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Mantra Demo (Bloomington, Indiana)

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    Had a Mantra Demonstration today.

    Here’s what I had.  It is a 28″x40″ tri-fold from Kroger’s, and a tiled over-sized print of the mantra.  With something like this, it needs to be larger than 100pt font to be seen easily from across an intersection.

    I used hashtag “#WhiteGenocide” and the QR code links to the mantra.

    I had a couple of screamers, but nothing serious.  All was well right until the end.  I was doing this thing solo, and because of that I moved to a new location every 15 minutes.  All my spots were on the corners of large intersections along the east/west thoroughfare of the town, and I estimate that more than 1,000 people were able to see my sign, and I counted no less than 600 cars which passed view of my sign.

    A couple punks jumped me as I was in the parking garage trying to leave, not sure how long they were looking for me, or if they were waiting.  It’s nothing too serious, but there were three to five witnesses of the attack and we have a couple of good descriptions of the assailants and their vehicle.  More to come…




    Peter Cottontail

    You are brave, and what a way to get the message out! I hope you weren’t hurt too bad.

    You know what they say: “Violence is the last resort of a tyrant”.


    Great stuff Brother. Maybe take more care from now on tho, we need you round for the long haul, you are very valuable


    Hmmm…  I always thought that violence was the first resort of a tyrant?  At any rate, it’s what happens when two parties want to argue but can’t find a way to talk about it.

    I am expecting something in the paper next week, so I’ll keep everyone posted.  The police department has not yet released composite sketches or a media info pack, so that is probably the reason that nothing has happened.

    This gives me lead time to paper the campus read-boards before students come back from spring break on Monday morning, and I’ve got a few more things planned.  Stay tuned…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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