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Looking for links to post the Mantra?

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    I plan to use yahoo pipes to aggregate a news feed of links for us to post the mantra. With yahoo pipes i can spider youtube/yahoo news/google news/etc and find the latest news stories with keywords like “racist/racism/immigration/etc”, you can have pipes sort the feed in a number of ways.

    There is an English feed, French feed, and German feed up so far. The first link in each non-english pipe is a link to a pastebin txt of the mantra in that language

    English Feed
    German Feed
    French Feed

    I would like to create a list of sites that allow comment posting, and popular sites that DON’T allow comment posting, so I can filter the feed only to post relevant results.
    Besides youtube and yahoo news, what sites do you find the most productive for posting the mantra?

    I would also like to compile a list of KEYWORDS to search. Examples racism, racist, multiculturalism, multicultural, immigration…etc so if you have an keyword ideas feel free to add them.

    As of now, the pipe is outputting links to Yahoo! News articles from the last 24 hours… it also crawls the UK version of yahoo news. Most, if not all of the articles, can be commented on. I hope to get the pipe configured with Youtube soon, to feed a keyword search result of videos with the highest view count from the last day or week. Anyone with a Yahoo! account can clone the pipe I have made, and edit it to make changes. If you make any changes that you think people would like… post the pipe link here.

    Using the yahoo pipes in combination with Gar5’s BUGS Buddy software or the online version, will help you post replies that are relevant to the article you are commenting on.

    You can also use the random mantra generator to help avoid being marked as spam. As of now it picks one of 12 mini mantras at random, I would really appreciate mini-mantra additions to add to the generator… the more minis added, the less likely you are to be marked as spam.

    Any help is appreciated!


    Interesting ideas Lewis.The top x number of sites and maybe posting information for that day would be useful

    I like the randommantra thing,not looked at Gar5`s BUGS Buddy because it`s a download .I`ll add some material to both.


    Thanks for the information, very helpful. I also find additional stories if I search under “diversity”.

    Henry Davenport

    I don’t understand much of the above. I assume it’s better ideas than what I do now: get google alerts on the words “immigration,” “racism,” “diversity,” “integration,” “assimilation,” “hate,” and “busing.” I’m going to add “multiculturalism,” and the “busing” alerts are almost always useless.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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