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Mantra podcast series – Beefcake’s Boot Camp

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    The Beef

    There is a new podcast series over at

    The intention is to help recruit and bring new SWARM members up to speed quickly, as well as motivate.

    Please help pass these around, and we are hoping for it to become a good tool in recruiting by referring possible recruits there, as it gives them something entertaining to listen to, as well as introducing them to what they will be doing here.

    The whole point is to help us grow, so we can get that magic number of 300 or more very active BUGSers.

    Where Horus podcast is an introduction to practical politics, sort of a 101 on a consistent message, the is more of a last stop, or “boot camp” before directly deploying to the front lines in this War of Words.

    This is intended to get folks directly involved in the SWARM.

    Also, if you can think of any useful additional subjects to cover as podcasts let us know.

    If you see any major mistakes that need to be cut out of any let us know too, myself and the team behind this is new at it.

    Keep in mind I do these very Raw, so there will be occasional foot in mouth moments, but I think sounds much better with me not going on any script, once in a while a foot note or two.

    If I get something wrong and give the wrong advices ever some of the more experienced folks here can set them straight once they get here, the main point is to help bring them up to speed as much as I can, and GET THEM HERE.

    There are a whole slew of these in the works, and hopefully it grows into something big and helps us grow too.

    Please pass it around and add the link to your signature on other forums as you go around spreading our Mantra.

    Henry Davenport

    Of the nine or ten I’ve listened to, all excellent, the one I think really soars is Episode 3: WE have the Moral Highground.”

    A true work of art, and an art work of truth!

    It’s one half hour long, and I think all the others that have been made so far are shorter, some only ten or fifteen minutes long.

    The Beef

    If you LIKE that one you are going to LOVE the “Enemy likes to roll in Grey Goo”.


    I`ve listened to the first three of them.They are very good beefcake,well done.


    Very nice work.

    You (or another Bugster) should make a Youtube Channel for them.

    Patrick WhiteRabbit

    Good stuff Beefcake! Your first point in the moral high ground podcast is something i used on a friend recently. She was sympathetic to my concerns of the white race becoming minorities but said people would think it was “Racist” if this was pointed out to the average (brainwashed) white person. I flipped it on her by asking the question if they would think it “racist” if a black man was concerned that all of Africa was slowly becoming non Black………..light bulb moment for her.


    These broadcasts are strong! Thanks again. I can’t believe all the talent that is suddenly popping in the pro-White community. I never thought I’d see this in my life. These are good times to be alive. Thanks guys.


    @Beefcake: You ain’t no meathead!

    I followed HD’s link over at TOO to your “Bootcamp” intro, and am listening on iPhone. But now I’m looking for it at WhiteGenocide, and found the post, but there doesn’t seem to be a mp3 download attached.

    While I admire your “humility” in saying you are on the “left side of the bell curve” … don’t kid yourself. I tested in 4th SD on the right side, as a teenager, and all I’ve got to show for it is a lot of very bad wordist habits! Us “high-IQ” guys are more prone to fall into that crap than anyone … so that whole “IQ” thing is imho a bunch of crap. Just look at you! You are an EXCELLENT communicator. I couldn’t think on my feet as well as you. No way.

    So don’t kid yourself into thinking you are “average” or etc. What you are DOING is very SPECIAL. Screw all that you’ve ever been told about you being “average” or “not high IQ”: that’s a bunch of crap. You, my friend, are an example of “RI”: Real Intelligence … deployed to benefit our people.

    I don’t know what Bob thinks about what you’re doing, but I’m very impressed. So much so, that I’ll be making mp3 albums of your Boot Camp, and spreading them around to some young-uns I know. Thank you so much.

    Henry Davenport

    @ Frank: The first entry, “New Podcast: Beefcake’s Bootcamp,” is just an article about all the fun that’s coming. The actual podcasts begin with the second entry, “Beefcake’s Bootcamp Episode 1: Intro to the Swarm.” There’s an mp3 download attached.

    He’s amazing, isn’t he. (If beefcake is “average,” we’ve suddenly become the opposite of an idiocracy)

    The crowd at OO appears, as usual, unmoved, by invitations to check him out. I’m commenting mainly for any audience that wanders over to OO, I must remember.

    So much exciting talent here. For that reason alone, how pro-Whites can stay away from here is a mystery to me.


    HD, yeah I think most of OO is unreachable. They want to dream of developing Grand Plans. They don’t understand that White people already know how to do religion and build governments. The Royal Prince you talked to will always be unreachable. I honestly don’t think he has much interest in most Whites, despite what he says. He wants small club that worships AH.

    Coniglio Bianco



    The tailgating podcast was well articulated and well done. Keep it up.

    I have been swarming for what seems two years now. Everything that is being articulated in the Boot camp is stuff that I have learned over the two years. I still make mistakes and I dont mind getting the muddy boot when I drift.

    It would have been nice if there was a Boot Camp when I was starting out.

    And yes the Mantra is working. I can see a big difference in the anti-whites mode of operation now from when I first started.

    Henry Davenport

    Episode 9 on TAILGATING is a short little beauty that may be a good one to link when recruiting.

    It shows pro-Whites right off the bat why their usual mode of debate (tailgating the anti-Whites into territory that anti-Whites have controlled for decades) is ineffective.

    I posted the below at WNN and SF
    Anyone please feel free to post it elsewhere.

    BEEFCAKES’S BOOTCAMP, Basic Training for Fighting Anti-Whites!

    This new 18-minute podcast is an excellent intro to the entire martial art!

    Beefcake’s Bootcamp Episode 9: DO NOT TAILGATE(link)

    The standard pro-White mode of debate is to respond to the anti-White’s challenges and tailgate the anti-White right into the territory where the anti-White wants to lead him, territory where the anti-White can easily dismiss him as a “Nazi” or “racist” in front of the audience of other Whites that the pro-White wants to win!

    Most of that White audience is going to accept your anti-White opponent’s charge that you’re a “Nazi” or a “racist,” if he succeeds in drawing you into attacking his strongest citadels that the anti-Whites have been fortifying for decades: the sanctity of the Holocaust®, the victimhood and innocence of Jews, and the still brightly shimmering mirage of we-only-differ-from-blacks-because-of-our-different-cultures-and-history.

    Anti-Whites already control ALL that territory that they will drag you through if you argue with them about what they WANT you to argue about! If you do battle in that territory, no one will come out of their houses to take your side, because anti-White rule has been supreme there for too long!

    And Beefcake explains expertly that not only do we not argue with the Anti-Whites about what they want us to argue about, but we also don’t argue with them about ANYthing!

    Instead, we make our OWN points and impose our OWN terminology that our opponents are anti-Whites who are carrying out a program of White Genocide!

    We put THEM on the defensive!

    Every idea that the anti-Whites have leads to a world without White children, and we use their own genocidal utterances to flip them to the mat, hard!

    Beefcake explains how to do it.


    Tremendous work by beefcake.
    The volume he is putting out is so commendable.
    Well done brother.


    Beefcake is doing a first rate podcast.

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