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New White Genocide E-BOOK

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    A new e-book by me. The last one was rushed and needed updating.

    Phew, I’ve had this project sitting on my computer since February 2014 but forgot about it until a few weeks ago. I’m glad I’ve finished it, hopefully it should go even more viral than the last one.

    Henry Davenport

    I just emailed Gar5 my strong praise for this e-book…I think it’s very good and a lot of it is great…but I also have very strong criticism for one thing and hope he will change it…I’m going to reprint the criticism here because I think it’s important far beyond this one occasion…I’ve written many times about the various forces that I think will work to change and weaken the Mantra and our Mantra phrasings, and now it turns out that just the need to shorten one of our memes (“Diversity is a code word for White Genocide”) for a banner has apparently acted as one of those forces!

    My criticism addresses the inclusion of the headings “Anti-racist = anti-white?” and “Diversity = White Genocide?”

    I cast a strong vote for “Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white” and “Diversity is a code word for White Genocide.” That gives you parallelism just as the way you have it does, and I think that in the long run both of those forms are going to serve us a lot better than using the equal sign. The more I write about this, the stronger I feel about it. I hope you’ll reconsider! Or at least discuss it with me.

    We need to keep these core phrases as they ideally should be here at the center of this effort, or what we do is going to slowly become confused. I’m going to check my WGP article now and toss out any phrases I allowed in with the equal sign…____ has been influenced by the folk who shortened it for the banners, and I”ve let myself be influenced too.

    But if WE get slack at the core of this effort, what will be on the NEXT banners? God knows.

    Gar 5, please forgive me, I hate to write this on the day all your effort should be getting nothing but reward! Which it does from me aside from this one item.

    But this kind of maintenance has to be regularly done on anything as finely tuned as our Mantra phrases, and I think a strong point should be made of it every time it’s done. So I beg your forgiveness.

    Henry Davenport

    BUGSers aren’t posting “anti-racist = anti-white” and “Diversity = White Genocide,” are they? If some of you all are, I think the first one especially is a big mistake, and you all should have a discussion about it.

    time for freedom

    I also love this new book, with the important qualification however that we must always use Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-white, and, Diversity is a codeword for White Genocide. But other than that great work Gar.

    If however you have to shorten the Diversity is a codeword for White Genocide use the following:

    Diversity IS White Genocide


    You are right with your critism, HD.

    I used the equals sign just on the titles of pages because the codeword part would’nt fit. I meant to put the whole ones in the main text, but I completely forgot to.

    Ha ha, begginner’s mistake – we all make them now and again.

    When I am able to I will fix it.

    Henry Davenport

    Gar5, my first reaction to what you’re saying is, whew, thank goodness…but hopefully you aren’t saying that you’re going to keep the titles as they are. Better to take two lines for the titles. Maybe I’m misunderstanding what you’re saying. I must be, since you’re agreeing with me!


    Very good book Gar5 thank-you (we should made a hash-tag out of it) but I agree with HD about the (equal sign vs code word) nomenclature.


    There is value is saying Diversity is a code word for White Genocide. There is a reason that code word is important.


    Congratulations Gar5. A fantastic piece of work! I have posted it up on FWG and we are looking at having these printed for distribution by activists.

    HD – I do agree that where possible we should always use the full memes, especially ARIACWRAW but “Diversity” = White Genocide does work and that is the slogan we are using for the AFP presidential campaign. The full meme is just to long.

    Henry Davenport

    @ Laura: I think we’ve agreed in the past that there’s a big difference between these two:

    “Diversity” = White Genocide

    Diversity = White Genocide

    I don’t object strongly to the first one, and I think you should wait to distribute the booklet until Gar5 has added the quotation marks.

    As for Anti-racist/anti-white, I don’t think any form of that should be distributed that has an equal sign in it.

    Laura and Gar5, if either of you disagree with these two points, could we have some discussion about it here before proceeding?

    My mind is always open.

    Henry Davenport

    Re the Diversity phrase:

    I like “codeword” better than the quotation marks, because Whites coming out of high school in the years ahead will still know what “codeword” means, but may not know the function of quotation marks as we’re using them.


    While dropping the quotation marks makes the statement untrue, it will be true in the limited sense that most Whites will take it, as just a statement about what they can see happening in their own countries and other White countries.

    Re the anti-racist/anti-white phrase:

    With this one, it seems to me that we’re still in territory that’s deeply under anti-white control, more so than with the Diversity one: Lots of Whites who are souring on Diversity still don’t want to think of themselves as racists. (Am I right about that? I’m not certain of that statement, since I don’t talk to a lot of people or read a lot of comment sections, etc. I know the word “racist” is weakening too.)

    So any fooling at all with this phrase tips it off it’s narrow balance point where it says exactly what we want it to say rather than saying what anti-whites already claim it says.


    Excellent work Gar5. So many people deserve so many thank yous for what their doing. Its a good thing a BUGSer is pleased enough with the compliment of seeing his stuff being used.


    HD, another Bugster wants me to add a few more pages and images. I will fix what you brought up with it in one go.


    I’ve updated the book. It now has the mantra, the Africa for Africans meme, and I fixed it so it has the full “Diversity is a codeword for White genocide” and “Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.”

    Also, I added some more images as someone suggested to me.


    “Diversity is a code word for White Genocide” is one of my favourite mini-Mantras. Thanks.

    Could you put up the new link? The link at W.G.P. still appears to be the un-edited version…

    Best regards,



    No, the link on the ebooks page is the new one because it has a 1 in.

    The old one didn’t. The changes are in the middle of the book and towards the end

Viewing 16 posts - 1 through 16 (of 16 total)
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