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When family is anti-White

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    My father, I would like to say he’s a good person but unfortunately I can’t. He got his “education” from an anti-White university an he followed mommy professor. I was talking to my younger siblings about White genocide and the anti-White system; my father outright came out and tried to silence me. I cant remember the exact quotes but I’ll try and show the closest I can remember.

    Father: ‘Stop”
    Me: “Why are you silencing me”
    Father: “I don’t want you installing views into a 12 year olds mind”
    Me:”Are you now going to silence the schools and tell them they cant install politics into a child’s mind?”
    Father: “I would like them to grow up with an open mind” (We both started raising our voices at this moment)
    Me: “How can they grow up with an open mind if they only hear one side of the story”
    Father: “The problem is you don’t know what you’re talking about”
    Me “I do know what I’m saying, and its the truth”
    Father: “We cant sit and have a decent debate, you steam roll”
    Father: “You see the Naiz’s were ba…” (I interrupted)
    Me: “I never once mentioned the Nazis, Im talking about todays issues”
    Father: “Im not allowing you to spew hatred in this house”
    Me: “Are the Blacks having a future existence hatred, are the Asians having a future existence hatred, are the Mexicans having a future existence hatred? what about everyone else besides White people?

    Everyone stops talking at this moment, its sad my dad is anti-White. My youngest sister and mom both agree with me. I know I tailgated but Im not as comfortable attacking family with the Mantra as I would be to an unrelated anti-White.

    Mike M

    I don’t think you should have second thoughts about using the Mantra against your dad. He’s antiwhite. You won’t be able to convince him. But you need to give rhetorical “weapons” to the rest of your family, especially if they think like you do. You could point out the contradiction, say that he’s full of words like democracy freedom and liberty of speech yet he doesn’t allow you to practice it in his house, like antiwhite gvt does in most white countries (in France, Germany and italy, a lot of “intellectuals” are fined because they oppose or talk about what’s going on, wether it’s about White genocide, gender theory being forced into children, or gay marriage. In France, some people were arrested by police and military police because they were waiving the french flag in the streets before or after the anti gay marriage protest, even a US citizen was arrested because she was jogging with a pink sweat shirt looking like one of the symbols of those antigaymarriage girls, in Germany parents are thrown in jail for opposing gender theory at school). Your dad, like the state, the teachers, all of those paid to enforce white genocide on us, are full of contradictions. Point it out in front of your family !

    I don’t know how old you are. But I’m happy to see a young guy like you ready to stand up for our race. You’re not alone on that fight, and yes, we are right. I personnally lost so called “friends” by dozens, and I don’t care. You might be young but there are a lot of normal white people thinking like you do. Older guys like Bob and jimmy (and the others I don’t know), middle aged guys and young guys like you ! Some police officers thinks like we do, some military men too, a few teachers too (I know one or two) but nobody can openly talk about it otherwise they’ll lose everything … And that’s where we have to make a stand (IMO) we have to show all those whites, we can fight the system and that we shouldn’t be afraid of anything, otherwise everything’s lost. Remember people need leaders, Bugsers not so much, they’ve got a coach, but normal people, they do need to be leaded, and who knows, you might be that guy one day ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Benjamin Newells

    I think if you’re going to use the mantra at all, use it in full force to try and humiliate your dad in front of the rest of your family.

    And nice suggestions, Mike.


    The only thing I can say is, family is a very personal thing. There are so many factors involved it is hard to give advice.

    I once heard a grandfather say it is impossible to take your children seriously when they disagree with you. Parents aren’t built to “learn” from people whose diapers they changed. It’s almost psychological impossible (except on technical things like using a computer, but not on moral/political type issues).

    Bob said something about using a casual approach with family and friends, saying something like “well I guess you anti-Whites like that movie …”, in sort of an offhand, almost friendly way. Sometimes getting that point across does more good than full blown confrontation.

    The tactics used with family, friends and coworkers who you have to stay in close personal contact with, will probably be different than how you treat someone you will never see again.


    Tell your dad he should be proud that he’s raised such a brave son.

    There’s an old Welsh proverb: “It’s easy to be brave behind a castle wall.”

