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    @ DG you hit the nail right on the head. There are a few BUGsers that are following me now but more would def help.. The point I was trying to make yesterday was theres still an issue w/ not only mobile log in, but when your on a mobile & you click on the link it takes you to some skeleton/spam site… we really need to work on this.

    Daniel Genseric


    I think I read you loud and clear, buddy. I have not experienced this yet as I am not a mobile user (at least not in that manner) YET… But, from what you describe this IS a problem. Is it just when you attempt to log in or are you having a problem VIEWING content as well? My point is, it sounds like mobile BUGSters have the ability to SWARM, but not report? Is this an accurate account of your report? A possibile solution exists through mobile reporting via Swarmfront if you have the ability to log in there? Are you having problems on that end? That might prove to be viable for mobile BUGSters if there is no QUICK FIX here on wordpress.

    Also, are there more specifics you can give? I realize you may have done so already. Are you using iPhown or Crackberry, iBad? If so, what generation(s)?

    Brian & Bob,

    These are important considerations to make if we want to GROW and force-multiply the BUGSters we currently have. I hope you are reading this.

    Daniel Genseric

    HV informs me via tweeter that he cannot LOGIN. He can view the content herein, but cannot report. Also, he says that there is a spam-link. Subsequently, when he tweets something about BUGS or a link to a certain page on BUGS, the AUDIENCE cannot follow the link here because of this technical glitch which kicks the followers into a spam folder. That is B-A-D. The good news, he reports that Bob’s twitter links work mobile style. But, he is experiencing difficulties with his own.

    We are growing the network one way or the other. Time to integrate the ever-increasing mobile network. HV Rabbit, time permitting, please report your activities on Swarmfront until we hear back from admin here.


    @ DG thats correct, ( ) on my profile takes you to the spam site on a mobile device.. however if you click on a link that Bob tweets you can ONLY view the site not log in..

    btw DG I did a search yesterday on key words “Anti-White” on twitter & I found this little gem.. evidently he’s mocking the “White Genocide petition”

    ( @Scribbins00 ) writes –> “Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.” Daniel Genseric, you are a complete and utter twat.


    My concern like I said is that anyone White, Normal, & curious tweeting on mobile that stumbles across my profile is gonna click on the link & say WTF is this??

    Daniel Genseric


    Valid concerns for sure. We need to grow the BUGS team as well as extract every possible ounce of productivity.

    And considering the source, I will take that as a compliment.


    Twitter is the great wide open frontier for BUGS. And Tumblr is another one …I am starting to learn.

    There is a mobile BUGS issue. Sometimes it has been fixed and then it comes back. Sysops is being deployed to deal with it.


    @ H, I dont know much about Tumblr.. have you set one up yet? can you search topics & post links like you can on twitter?


    I am on Tumblr.

    There are several young bloggers dedicated to stopping White genocide. You can search for keywords: anti-white, white genocide etc. Follow them and reblog their material. It’s good to have a support group. We are doing work on Tumblr. I post a couple times a month about BUGS trying to steer people to this site.


    thanks Z, I just signed up.. gonna use the trial & error method to figure it out i guess

    Henry Davenport

    Jason just posted this on another thread. I respond to it below.

    Speaking of KM’s site TOO, which I like, I have not been able to recruit a single person from there.  Most of the commenters want to either spin Conspiracy Theories or do Jew-Talk 24/7.  I do use the term Anti-White and White Genocide when posting there and that seems to help.  Curious if anyone else has had arguments that attract AMPW (anti-Matra Pro-Whties).  Maybe the best approach is not to argue with them, but just to keep Imposing Terminology on them.  They will use the term ‘genocide’, but they seem hesitant to make use of ‘Anti-White’, which I think is a crucial term to mainstream.

    Jason, I can’t post at sites that require facebook, so once when I badly wanted a post I’d written to be put up on such a site, I copied that post onto a relevant thread on SF and asked if someone there would be willing to put it up for me. Someone did, and the next day he was here wanting to be a bugser. (What happened next was unfortunate, and I’ll omit that part of the story).

