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Sarkozy – Goal of the 21st Century video

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    The Sarkozy video, where he talks about how massive interbreeding is the goal of the 21st century, has been completely removed off French government websites – and has been for quite some time now, there is no mention of it anywhere on the site.

    I thought it was down the memory hole forever until i was going thru a hard drive today and found it on my machine. It is the entire speech front to back – there are a lot of goodies in this video, one where he says France has always been a racial melting pot – and of course the one where he says our genocide is imperative.

    I know that the important Sarkozy clip is all over youtube, but the full speech is not up anywhere – plus this is the original version so it’s the highest quality. If some of you could mirror it on any of the video sharing sites that would rock. Or just download it so there are more copies of it floating around



    oh yeah – the miscegenation part of the speech starts at around 12:08 for those who want to know


    Thank you linux, I am gonna save the whole video.


    Currently it says that i’m over the limit on bandwitdth… the file is like 1.6 gigs… so it doesnt take alot of DLs to go over the bandwidth – I will mirror it so there is another place to DL it


    A mirror for the video
    right click the link and SAVE AS if you want to store it on your computer (the more people storing it the better… in case it’s removed again)

    I will be using to store more videos on white genocide…. mostly evidence

    I would highly suggest everyone use this site to do the same… i would imagine government videos / documents are ok to store on the site… i wouldnt upload stuff from MSNBC/FOX/NBC/etc however.

    Henry Davenport

    Great work, Linux!

    Do you or anyone know of where a complete ENGLISH translation of the speech can be found?

    Or is there a way I can use google translator to get at least a rough translation, which is probably all I need?

    A popular youtube clip of the speech,

    begins with what I believe is a patently absurd statement,

    “French President Nicolas Sarkozy orders white-race French people to racially interbreed with blacks or face state sanctions.”

    (patently absurd because no Western head of state is going to make such a statement at this moment of history. A few decades down the road, possibly.)

    The producer of the clip has apparently spliced together two separate portions of Sarkozy’s speech to support the statement, but I’d like to be able to check that by seeing a complete transcript.

    Assuming I’m correct, I HATE it when I see this sort of thing (and I see it often)! The truth is bad enough; we don’t need distortions! Especially ones that make us look like fools.

    If any of you think I’ve somehow jumped the track (always possible), my mind is open as always.

    Henry Davenport

    Apparently it’s even worse than I thought. Sarkozy’s word is “métissage,” and here’s the word’s translation to English by Collins, a very reputable inter-language dictionary as I recall from my school days:

    masculine noun
    [de cultures, populations] “mix”
    le métissage de la société “the cultural mix of society”étissage

    NOT “interbreeding”! Which I should have also guessed beforehand, since no head of state in the world today, at least in the Western world, is likely to call for interbreeding (and much less, as I said above, for interbreeding by force).

    No, I don’t care that mixing leads to interbreeding. Deliberately mistranslating a word is sleaze, and I feel like I need a bath.


    That’s disappointing to hear, but our argument is luckily not based on what is said, but actually what is done.

    If whoever translated it used Google Translator, “le métissage de la société” translates as “miscegenation society”.

    “métissage”, translates on Google Translator as “miscegenation”, “cross-breeding”, “mixing”.

    Ice Knight

    This is a dirty war guys, Sarkozy was instrumental in pushing through GENOCIDAL anti-White policies, so the odd bit of misrepresentation here and there is likely to happen in the grand scheme of things.

    As Gar5 says, judge the man by his actions and our message holds true – most definitely a GENOCIDAL anti-White.




    HD – Bob pointed out, it doesn’t matter if the translation is incorrect. If they start talking about the translation they are talking about the statement made by Sarkozy. This is a good thing.

    Whitestone – Any chance you can shoot me an email at ?
    How is your French accent?


    Sarkozy’s grandfather was “jooooish” and according to some researchers:
    “it is well known that Sarkozy’s mother was born to the Mallah family, one of the oldest “jooooish” families of Salonika, Greece.”

    I smell another (conversos/marranos), trying to fool the gullible goyim once again.

    Now whether (part or all) of this proves true, it IS certain he in a NON-white, anti-white pushing white genocide.


    I don’t have a lot of time at the moment, so this post won’t be as substantial and well-reasoned as I would like. This touches on some issues of truth, propaganda, our mission, the self-improvement and self-education of our activists, etc., that I have been pondering for awhile. To ignore all of that, and get down to brass tacks:

    HD, I share your concern (while also acknowledging that we are in a “dirty war”), but I don’t quite think it is founded. Words have a life of their own. Some words, especially in this modern age, which lacks precision, are more vague and malleable than others. From my scant reading and research, it would seem that métissage has a larger range of meaning than, say, something you would see in an engineering manual.

