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Short clip on white "replacement" in France

Home Forums BUGS SWARM Short clip on white "replacement" in France


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    Mike M

    So nobody used the term genocide yet on TV, this guy, Renaud Camus is using replacement. It’s still good to see that he talked about it on TV, but nothing changed. There are a lot of people aware that something’s not right in here, but they think they can’t do anything. Even thought the French national front is rising, I don’t know whether they’re gonna be able to win the left and right coalition, and anyway, they’re not advocating for a white France anymore …

    Enjoy and provide feedback. Good or bad. 🙂

    Tom Bowie

    Nick Griffin started off less full of fire and danced around the topic at one time. The evolution that may be taking place is in the hearts and minds.
    He still doesn’t hit the mark every time but “Genocide”, “Deliberate”, “The Final Solution” and “this crime demands a new set of Nuremberg trials”.
    Over time I’m quite sure Renaud Camus will begin to speak more to the point as well. Political Types need support and the encouragement of a consistent message to lead them until they can catch up and get out front.

    Ice Knight

    Front Nationale use the term ‘racisme anti-blanc’, which is very close to Mantra thinking, however it still acknowledges and reinforces our enemies term ‘racism’ so dilutes our terminology.

    As Tom Bowie says, it is our job as BUGSters to push our consistent message into the mainstream. We are in the process of framing the debate, and once this message is fully established in a population, politicians will have no choice other than to use it or be left behind.

    Mike M

    Thanks guys for the feedback.

    Dennis K

    Good video.

    One point we must press, is there is NO anti-racism. Never was.

    Anti-racism is NOT about ending hate, ending racial subjugation. It is purely about making whites accept genocide and banning anything which might prevent this. It is purely attacking racial self preservation.

    It is NOT racists vs anti-racists. It is people who want freedom to protect their racial continuity vs people who want to deny them the freedom to protect their racial continuity.

    There are no people who aren’t racist. There are no ‘colourblind’ people. They just don’t exist. We have two competing forms of discrimination. One self destructive.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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