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    Laura aka minervia

    Frank had a fantastic idea to put out some QR code stickers. Below is the link where you can create the QR code for free. All you need is the website/URL you are wanting to link to.

    I have created a couple of different set of stickers. The QR code on the first is linked to the recent ramzpaul video on the ‘Stop White Genocide’ White House petition. And the word just says Anti-White?

    The second links to the video with the Women talking about White genocide and the words say No Rabbit holes for White Rabbits?

    I am not sure how to upload them using google drive. It says my mac isn’t ‘fancy’ enough! If you want a copy of what I have done please email me at


    Daniel Genseric

    Send me the file on Facebook Minnie. I’ll do it for your right away a and add you as editor withy the email you provided.

    if you imagine a DOT where the space is in my name, I’m at gangster mail too.

    Laura aka minervia

    G – Thanks! I will email them now. 🙂

    Daniel Genseric

    Not sure “No Rabbit holes for White Rabbits?” is the best “pickup line’ for the video with White Women reciting the Mantra.  Also, it takes up two lines, and “bleeds” out of the frame.


    How about ….

    1.  Women: White & Normal

    2.  Non-Hating Women

    3.  ???

    How about some suggestions from other BUGSers on ….

    What videos to “access” with little labels or cards with QR codes, and what are some good ‘pickup lines” that will get younger folks to “read’ the QR code with their mobile devices?


    For those coming to this thread w/o a background on “the idea” of using QR codes for BUGS message deployment and possibly Training …. here is the short version:

    Many people now use QR code on advertising brochures.  When a mobile device (iphone, etc0 with the reader software  installed) “reads” this square squiggly code, it immediately opens the URL target website on the device (if it’s got access to online services)

    Many students use devices like this and know how to use QR code readers.

    This can be a VERY EFFECTIVE way to get people to read/watch ‘our’ videos and websites, if we can place the code on a small card or label with a ‘pickup line’ that will entice them to “read’ the code and ‘go there”.

    BUGSers can print out these pages onto labels, or just sheets of paper and cut out the squares.  Then these can be accidentally left at cafe tables, on bulletin boards, etc.  You get the idea.

    No need for a big message on the card or label: the QR code takes them to the message.

    These little labels or cards can be on you at all times, for easy distribution, w/o any audit trail.


    We would like to have a “resource bin” at BUGS which has several (many) such pages, then BUGSers who want to get the message out can print at their convenience and distribute as they want.

    We also want to place this resource, via links, on other “affiliated” sites.

    Open for Suggested Videos, Links and of course, appropriate “Pickup Lines” which will seduce the reader into using the QR code on their mobile device.

    Daniel Genseric
    Daniel Genseric

    Open Systems call for Open Office. Instructions included.

    Try these stickers. First link for open office. Second link is in pdf format.

    STOP White genocide stickers
    It’s Hard to see white genocide stickers
    It’s Hard to see white genocide stickers (take 2)


    Great Cards Genseric!

    I’ve been thinking about “deployment” and how to make this Super Easy to access, from both BUGS and other sites.

    Do we need a “master page”, with one easy link, which has a kind of “table” with links to pages of stickers, bizcards, etc?

    That “master page” would ouline the idea behind using QR media for propagating our message, and give some of the instructions you gave, but very, very simply.  In fact, the first item linded on the “master page” could be an instruction set, and the rest of the list could link to individual pages.


    Without a “Master Page”, it will be difficult to deploy this to other sites, like White Rabbit Radio, for instance.  They need ONE LINK that points to them all, inside that link.  “One Link to Bind them,  One Link to Find them … ”  🙂


    Since this is a “working thread”, all ideas being posted here is “good” at this stage, but to really deploy this, we need one link.




    Correction with EMPHASIS:

    ” In fact, the first item LINKED on the “master page” could be an instruction set, and the rest of the list of ITEMS WITH LINKS could link to individual pages of cards, labels, etc.

    (for this to be extremely SIMPLE and not too complicated to use, it has to all live on one page, with links to the detailed instructions and media to be used.  Nobody will know how to find this “stuff” otherwise.)

    Laura aka minervia

    G, they are awesome! And the instructions are perfect.

    Printing these Avery stickers will be easy for anyone with a basic home computer. There should also be some specific black and white ones for those without color.

    So we have been talking about more adhesive stickers. We think they should be on a sort of poly vinyl material. This makes them extremely hard to remove.

    We figure if one person scans the code and doesn’t like the content, they will just remove the sticker.

    We are investigating the cost of a little more permeant sticker. We have had some experience with sticking before and the ability to keep a sticker there forever is the ultimate challenge!



    Laura aka minervia

    Perhaps a permanent thread here at BUGS would be a good place to put these stickers. If people want to get off the computer (in a good way) and distribute mantra material.

    We could put other things in this thread also, like flyers which could be left on cars. These could also include the qr codes.

    With G’s graphics, we could produce a whole variety of different ways for people to spread the message.


Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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