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    Henry Davenport

    Jason, this time you’re right for sure! 🙂

    And re your last sentence, yes indeed…where is that youth group I keep hoping for, “Youth against White Genocide”? 😀



    There is a severe shortage of people who understand the sheer power of memes. Especially on our side.


    The #ISaluteWhitePeople hashtag is trending not sure if it’s been mentioned.


    White genocide is on my twitters trending list.


    I see it as well. Is this a first, “Electric”?



    Guys, did either of you by chance get a screen shot of that?

    We also had it trending on MAWG earlier this year.


    This tweet says why we are about to get a lot of new pro-White activists:

    I went from libertarian to alt-right after realizing tolerance only went one way and diversity is code for white genocide.


    When the American Freedom Party comes trolling in Idaho for people who buy their white victimhood philosophy, it shows there are still many who see the state as fertile ground for … and ….The 48-second robocalls in August from the California-based group set up by former … had all the scare-tactic elements: inaccurate reports of thousands of Muslim refugees; a reference to Idaho’s growing Hispanic population; and the statement “diversity equals white genocide.” OK. That seems to clearly be over the line…

    “Rocky Barker: Is Idaho ‘too great to …’?”

    Henry Davenport

    I guess this is “News” to us, unless I’m the last one here to hear an example of it…David Duke right at the end of today’s first hour on SF radio:

    “We have progressed to White Genocide under the Republicans as much, even more so, than we did under the Democrats.”

    Will we hear Jared Taylor say it in 2016? 😉


    FYI, The Thought Police have banned Matt Heimbach from England.


    Due to a political disagreement, Editor Jeffrey Martin has decided to remove my story “Analogue” from the collection, and (as best I can gather) my credit as co-editor from the cover….The nature of the political disagreement is of course irrelevant to the injustice of denying a labourer his rightful wages and recognition. But I would like to state that what Jeffrey objected to was the following post at my personal blog:

    …it is a persuasion that I share. I have since rethought this strategy on the grounds that: 1. I believe it is time for everyone to choose sides for, or preferably against, the worldwide dispossession and genocide of the European peoples. Prudence is necessary where livelihoods and personal freedom are at stake, but where the cost of doing so is not prohibitive, I feel that it is the duty of all people of good will to take a stand against this genocide in whatever sphere of activity they operate. Writers, even obscure ones, can make more of a difference than most. 2. Pragmatically speaking, I have little or nothing to lose by “outing” myself as pro-white. I had dreamt of building up a literary reputation over years before one day surprising everyone and forcing readers and associates to engage with ideas and realities that they would rather ignore. I was also afraid of exposing myself…

    Pro-white author being robbed of his labour after denouncing White Genocide by writing a pro-white blogpost at his personal site.


    “The hashtag #WhiteGenocide is very controversial, but it’s also a pretty accurate description of the long-running campaign by certain ‘progressive’ forces in the United States and European Union to use mass immigration and mass abortion to ‘replace’ the traditional peoples of the nations of Christendom with new mixed populations.”

    Ice Knight

    …a group called the White Genocide Project called for Mr Trump to be made the head of a ‘department for deportation’ and reportedly petitioned President Barack Obama to make it happen. The petition included the assertion that “diversity is a byword for genocide”.

    Daily Telegraph in the UK.

    Petitions are proving valuable again to give the media a nice soundbite. I think this was only mentioned a few days ago…the mainstream media seems more up to date with what is happening on BUGS than I am! 🙂


    @ Ice Knight:

    Wow, that petition isn’t even scheduled to be run until January!

    Since the Telegraph mentions White GeNOcide Project, it seems likely that the newspaper found the petition at this WGP article:
    Our monthly White House broadcasts on AFP presidential candidate Bob Whitaker

    White GeNOcide Project may be the media’s main “go to” place for White Genocide?

    So maybe the White House Meme Team should write several more “possible future petitions” on Bob/Trump to display in that WGP article.


    The media’s coming to us for material gives me the idea of having a thread at White GeNOcide Project entitled,

    Where I posted the Mantra yesterday

    When we swarm, we could save some of our better minis that we post and their links, and then post them the next day on that thread, so that

    !. Media has our material easily available to report.
    2. Our material is easily available for pro-Whites to see and imitate.
    3. We can help each other improve…a few years ago our working thread looked much like I’m describing…I’d post on the working thread what I thought were my good posts, and older BUGSers would come along and rewrite them for me until finally after a few months I suddenly got one day how to write Mantra and not tailgate. That was the way I learned to do this stuff.
    4. It’s another place to display Mantra! 🙂

    I think we lost a lot when we necessarily changed the character of our working thread because anti-Whites were using it to follow us and flag our posts, etc.

    Please give me any comments, suggestions you have, and I’ll think about this and maybe put up the thread at WGP tomorrow.

    Let me know especially if you think it’s more hassle or time spent by you than the benefit justifies to save the best minis you use and their links and post them a day (or more) later on such a thread.


    Wow, awesome job HD, your plan worked months ahead of schedule! You got White Genocide mentioned in a major article.

    Meanwhile, the boys over at SF keep beating their chests about some “revolution” they will be part of … Some Day Real Soon Now. LOL.


    Jason, thanks, and yeah, it’s really making me laugh! We work our butts off to penetrate media, and now they’re coming to us and using our stuff that we haven’t even done yet! Lol! Too crazy! 😀

    SF’ers…I vacillate between a state of rage and demoralization (every month at petition time) that those people throw me into, and a determination to make some meaningful part of them play an important part in our work (aside from their having soaked up “anti-White” and “White Genocide” very well and now they unselfconsciously repeat those terms even in their anti-Mantra rants).