    Well, I was going to give a lot of examples of pictures, but I’m not sure how to post one, and I realize that’s going to take more time than I have.

    Do some reading on it, HD, and I think you will feel more comfortable. Type “metissage” into Google images and see what I mean. You will find more blacks and Whites holding hands, White babies nursing on black mothers, black babies with blue eyes, blacks and Whites kissing, etc., than you can shake a stick at. Furthermore, French nationalists (not Anglo-sphere BUGSters like most of us trying to ad hoc some French propaganda) have made Photoshopped pictures against “metissage” showing pictures of White girls with black men, calling it the death of Europe and the genocide of Whites. You can find them either on my Twitter, or on a thread in the French section of Stormfront (no time for links).

    Google some articles. I did some reading on my own regarding this term a couple of weeks ago. I made sure to not only read nationalist articles, and I found many “mainstream”, anti-White articles which talked about metissage in the context of interracial marriage, mixed-race children, etc. I googled a combination of terms this morning and read some about the Code Noir in Louisiana, and that article was also using metissage in the context of marital and sexual unions between Whites and Blacks in the 1700’s.

    This post sucks, LOL. I wanted to give lots of links and pics, and hammer this out, but I don’t have time. A couple more random thoughts:

    French pro-Whites use the term in that context. I lifted this off a French girl and have used it probably 50 times:

    Diversité, métissage, et immigration massive ne sont imposés qu’aux pays Blancs Européens. C’est le génocide des Blancs!

    I encourage others to as well. It fits on Twitter, and if you want to alter it to make room for a long @, you can figure out how, without even knowing French.

    Basically: Diversity, “metissage”, and massive immigration are only imposed on White Europeans. It’s White Genocide!

    Also search the Twitter stream for metissage or #metissage. I did right before I made this post, and the very first Tweet, at the top of the list, was a girl, posting a picture of a White woman and black man kissing, with a string of heart symbols after it.

    Sarkozy might be anti-White, but he isn’t stupid. He’s not a fool. To use such a loaded term, which the native French have been propagandized ad nauseum to associate with interracial sex, blacks and Whites kissing, blacks and Whites holding hands, mixed-race babies, is an intentional and calculated move on his part. I don’t even think he meant to leave himself “leeway”, but it could be seen as him allowing himself plausible deniability… because of the intrinsic semantic range within metissage.

    However, like I said, to use such a loaded term that taps into a gazillion Euros of social engineering is intentional. He’s a politician. He doesn’t do that by accident. He knew damn well what he was doing, and what he was saying, and the subconscious minds of everyone who heard that speech also knew damn well what he was saying.

    Nothing in this post will convince you, because I didn’t post links, sources, etc. I don’t have the time to even worry about my grammar, lol. But if you spend three hours looking at articles, historical references, Twitter, Google images, etc., I think you’ll come away feeling more at ease with the truthfulness of our position, “dirty war” tactics aside.

    Henry Davenport

    @ Johnny Mantraseed: You’ve convinced me, and I thank you a lot. I tend to be over-literal, especially when stressed as I was a couple of days ago, but without your excellent remarks I probably would have stayed stuck there.

    Thanks to the responses of others of you also, since they figured in the mix and were helpful too.

    Laura, I hope someone else will want to do the new script (but I’m okay with both the video clip and the script now), since I do need to rest and (especially) not feel like anyone is waiting on me for anything. That feeling absolutely incapacitates me with stress. Also, it would be cool if someone who can do a French accent would want to do it, and cool if we have several Political Correctors (I’m mulling over a competition we can do on youtube to just get ordinary young folk who like the character to do their own short clips as part of “the national job search to fill the new Cabinet post of POLITICAL CORRECTOR.” Or whatever.)

    But I’ll start absorbing the script you sent me just in case no other Political Corrector shows up, with the idea of being able to do it by the end of May if necessary…(remember I’ll have to learn…God, how I hate even the thought of the stress of new computer stuff…how to make a visual MP3 I can send you).

    Guys, it’s great fun being the Political Corrector! A chance to be as crazy as you’ve always wanted to be! (Of course I had to actually tone down my own insanity a bit in order to do the part!) I encourage any of you who has the urge to take a whack at it.

    We need more Political Correctors, because I need to work so slow to stay unstressed that I’m probably good for only about one every 4 months. Laura and I have already discussed that problem, but I’m letting others know that we need more Correctors.

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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