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    Secret Squirrel

    All the White rabbits are spreading it around and its going geometric!

    Peter Cottontail

    I googled ARIACWFAW and saw nothing but ARIACWFAW. Worthless. Don’t assume people will take a few extra steps to understand what it means. It is a waste of time. When you mean ANTI RACIST IS A CODEWORD FOR ANTI WHITE then write ANTI RACIST IS A CODEWORD FOR ANTI WHITE.

    Bringing up Stormfront after THEY bring up Stormfront is the definition of tailgating. Make them respond to White genocide, not an internet forum.


    When googling ariacwfaw you get THREE mentions of white genocide.
    ONE of anti white and one WHOLE anti racist is a codeword for anti white.

    thats just with googling it without even clicking on a link those are just the text of the search results.

    But anti racist is a codeword for anti white it is ill pasd the message along.

    Whites are curious, they dont like not knowing.


    761,301 and counting.


    Another one Jimmy. I’ve been gone all day and this one was lingering in my inbox

    Nicole Comstock
    (541) 520-0893


    “Peter Cottontail”

    Such a valiant effort by J.M. and not one word of support for him? You’re a miserable bum…


    Daniel Genseric

    I googled “ARIACFAW” and got this in the one spot.

    Which links to THIS: STOP WHITE GENOCIDE.

    #ARIACWFAW is organic.

    You cant stop the shorthand from happening. It is a trigger. Deal with it.

    Secret Squirrel

    And how many are going to bother to Google it, when they could have just read it instead?

    So we have:

    Eurocide instead of White Genocide,

    R-word instead of racist,

    and now ARIACWFAW instead of “Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.”

    This is like those anti-Whites that go around saying, BUGS are just “tricky statists”.

    No one outside their little group knows or cares, what they mean by that. It just makes them look stupid.

    If you are going to say something, SAY IT CLEARLY.


    If this was 30 years ago spelling it out would have been the only to go and we are still spelling it out, however with our peoples curiosity levels peaking and the internet being such a wonderful tool why not MAKE them look it up.
    Alright, you spell out they get it and thay may be it, if you use the acronym not only do they get the whole meaning when they google it they get a whole slew of our terms.

    I usually only see this when their is a high view count because this window of ariacwfaw leads to so many more.


    OB….we use the “r-word” so we dont say racist….RACIST is their word.

    we only use the actual spelling when we are initally describing how racist is a hateword.


    OB: “If you are going to say something, SAY IT CLEARLY.”

    I don’t think our goal is to be CLEAR but to be EFFECTIVE. If being clear means being effective, GREAT! But if being something other then clear means being effective, also GREAT!

    ARIACWFAW: I suspect ARIACWFAW was born from dealing with Twitter’s 160 character limit; hence DG stating “#ARIACWFAW is organic.”

    R-WORD: ANY and EVERY way we can disembowel that horrible little word we should. I’ve recently been linking it to the N-WORD, so it’s REAL meaning becomes more obvious.

    Let’s be honest, RACIST means WHITE.

    Just like the N-WORD means Black, the R-WORD means White.
    It’s derogatory, demeaning and de-humanizing, it’s a Hate word.

    It’s a word that helps anti-Whites commit White GENOcide with a clear conscience.

    EUROCIDE: Is it effective? I haven’t seen it used enough to say but hopefully anyone using it will report their results.


    Search Results

    Twitter / EuroAmericans: Pro-whites petition Obama ……/270271892164841…Nov 18, 2012 – #ARIACWFAW. Reply; Retweet Retweeted; Delete; Favorite Favorited. More. Embed Tweet. 1 Retweet …

    Peter Cottontail’s Profile «…/6/This isn’t a BUGS argument. It is off target. Our purpose is to demand the ability to openly discuss our own genocide.

    National Front posts “Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white … 22, 2013 – 10 posts – ‎6 authorsFile Type: pdf, 3×3 ARIACWFAW sticker.pdf (9.1 KB, 22 views). WhiteAwake is offline. Old 02-22-2013 …Last‎10 posts‎Jul 20, 2013‎Tears from an anti-White thread‎5 posts‎Jun 26, 2013‎More results from‎

    Twitter profile for euroamericansmn – Topsy us on FB: #ARIACWFAW means anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

    HATE SPEECH FR – YouTube

    ► 8:09►…May 30, 2011

    Page 1 of comments on HATE SPEECH FR – YouTube…1…STOP Eurocide 4 days ago. “White people own everything” until it comes to their OWN COUNTRIES.ARIACWFAW.

    Battling “White Genocide” in Atlanta – Behind Frenemy Lines…/battling-white-genoc…Aug 8, 2013 – Please read: #ARIACWFAW #AntiRacist is a codeword for #antiWhite.

    Caucasian Persuasion, SaveWhitePeople | twtrland @EuroAmericansMN: @timjacobwise is an anti-white terrorist. #ARIACWFAW means anti-racist is a code word for …

    videos from @MdlMurray – Twicsy 25, 2013 – … beat #EuropeanAmerican in the head. #ARIACWFAW 2013-08-25 15:28: …

    #antiwhite in TipTop… beat #EuropeanAmerican in the head. # ARIACWFAW 1 day agoRetweeted by Simongr81.123Next »




    Does anyone know about what happened to “Jimmy Marr”?

    L.L. posted another media correspondant at 1:50 am

    “Nicole Comstock
    (541) 520-0893”


    Hope hes ok.

    Mimmy Jarr

    I’m fine. I’ll send an email to the media contact. Thanks for the reminder.

    Mimmy Jarr

    Actually, I think I won’t make contact with KVAL. I think it may have more liabilities than benefits associated with it.

    It’s a tough call, and I don’t want to go into the details of my reasoning here.

    Suffice it to say, I think I can get more bang for the buck using White media than I can with anti-White media, and attempting to exploit anti-White media might provide the means by which our future local overpass operations could be limited.


    Oh good nice to see you are ok. 🙂


    i don’t blame you Jimmy, but if bugsers think it would be a good thing – i’ll call them.


    Linux if it’s going to get media attention, why not?


    It could be good for “Linux Lewis” to call… Maybe even better than J.M. contacting them.

    L.L., you could say that we are loosely affiliated and so you don’t know everything about this particular event… Tell them you know that the person who did the event said that it was fine to use the picture, but that he himself was too busy planning the next protest to field the media press!

    Just have fun with it. Oh, and maybe come up with a nom de plume that isn’t so obviously fake.

    Well, good luck!

    Best regards,


Viewing 20 posts - 41 through 60 (of 233 total)
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