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    There was an article that was just headlined

    “Obama’s 2009 inauguration reverend says Anti-White slam was a joke”

    but they have JUST changed it to

    “Obama’s 2009 inauguration reverend says anti-Caucasian slam was a joke”

    SOMEONE demanded this memory lapse.

    Email the writer:
    Email the tipline:

    Tell them to change it back!!!


    That is very interesting indeed. They are actively avoiding the use of our terminology.


    Ok,  the guy who wrote the article is named Neil Munro

    When Obama announced the “Dream Act” for millions of illegals,  he was interrupted,  by Neil Munro

    J Locke

    I emailed a request to change it back.

    Dick Whitman

    This is interesting because the pastor who said the comments said “White,” he didn’t say “Caucasian.”   This too looks like the anti-White are reacting to us?

    Ice Knight

    Yep, they’ve definitely changed it as the URL still has anti-White in the title which gives the whole game away.


    Keep up the good work folks, they’re worried! 😉




Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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