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Look at how Rational portrays us

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    One day I decided to Google “Anti-racist is a codeword for Anti-White and then clicked on the RationWiki link, what I had read was totally wrong and backwards, Ill copy and paste some quotes for our fellow BUGsters to see.

    “Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-white” is an argument often used by white nationalists, white separatists, white supremacists and their ilk.” <–They added ‘White Supremacist in that list.

    This next quote right here really pissed me off.

    “The argument can be seen as an example of psychological projection. A person who sees the world entirely in terms of ethnic conflict may have trouble understanding that there are people who genuinely have a different worldview. As a result, they assume that anyone who claims to disagree with their views actually shares them, just in inverted form.”

    ^^Just pathetic, the author really doesn’t know what we stand for and probably relied on information from our enemies. The reason I am so pissed is because when people on sites like Youtube see our comment and decide to Google it, they might come across this twisted description of us.

    Although I am not entirely surprised.


    Henry Davenport

    As we spread our memes and terminology into the mainstream, the reactions from the mainstream will be almost entirely negative. The mainstream is anti-white.

    Get ready to hear all kinds of absurd things, and rejoice!

    We don’t care what kind of sounds they make as they roll in the grey goo, we just care that they’re rolling in the grey goo.
    Beefcake’s Bootcamp Episode 8: The Enemy Likes to Roll in the Grey Goo


    “Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-white” is an argument often used by white nationalists, white separatists, white supremacists and their ilk.” <–They added ‘White Supremacist in that list.


    So RationalWiki says we`ve taken over the whole pro-white movement with our effective terminology.

    What do they say about white genocide:

    Genocide conspiracy
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    Some dare call it

    Icon conspiracy.svg
    Secrets revealed!

    America: Freedom to Fascism
    America Under Siege
    Conspiracy theory
    Fifth column
    List of conspiracy theories
    Nico Haupt
    Phantom island
    Temple of Set
    Vince Foster

    v – t – e

    A number of conspiracy theories have sprung up alleging that certain ethnic groups are being secretly exterminated: the idea is that a race war has already started, but is being carried out by covert means (often through government programs hiding some secret agenda). These ideas are the product of a gigantic persecution complex.

    1 White genocide
    1.1 International
    1.2 Britain
    2 Black genocide
    2.1 The Post-Bellum South and urban areas
    2.2 Real conspiracies
    2.3 AIDS conspiracy theories and denialism
    2.4 Sterility
    2.5 Abortion
    2.6 Anti-Semitism
    3 International Jewish conspiracy
    4 The truth is more cynical than fiction
    5 See also
    6 External links
    7 Footnotes

    [edit] White genocide

    See also White extinction hypothesis

    [edit] International

    "Many realize the 'open borders' movement is a thinly-veiled attempt to dilute and thereby destroy all White nations—Africa for the Africans, Asia for the Asians, White countries for everybody", says Christian Miller of the White Genocide Evidence Project. "White people are libeled and demonized by cultural Marxists in academia, vilified by public slander, and robbed of the right to self-identify all in order to instill a destructive sense of false White guilt…. These malevolent social engineers yearn for a blended humanity in White nations—mocha-skinned people and societies without race by homogenous default. What they never mention—and what is left to nationalists to publicly emphasize—is that this plan for 'diversity' only applies to White nations."[1]


    Hey WhiteActivist, are you being tongue in cheek here? 🙂

    Peter Cottontail

    Yep, this is the work of the grey goo. Gotta love it!


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