    There are a very few of them…and very fine folk those few are!…who are already helping greatly.

    Btw, it was the Telegraph, not our White House Meme Team, that mangled that meme of ours they quoted. I had to look up the word “byword.”

    I’m wondering if we should take a hint from the Telegraph’s professional writer and change “Department of Deportation” to “Department for Deportation.” The latter sounds more active and menacing, even though it’s not the way our gov’t names its departments. I think I vote yes. (Free editorial help…great!) But I’m never confident about such things, if anyone else has an opinion about it.

    Ice Knight

    Great stuff HD! BUGS has always been our workshop, but White Genocide Project is probably our main display window to the world.

    Interesting they are picking up our stuff before it has even been released…although if they can write 5000 plus articles on a few Tweets about Star Wars, we are obviously using a very powerful tool!

    I understand why she used ‘byword’…she is probably English. This was an old topic of discussion but there are a few Americanisms in The Mantra…’race problem’, ‘code word’, ‘respectable conservative’ which people don’t really use in the UK. I’ve noticed however that ‘code word’ is creeping into the language, so I think we may have popularised it!

    The working thread has died for a few reasons I think, most of us are now on Twitter and very active under the #WhiteGenocide hashtag. The fact the Mantra is now so popular also means we don’t need the same level of support we used to. There are more of us these days than anti-Whites in the majority of places.


    …does seem familiar with the LOS. He’s taken an active role in asking people to gather petitions over re-raising the flag, which they did. Bird also regularly promotes social media posts originating in white … circles – including the League of the South flag, merged with a Confederate flag; one titled “White Genocide 101″ stating “anti-racist is a codeword for anti-white“; and calling for Islam to be banned, not considering it a religion at all. Bird has posted several times (here and here) linking President Obama to Islam and claims several high profile mass shootings were government hoaxes. He also has floated boycotting the new Star…

    “Heritage & …: A Struggle Within The Confederate Legacy Movement”
    W.K.N.O. 91.1 –

    …10 trending on the social media platform: #BoycottStarWarsVII. The hashtag arose in response to John Boyega, an African American actor, portraying Finn a stormtrooper and one of the lead characters in the Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens. The users of the hashtag condemned the casting choice, irrationally claiming director J.J. Abrams was promoting white genocide and anti-white agenda. Although, this is an example of an extreme reaction actors of color face when they accept … roles, there have been many more subtle instances of such …. For brief bursts of time, a controversy surrounding an actor…

    “Why it’s more than just #BoycottStarWars”

    …I see one. Racist Doodle #thankyouveterans #GoogleDoodle.” One person even suggested boycotting Google “for their blatant support [of] multiculturalism, diversity, and white genocide,” reports Vocativ. Although critics argue that the drawing does not accruately represent the many white American veterans in America, the Google Doodle is reflective of the growing … among veterans. While the majority of U.S. armed…

    “Veterans Day ‘Google Doodle’ Received Backlash for Being Too …”
    Latin Post –

    …(Thresh and Rue in the The Hunger Games, Human Torch in Fantastic Four). In J.J. Abrams’ upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens, British-Nigerian actor, John Boyega, plays a leading role as a Stormtrooper who joins the Rebellion. After the release of the trailer, the hashtag “BoycottStarWars” started to trend, as users commented on the film promoting “white genocide,” as if the appearance of a few actors of color dilutes the predominantly white male production of the film. Using the logic of the one-drop rule, these extremist fans have called the film “anti-white.” Even in a desert planet in a galaxy far, far away, actors of color are fighting to exist in the future. Even when Hollywood promotes a blockbuster film with a non-white lead, there are very few actors who have access to these roles

    “Visibility in Suffering”

    …word “aint” on the white board. My second piece of advice is that after you have remained strong you must now persevere. Keep continuing to participate in your sociology class discussions even though that one kid keeps calling the diversity initiatives on campus a “white genocide” and even though his frat bro came to his defense by asking you why there is no “White Entertainment TV?” Register for that political science course that is taught by that one professor who told you in astonishment, “I didn’t think someone like you would make it in my class.” Take that route home from the bars…

    “An Open Letter To All Black Students At Predominately White Institutions”

    “INTERVIEW: Elite Media Ignores Genocide of Whites

    …the multicultural Veterans’ Day design. The Doodle features illustrations of seven veterans of varying races and branches of the U.S. military. While at least some of the pictured veterans appear to be white, a member of the white nationalist website who claimed to be a veteran, insisted the Doodle did not include a single white person and demanded boycotting Google “for their blatant support [of] multiculturalism, diversity, and white genocide.” The 2015 Veterans Day Google Doodle is visible to users in the U.S. Google Another user pointed out that despite the skin colors depicted, most veterans are actually white. “Whites have overwhelmingly staffed, run…

    “Google Enrages White … With Its Veterans Day Doodle”

    …black people in the movie. The hullabaloo in a nutshell: Following the release of the latest trailer for the heavily anticipated Star Wars picture, the crème de la crème of American society hit Twitter with vehement objection to the showcase of black actor John Boyega in a central, and, what’s more, heroic-looking role. The hashtag #BoycottStarWarsVII sprung about quickly, attached to claims that the inclusion of black actors in the franchise doubles as promotion of white genocide. What good it’ll do: Star Wars will be fine. Our sanity, however, is another….

    “What Movies Were Boycotted In 2015? Here’s A Rundown”

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