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N8Glen vs. "Nazi" video-Feedback

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    Patrick WhiteRabbit

    Sorry if this has been discussed. Who was the guy he was debating? Was it you Linux? I haven’t listened to it all yet but both sides appear to have got caught up in a yelling match. In all fairness to anti-White N8Glenn he did do a decent job of keeping his cool for a while and did control the debate, mainly because he was the one asking all the questions, it felt like he was putting the pro White on trial.

    It’s worth listening to though as N8Glenn is a hardcore anti-White that has obviously have invested a lot of time into his “points.”  Perhaps we can address some of the ones his opponent seemed to stumble on here.


    1. The “Do you oppose racism against White people yes or no” is such a loaded question. The real response should be something like “i am against any race killing or causing violence against an other but the word racism is overwhelmingly used as  a tool to coerce White people into accepting traditionally White countries turning non White. That is why we say anti-racism is just a code word for anti-White.”

    2. When he says he would support mass immigration into Asia and Africa then tell him “Then you are ALSO pro genocide of the Asians and the Africans, but that does NOT negate that fact that you are  anti-White. You can hate everyone in a room, but that does not mean you do not hate ME just because you hate everyone. However Asia and Africa are NOT being flooded with other races so you have the luxury of claiming you would support massive immigration into those countries.”

    3. When he talks about the “economy” tell him “so we must face Genocide because we are successful? The desires of the people coming here are immaterial. It is the political policies attracting them here that are the issue. The bonehead anti-Whites who browbeat the endemic White populations into acceptance are the issue”

    4. Genes don’t disappear, tell him ” stop setting up a straw man. If i mix a Dalmatian with a pitbull is the result a Dalmatian because it’s genes are still in their somewhere?  If i mixed EVERY Dalmatian with another dog bred would Dalmatians still exist because their genes are still in there somewhere? Would the phenotype be the same? NO! So why are you using this stupid lie to try and justify the genocide of White children?”

    5. Bad move to have used the “I have more Black friends that you” line. What were you thinking haha?!

    I’ll keep listening and see what else comes up.


    Daniel Genseric

    In my opinion you are wasting precious time with n8glenn. On top of that he doesn’t get many views. And when you start embarrassing him with common sense questions, he shuts you down by banning you.

    Hardly a productive use of BUGSters’ time.


    I should have had a moderator, I shouldnt have expected an anti-white to go point-counterpoint.  He wanted a soap-box,  not a debate.

    1.  Looking back I should have pointed out that he calls Farrakhan a racist because he singles out whites for historical atrocities, as n8glenn himself does.   I could have also pointed out that discrimination against whites is called “reverse racism” which means “opposite of racism” aka Anti-Racism.  I don’t believe i advocated killing anyone, i am not like that.

    And look, the guy said that SINGING SONGS ABOUT KILLING WHITE PEOPLE ISN’T RACIST.  how much more anti-white can you get?

    2. At one point I said “So you are for the genocide of ALL groups,  you just want to start with white children first”

    3.  I tried to point out his white supremacist tendencies at times
    4. I am pretty sure i pointed that out as well toward the end
    5.  Truth is never a bad move,  besides he ended up looking like a white supremacist when he started talking about black people as if they are pets.  The average white anti-white zombie won’t catch that, but the average pro-white & the average black person WILL.

    Patrick WhiteRabbit

    Good work for doing this Linux! All of these things can help us to learn. I like to hear the anti-White “arguments” as it prepares us for when they come up again. I have noticed anti-Whites like to parrot what they have heard other anti-Whites say. I see Pomonapunk rock aka Alfred is salivating over this video so you can be sure he’ll be trying these lines out on us.

    Basically all he does is:

    1. Denies the method of genocide being used

    2. Tries to claim it’s not genocide because genes are passed on

    3. Tries to set up this silly little trap that we are anti-White because unless we are anti-racist we must therefore not oppose “racism” against White people by non Whites.

    I have addressed all of these in the first post.

    Later on he keeps claiming “we will cause genocide.” The obvious response to that is “We want to initiate discussions at the highest level to come up with a solution for how best to solve White genocide on a world wide level. Yet again you seem to be putting the desires of non Whites BEFORE the desires of White people. You seem to be saying if White people look out for their own interests it will inevitably end up as something evil?! How is that not an anti-White position?! If some non Whites had to be repatriated in order to preserve White people would you support this?”

    I think in all fairness to N8Glenn he is a half decent “debater.” Now, i am not saying anything he says is true (and its all anti-White garbage) but the guy did for the most part get his anti-White opinions across and did get you to tailgate-i have only just got up to 1 hour but not you guys are debating the merits of Jazz and Blues lol!

    Good work though, i am sure he did irritate the hell out of you just by being so anti-White!



    It’s really not worth listening to for 2 hours patrick lol.

    He was basically allowed to control the dialogue because

    a) I’m a nice guy
    b) He said he didnt want to debate any mantra talking points (for obvious reasons)
    c) He’s an anti-white control freak that thinks anyone who doesn’t hate white children wants to kill all non-whites

    One of his friends recently made a video saying that it’s not genocide but rather an “ethnic cleansing” … so i think they are eventually going to work their way over to admitting it’s genocide.

    Patrick WhiteRabbit

    I ended up listening to most but kinda flicked through it. You did a lot better towards the end when N8Glenn let you speak without screaming over you.  I notice the other two remaining tactics he used were

    1. Pick a country with a high number of “immigrants” but neglect to mention they are all essentially part of the same race!

