocide, don’t forget to lend a hand to us ladyBUGS present for DUTY.

    miss albion

    Hi Minervia!


    I think that it is a splendid idea to have a place for lady bugsters. I know from my own personal experience that there does seem to be far more male bugsters, which of course is wonderful, but I feel that I sometimes miss being able to converse with other White and normal women.


    Apart from gaining understanding of how the mantra and bugs works it could serve very well as a place to discuss the issues relating to White genocide that may affect women in a specific way, perhaps to do with raising children in this antiwhite system (which I know only too well can be difficult) and even learn from one another in passing on advice and tips and helping with problems that they may have; and of course like you say, introduce them to an understanding of things they may feel more at ease approaching a woman to do so.


    I would be more than glad to help out with this in any way, so feel free to let me know what I can do.


    For example


    I’m not sure how I feel about this. I do like the term ladyBUG. 🙂 But is it really necessary for us to have a little thread dedicated to ladyBUGSers? What’s next? Are there going to be black and Asian bugsers starting their own bugser threads dedicated to fight white genocide? And then the WhiteBUGsers will feel left out and start their own WhiteBugser thread? I think it’s a good bet that that isn’t going to happen but I don’t want this to turn into Stormfront. What we do here is action based, not theory. But what do I know. Maybe the ladyBUGS can come up with something that we men didn’t think of. However, if this turns into a Stormfront-like thread, I am going to recommend it gets closed.

    The Swarm only has one Queen, and that is Bob. LOL. Just kidding Bob.


    miss albion

    It may just serve to attract more women to bugs than have to be an exclusive for women separation zone. I agree with you though, I’d not want it to be anything like Stormfront; there is nothing here that we need to lift from them!


    If it recruits more women to the mantra and gets them out there using it, then it wouldn’t be such a bad thing after all. In my opinion anyway.


    I don’t think we have to worry too much about black and asian BUGSters fighting White genocide with us somehow….Maybe when hell freezes over..


    I think ladyBUGS is an excellent idea.

    Secret Squirrel

    If women want to welcome other women to BUGS, its fine by me.

    White Dude

    I like it. The more women Bugsters the better. The more women involved in White Nationalism the better (And we really do need more women in the WN movement!!). You ladies will also have a special advantage in that perhaps you can help reach other racially unaware White females. Also, I really LOVE the name “ladyBUGS”. EPIC.

    By the way welcome to this site to all new ladyBUGsters. 🙂

    Henry Davenport

    So fine! A huge warm welcome to all present ladyBUGS (some of whom were here before me!) and to all future ladyBUGS! 😀

    minervia is a fierce BUGster, period, so this couldn’t have been started by a better ladyBUG!

    It feels to me as a man that we are honoring our women by recognizing them as being something special…WOMEN!…even when they are “just” fighting by our side!



    Daniel Genseric

    Simply brilliant. Maybe certain people need to go watch Johnny Mantraseed’s new video again. The ladyBUGS are our ace in the rabbit hole.

    For good luck!


    To tell the truth I didn’t actually realise we had girls on the team, I’m glad you’re here though because I’m looking forward to the afterparty when we’ve won.

    In the meantime, is B.U.G.S the right place for a ‘girls thread’ ?

    It’s pointless having a thread here for girls for recruiting purposes, those who are here are working.  Maybe a sticky threads on Swarmfront (our sub-forum on S/F) might be a better place, or even over at Lounge forum on S/F  would be better for recruiting.

    BUGS is a combat command post,it doesn’t need to be clogged up with traffic about ‘how to raise kids’ etc, that sort of thing is discussed daily over at S/F. Use S/F in the way it’s meant, that’s why Mr Black created his site.

    As I said, I don’t who are the girls we’ve got here, I can’t tell a differance from the posting. The problem with knowing who’s a girl and who’s not is that the men will start  pulling their punches when dealing with questions or problems with tailgating (it’s in our nature to be nice), as opposed to the candid, honest opinions you have been hearing up to now.


    Laura aka minervia

    Wonderful! Thanks for the support Guys! Us ladyBUGS won’t let you down!

    Undercover Lover & Cleric Preston – This thread is not intended as a SF thread. It is a working thread, from the unique perspective of women fighting White genocide. If you haven’t noticed, women have a different way of getting things across, sometimes more effective than a man.

    It is my desire to start targeting mothering websites/forums, or youth forums with other women.

    It is also a place where new women, young or old, can ask questions to us more experienced BUGSers, without feeling ‘in front’ of everyone!

    We are here to FIGHT, and we offer a UNIQUE point of view.

    Daniel Genseric

    <cough> <cough>

    Ice Knight

    Sounds like very great tactics minervia, there are a lot of female orientated and mothering websites out there that are very influential and BUGS hasn’t really ventured into this territory yet.    Netmums I know is the big one for the UK.

    We are ALL here to ensure a future for White CHILDREN, so what better place to target than the women who will be responsible for bringing them into the world! Best of luck ladyBUGS!

    J M C

    I just found this thread. I have to admit I’ve never been terribly attracted to or interested in ‘women’s websites. I tend to really be turned off by them to be honest. I can bring up one topic right now about children though. Mine are almost all grown up with two out of the house and two more who will be out in the next couple of years. 

    I was still very brainwashed when I was raising them and unfortunately for the most part, now THEY are too. Don’t get me wrong. They’re all GREAT kids but they REALLY don’t understand what I’m doing and will only listen to so much of what I am trying to tell them.  They don’t see White Genocide because we still live in a  fairly White area.

     My oldest thinks I’ve gone off the deep end and is very confused by the things I say and do. My youngest is also confused. My two middle kids are a bit more open (or least they don’t openly oppose me.)

    When I was finally confronted with the threat that White Genocide poses to my children and their futures I had to choose between their trust and respect for me today or their future. There wasn’t even a DOUBT in my mind which was more important.

    Every mother who becomes involved in this fight will have to Make that choice.

    There’s a rift in my relationships with my kids that wasn’t there before. My husband’s way too demoralized to be of any real support so I’m pretty much alone in this at home. I. Don’t. Care.

    When my kids get angry at me (which is often these days) I tell them that what I’m doing is for them and its ok if they don’t get it. They don’t have to. Then I go looking for an anti-White to punish with a public interrogation session. It’s that simple.

    J M C

    By the way, I too LOVE ‘LadyBUGSers!’ Absolute inspiration Minervia.


    I like the LadyBUGs idea a lot.  I have always thought there was an untapped resource of White women (like moms at home) who could devote some time to posting the Mantra..   The more the merrier.  Maybe special techniques for recruiting women who will post can be developed.



    MINERVA, I was going to pull apart your reply to me piece by piece but I decided that would be unconstructive and just plain self-indulgent.

    Hope it works out targeting the parenting forums, let us know how goes.

    Hey I’ve got an idea, we’ve got the main thread, a girls thread (LadyBugs), how about a single’s thread we could call it MatingBugs, oh wait somebody has beaten me to it  LOL




    Laura aka minervia

    I have been busy over at cafemom, (Thanks G) ruffling up some feathers. Not making many mommy friends!! LOL

    If any of you ladyBUGSers would like to join in, here is the link to one of the threads, let me know if you make an account:


    Minerva, Nice work 😉

    I knew I was in for a treat when the first reply was ‘The government is not anti-white’


    Ice Knight

    Great stuff Minervia!  Don’t forget “ALL White countries and ONLY White countries”, the ONLY bit is important to include as it shows the racial targeting required for GENOCIDE.

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