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Lessons of Babylon

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    Watch the documentary of Babylon, what happened to Babylon and what we must learn from History. Very interesting video, share! Familiar voices to many of you. 😉


    This video belongs on stormfront, not really Swarm material.

    There are many pro-whites who are going to take offense to the personal views represented by the person who made this video regarding who they believe is white and who isnt.

    Render unto Stormfront what is Stormfronts

    Laura aka minervia

    Awesome documentary Nordoxen! This is fantastic, so well spoken and explained.

    elcyCesreveR – This is precisely BUGS stuff. It is explaining how we have not learnt from history. Rome only lasted as long as the Romans did. As did Babylon. Once we assimilate, we annihilate ourselves.


    Minervia, the person who did this video has a ton of talent and the correlation to babylon is a relevant comparison… all I’m saying is if they are going to post videos here I’d prefer to see their talent put towards something more mantra oriented.


    “There are many pro-whites who are going to take offense to the personal views represented by the person who made this video regarding who they believe is white and who isnt.”

    What? This was well weird to read.

    And this video/documentary is clearly on message. I don’t know what your problem is to be honest.

    Patrick WhiteRabbit

    I think this is a great film.

    Linux-do you mean that some people might construe the film to mean that modern day Persians and Middle Easterners are White. I don’t think this was the intention of the makers but i can see how an irritating anti-White could attempt to say this?

    Laura aka minervia

    I do think it is a great video! It explains the connection to modern day very well. It left me wondering about it the next morning and wanting to watch it again, which I did.

    I do see what ElcyCesreveR is saying. It isn’t 100% Mantra message, in that it isn’t using our consistent message terminology, but IMO I don’t believe that matters in this case, as the intriguing value of the film is there and the connection is so distinct that even anti-Whites could see it.

    I do have one question though, when you say ALL White countries are being flooded, how come New Zealand, Tasmania, Spain, Italy, Greece, Russia, South Africa and South America are not considered White countries??

    I can understand NZ, they are just sheep f*%kers and Tassie, well they are just inbreeds!! LOL only joking!!  🙂  But what’s with Russia, Spain, Italy and Greece not being White?

    miss albion

    I know very hardworking bugsters who are from the lands denigrated to either non-existent or full non-White status and they were not pleased; rightly so in my opinion.


    Analyzing who is White enough is not only a topic for Stormfront, but not productive to the message we are putting out and the aim of said message; ending this genocide.




    Staying relevant and on message is the most important thing. Stormfront and co can deal with everything else.


    You guys are focusing on one map picture that isn’t even the point about the video. I didn’t even think about it until someone mentioned it, and to me, watching it again to see what the fuzz was about, I could not see the big deal. It was probebly not intended to be 100% accurate. I.e. arrows pointing to europe, america, australia. Not each individual white country. If so Russia and south africa etc would be white too. So in my opinion its obviously simplified to make a better illustrative point.

    Again, this is one map for like 3 seconds of the whole video and you make it sound like the video is about who is white and not. It’s hard to even take it serious tbh. But you’re free to have your opinions.


    The video was ‘removed by the user’, why I checked 30 seconds ago.


    Ice Knight

    Video has gone but is available elsewhere.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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