    2. Try the old race denial line that there is more variation within than between races. You can find the answer to that by having a google; it’s not just about counting genes it’s how these genes are EXPRESSED.


    Anyway in a nut shell the 6 observations i have made in these posts pretty much cover N8Glenn and all anti-Whites arguments. Deny genocide, deny the method being used, deny race exists and then list a couple of non White countries that have large numbers of immigrants that are all part of the same racial group.


    It was a learning experience

    Yes the UAE has been flooded with OTHER Middle Easterners,  I didn’t realize that at the time.

    As far as the “genetic variation” thing.  Humans share 69% of their DNA with a banana, so there is less variation between humans & bananas than between the races

    Therefor – white children deserve genocide?


    Secret Squirrel

    “Yes the UAE has been flooded with OTHER Middle Easterners,  I didn’t realize that at the time.”


    The UAE has foreign workers at its leisure. When they finish their contracts, all are thrown out.

    So yes, some non white countries do routinely have guest workers and such. However, they do so at their own leisure. No white country has ever been allowed a vote on this subject. We do not have the freedom to say no to this immigration, as non-white countries do.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.



    White Dude

    Another anti-White  can’t stand is “TheTruePooka”. He has a video called “White Genocide Debunked”. Unlike Glen, Pooka’s video has over 16,000 views. Should we be concerned by that? Or could this awaken more people to White genocide?

    Also, throw in Barbara Rae, the founder and director of Celebrate Diversity Southern California too.


    @White Dude

    In PooTrookas video he droned on for about 8 minutes comparing Thailands population density to Belgium.   This guy doesn’t even know the difference between Thailand and Taiwan,   YES we need more people like this disagreeing with us.

    As far as I am concerned,  as long as people are talking about white genocide,  that is a good thing.  There IS a reason why the SPLC is afraid to mention the Swarm.

    As far as me engaging N8glenn,  someone threw the term “don’t cockblock the mantra” at me,  and it made me wonder…. was i cockblocking?

    Daniel Genseric


    Just take a look at TheTruePoopButt. He is EXACTLY the kind of pink rabbit we want repeating “genocide is real and a crime until it happens to whites.” He looks like a lunatic and talks like one too as he bumbles around drooling six-syllabic laden musings. He’s pumping our message whether he knows it or not.



    TruePolka is N8Glenn’s brother according to N8’s fakebook page. Interesting family. And by interesting I mean FU*KED.


    Well the pro-White guy on this video comes off well and the Anti-White sounds like a jerk.  However, the Anti-White guy makes any “debate” impossible.   And the Anti-White is dishonest.  I think their basic dishonesty makes long, extended debates impractical.

    Just my two cents, but maybe the pro-White guy in this audio could call in some local talk shows and try to slip some Mantra points in?  He was well spoken.


    Jason, I’ve tried calling in a few local radio shows but i never really got on.

    There is a radio show here on my state that is heard all over the state and also has it’s own PBS show while it’s on the air.  I have thought about trying to work in the mantra.

    My problem is sometimes I cuss and I constantly violate all the faithbased doctrines of political correctness.  I have to learn to control that, on that video I did it a few times and… it was a mistake.  All Praises be to Marx, Peace be upon him



    For radio talk shows, maybe the best approach is to just use some of our terminology – terms like “Anti-White” and to make the point that only White countries are demanded to take mass immigration.  I’m sure they will never let you do the full Mantra.  We might even let the host think he has “won” the debate, as long as we get our talking points out there.

    I notice someone in the comments section talked about how lovely the image of Hitler is that the Anti-White put up.  That is not helpful.  Getting into debates about Hitler is what the Anti-Whites love.   I guess these are usually young guys, but they are so gungho to vent their passion that they don’t think about what they are doing.

    If you are going to debate Hitler, I suggest getting a separate ID to do it under and in NO WAY mix it with Manra talk

    Peter Cottontail

    I couldnt listen to the entire thing but I really appreciate you doing this.  Nglenn is a troll, nothing more and deserves no attention but you gained some valuable experience. Someone mentioned that you have a nice voice and I agree. Perhaps you can get in touch with the folks at White genocide project and offer to do a podcast. Beefcake’s are fantastic but I am sure you can bring something to the table also. Hell you can dissect this thing for 10 minutes or break it into pieces for discussion.


    Keep it up!

    Patrick WhiteRabbit

    A response to N8glen that totally destroys him


    @Patrick,  it’s always nice to hear other Bugsters!  I know I have seen other videos of yours now, I recognize your voice.  Thanks for putting up your videos!

    , Beefcakes podcasts are really good,  I don’t know if there is much i could add to it.  If there is something they would like me to do, or if you guys have an idea… let me know and i’ll try to make it happen

    J Locke

    @elcyCesreveR I suggest a podcast or video explaining  the details of participating in the Swarm and reasons why it can save White people. Beefcake did a great introduction to the Swarm, but it is not comprehensive. There is also this cartoon guide to the Swarm but it has flaws


    Have we been infiltrated?  Are we upsetting Bugsters by expossing the Jewish Zionists?  We are students of Dr. Duke as well.  Sounds like what happened to the early Churh.  In case you haven’t noticed, our freedom won’t come from PC behavior.  Whether you like it or not, the Whole world is fed up with Zionist Manipulation of our White governments.  They will Hang

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