    It’s easy to agree with whatever those in powerful or influential positions say you should agree with (including his university teachers).

    But it’s very difficult to disagree with what influential people say. In fact – it’s brave to disagree with them.


    Ahh FAMILY, My father in law is antiwhite. I told this story a while ago. But 2 make a short story shorter, I humiliated him with the mantra in front of my wife (his daughter) and my mother in law. Basically I put him on the spot and said in a clear manner that he supports policies tht will hurt his grandchildren for a pat on the head…my wife called him a traitor and my mother in law was horrified 2 hear what he had 2 say.

    Things have not been the same since and probably never will be. But I made it clear that he will not push his opinions on my children in any way whatsoever.

    3 days later my sister in law called and asked if what she heard him say was true, I told her yes… her response was “wtf”.

    Unfortunately this actually happened…but i care not 4 I will not leave future generations of whites with the same questions I had growing up.

    Secret Squirrel

    Most won’t listen to a family member, but they will listen to a stranger, or they’ll take the word of an authority figure as Gospel. People can be real morons like that.

    Doesn’t matter who’s side they are on, the highly educated intellectual types, are the stupidest people on the planet. Dumb as rocks, block heads. They are handicapped people and we need to treat them as such.

    Don’t try to convert, just *make your point clearly and shut the hell up*. If you get into an argument, are trying to teach, are trying to convert, then you have lost. Remember what Horus says, “You can’t teach under conditions of psychological warfare.”


    Yes, family is VERY difficult as most are anti-white and/or cowards at admitting the truth.

    IT is often hard to visit or want to stay around my family because of this. They are acting and supporting an agenda that will destroy my society, my future and my freedom. And their grandchildren’s future.

    I have so many examples, but its painful to recount the doublethink and hypocrisy.

    Just one example.. I ask him he is opposed to white Genocide–when his community is 40, 60 80% non-white (and only white communities). His response:

    ‘What have you done for a black man lately. Did you hold a door open for a black man ever??? ‘

    This is his comment. Start to finish.

    So sick and misdirected in the messages this is supposed to send and supplicate that I don’t know where to begin. But the psychological terror imposed to make such a statement astonishes me, and saddens me, I can;t respect my father for this. I ask him straight out– Did you really go to University– and learn to think for yourself. And finally, where is your LOVE, of what is good, of freedom, or your race and inheritance and what results from that? What do you LOVE????

    These conversations are not easy. But hell, they are too damn important and are affecting everything.


    What you are doing, and what we ALL must do, no matter how emotionally difficult, is establishing yourself as the moral leader of your family.

    Daniel Genseric

    Don’t convert your family.

    Besides, where was the audience? If there was no audience, then there was no point.

    I love multiple people who are anti-white and it is difficult. Stay focused.

    Ice Knight

    You have to tread very carefully with friends and family. This brainwashing has been going on for the past 50 years or more, so it is unrealistic to expect that just a few heated conversations will transform peoples core beliefs overnight – especially when taking your position puts them squarely at odds with mainstream society. PC after all is many peoples RELIGION.

    As others have said, best to just work on people slowly over time – make a point and move on or gently ridicule their position. They will also receive a lot of input from wider society and attitudes are noticeably shifting in our direction…in no small part thanks to our own efforts! I think the US because of the whole ‘nation of immigrants’ meme is a bit slower off the blocks, but in the UK, just in the last year or two you can sense a real shift in public opinion. We are very much approaching critical mass and when that happens a huge swathe of the population will swap sides overnight for fear of being left behind.


    Family members can be just like non-family, in that some are not really to blame. They are brainwashed. Others are brainwashed and proud of it. You should probably know the difference. No, it’s not easy at all.


    I don`t see the problem here.

    “Father: โ€œIm not allowing you to spew hatred in this houseโ€
    Me: โ€œAre the Blacks having a future existence hatred, are the Asians having a future existence hatred, are the Mexicans having a future existence hatred? what about everyone else besides White people?

    Everyone stops talking at this moment…”

    Theyve conceded the point. Youve won the engagement. You closely observe and patiently wait for the next opportunity.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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