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Three New Mantras

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    time for freedom

    Anti-racist is a codeword for Love…LOVE OF WHITE GENOCIDE!

    You Anti-Whites Justify White Genocide by Appealing to Concepts like Love, Tolerance, and Respect.

    You Anti-Whites use terms like Tolerance and Love to try and legitimize your advocacy of White Genocide.

    time for freedom

    It’s now clear that our enemy is defaulting to the concepts of Love and Tolerance to justify their advocacy of White Genocide, and we all need to call them on it.

    1. Love and Tolerance are NOT handmaidens to your system of White Genocide

    2. Love and Tolerance should NOT be used to Justify Your system of White Genocide

    3. The Evil of white Genocide will NOT be ignored because you call it Tolerance and Love

    Daniel Genseric

    Here, try this:

    “I LOVE YOU even though you’re anti-white.”


    Anti-Whites say that we are naziswhowanttokillsixmillionjews unless we are ”anti-racists” who want to kill six HUNDRED million White people.


    I think a good response to the Love and Tolerance bit is “Why can’t you love and tolerate the existence of my people.”, or some variation of it.

    time for freedom

    BUt the challenge is to bring everything back to White Genocide. For me that is purpose of virtually every mantra.

    Daniel Genseric

    Then try,

    “I LOVE YOU even though you promote white genocide.”

    Who’s the tolerant love monger now?

    Yankee Rebel

    Hate your enemies and Love your family! Not the reverse that is preached in churches.


    Hate AND love your enemy, only hating your enemy will lead to “Vitalism” link and have you burning out rather quickly…


    Ice Knight

    “I LOVE YOU even though you’re anti-white.”
    “I LOVE YOU even though you promote White genocide.”

    I really like them two Genseric, gives us a simple but effective way of holding the moral high ground whilst still making our point.

    Will give them a bit of road testing with the anti-Whites, see how they react.

    time for freedom

    Ya I understand about the Love angler here, but the point is that I am trying to demonstrate in my mantras above in very short order how the anti-whites are trying to use the concepts of love and tolerance in a dishonest manner to service their real underlying agenda of White Genocide. Nothing makes White people more angry and morally engaged than this kind of morally underhanded nefarious behaviour.
    But as usual people, thank you very much for your excellent suggestions and comments.

    time for freedom


    time for freedom

    What do you all think of this mantra-style verse that I’ve just started using:

    “It is impossible to deny that the holocaust has been used as an anti-White psychological conditioning tactic in the ongoing program to justify the ongoing genocide of White populations worldwide. Thus, it is impossible to comprehend the true nature of the Holocaust without fully comprehending the program of White Genocide that it has been used to service.”

    I’m trying to mate the concept of the Holocaust indelibly with White Genocide, and of course I always try to bring everything back to White Genocide.


    Time for Freedom, it is too complex a for Mantra talking point in my opinion. And going into the Holocaust poses too many dangers. People will get off into Jew talk.

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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