    In a moment I’ll move on to similar ideas based on that one that I think could be used effectively to draw occasional whites from white sites, but first here’s my thoughts about what I did.

    First of all, it gave me an excuse to post a full bugser post on the white site! (LMAO!)

    Whites like to be helpful…if approached with just the right tone, some will put their arm around your shoulder and help you out.

    When they help you out by putting up a bugser post somewhere, they will have gone through the motions of being a bugser and may enjoy that feeling…it reminds me of when a very smart headmaster hired me as a teacher by having me sit in on a class one day and teach it the next…after doing that, I felt I was a part of that school before I even began teaching there.

    They will not only enjoy the feeling of being a bugser, of momentarily having a sort of guest status in our group by putting up a bugser post, but may find they enjoy the power and effect of what they post.

    There’s nothing like getting someone’s mind and body involved in the action to make them interested in being a part of the action!

    So here’s just one further idea based on that single experience of mine at SF, and I bet other and better ideas based on that experience could be thought up:

    On a relevant thread on a white site, copy a good bugser post with some appealing content that you’ve just put up on a mainstream thread somewhere (preferably a rare thread that doesn’t require registration), followed by a copy of another such bugser post you’d LIKE to have put up on that mainstream thread. Then explain on the white site that the first comment has already been posted by you, but that for reason such-and-such you’d like the next one to be posted by someone else. Do that repeatedly on various occasions on that site until the temptation to post your second post becomes too great to resist. And even if no one bites, you will have had an excuse to repeatedly post on the white sites good bugser posts for the regulars and visitors there to read.

    The “such-and-such” reason offered for wanting the second post put up by someone else needs to be thought about. Maybe we could brainstorm some good reasons here. Maybe not giving any reason at all, but just saying, “If anyone here would like to join the fun, here’s a post that should also go up, if anyone here would like to post it.” Yes, I like that! I think it strikes the right note! It vaguely implies that there at least might be a reason, and it’s an honest open invitation to join in!



    Henry Davenport

    Here’s another possible form of the invitation.

    “If anyone here feels like joining the fun, here’s another comment that should also go up if anyone would like to help me out by posting it.”


    Good advice HD, and thanks for getting me in the right thread.  I feel like there must be a lot of potential BUGsters out there.


    However, I notice a real, deep stubborn refusal at TOO to do anything but vent on Jews and spin conspiracy theories.  However, a few seem to like the term “White Genocide” and some use Anti-White, but not nearly enough.  It’s like pulling teeth.  I used to say, when the pro-White movement takes off, “White Nationalists” will be the last to know about it.


    Jason it is a bit like the old pro-Whites have become the new anti-Whites.

    They just don’t want to take this route.

    There are others taking routes not in BUGS. Indeed I think there is far more happening outside BUGS than here. There are reasons for this.

    A guy in England wants to focus a campaign in a particular part of the country.  I don’t want to be any more explicit than that.

    I was contacted. Those I have discussed this with are not in BUGS but want to use the Mantra terminology.

    They were looking for people who live in a particular area of Britain but from what they say this is not essential. If anyone is interested please contact me – I’m six gun on SF, you can message me there. I am not convinced the messaging system works here as I’ve never had a reply from site admin.


    Six Gun, I believe I sent a msg on SF – let me know if you don’t get it later.  I get no replies from site admin either!

    Daniel Genseric

    “I used to say, when the pro-White movement takes off, “White Nationalists” will be the last to know about it.” – Jason

    This is a Whitakerism.

    J Locke

    I made this video of Beefcake’s Bootcamp episode 1, Introduction to he Swarm. I think might currently the best recruiting video for BUGS’s campaign to end White Genocide, perhaps the only chance we have to save the White race.

    Any ideas on how make this episode even better?



    Every time on YouTube you see a Pro-White defending themself: tell them to check out White Rabbit Radio or Join the Swarm.  Alles Klar, Gutt

    J Locke

    The link to where the mantra links are posted needs to be short for easy promotion and remembrance. That page should have a description of what we are doing in the Swarm. There should also be static links to mini-mantras. This should help recruitment.

Viewing 20 posts - 21 through 40 (of 43 total)
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