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Some New Terms I Was Suggested To Use.

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    I was sent this message from another YT user and some of the terms they have coined and ideas the spoke of to help with this struggle struck me as very useful. I thought it would be useful to post this for my fellow BUGSERS. The message is as follows:


    Hey, brother, I wanted to drop a few quick suggestions that I think will help you with your pro-white campaign to expose the RACIAL DOUBLE STANDARDS that are being held against us. As these are terms that are almost never employed, the truly need to become a part of our everyday vocabulary to address the racism that we too undergo as a people. They are as follows: 1) ANTI-WHITISM, from which is derived the modifier anti-white, meaning the discrimination against or prejudice or hostility toward Caucasians, i.e. whites in general; 2) ANTI-EUROPEANISM, which, although it has lost some of its force by being conflated (deliberately?) with the advocacy of the unification of Europe, in it’s first sense, I believe, means the discrimination against or prejudice or hostility toward European whites (this term will help you address your white Asian question i.e. Middle Easterners); 3) ANTI-GENTILISM, which is the discrimination against or prejudice or hostility toward gentiles, i.e. non-Jews. Because both Jewish supremacists and Zionists especially, being a Caucasoid ethnic group, have over time wrongfully infiltrated our ranks to monopolize control over our economic/politic/media resources to compromise us to promote their own ends. This should not be confused at all though with anti-Semitism, as most extremists of that extraction (e.g., in the US ADL, AIPAC, etc.) deliberately attempt to conflate the terms to protect their many abuses against criticism and scrutiny.

    Also, I wanted you to consider the following terms as ideological tools to help implement change in the minds of whites which I believe will help to protect, promote and preserve our people and culture and history. These concepts, which can influence our values, standards and beliefs, are numbered as follows:

    1) ethnic nationalism (I often emphasize the need for this form of nationalism in the following slogan that should rightly become our rallying standard: “Your blood is your nation. A true lover of diversity is an opponent of multiculturalism.”)
    2) tribalism (which is needed especially in our European and Asiatic Russian homelands)
    3) endogamy (a preservationist mentality that will help safeguard the homophyly/homogeneity of our race against assimilation via miscegenation)
    4) solidarity
    5) collective identity
    6) exclusivity
    7) positive/negative eugenics (which should be advocated only insomuch as it is moderately employed, of course, as the stronger the roots of the family tree, the stronger are its shoots)

    In closing, I would like to emphasize that the goal is to break the conditioning that has vilified us whites as being hatemongers and degenerates. Our displays of white pride and white power must nonviolent and non-racist demonstrations that will unit us with solidarity and exclusivity as a race.

    Your friend,

    Ice Knight

    Tell them to come join BUGS. They are still using the r-word and helping the anti-Whites strengthen their terminology so they have a lot to learn!

    Some of those words are massively loaded terms like “positive/negative eugenics” a definite NO-NO for BUGSters appealing to White and NORMAL people!

    Have any of the terms been shown to work? That I guess is the ultimate test of anything we do on BUGS.


    Yea I already invited them along to join us, will check on a reply today. I just thought the terms that I highlighted in bold could be useful to use 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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