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Why are you letting White Nationalists GET YOU OFF MESSAGE?

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    I saw some of the threads we made on Swarmfront bugs, and I was appalled at the treatment pro-whites got there.

    You guys not only let those twits get you off message about GeNOcide, but you also let those pagan-intellectual-masturbatiors tell you what the message is.

    I have one thing to say and one this only.


    Are they PRO-WHITE, or are they PRO-WHITE GENOCIDE?


    You guys are hitting your own kin, albiet a genocide-denying, anti-white kin.

    Don’t let them throw you off track. The message is too important to treat them with kid-gloves. When fighting the Anti-Whites, remember the BASICS.


    Secret Squirrel

    “You guys are hitting your own kin, albiet a genocide-denying, anti-white kin.”

    I’m with you, herrMajor. I’ll follow your lead.



    We are doing well, but I WANT TO IMPOSE TERMINOLOGY.

    We need to bring our terminology with us into the public eye on pro-white boards all around the net, I think if we get them chanting “Anti-Racism is a code word for Anti-White” we will find winning our cause will be 1000x easier.

    Henry Davenport

    The Swarmfront thread “What is the Mantra” that became the MaxVictory thread had its major portion removed by Lycia. Then the truncated thread began to grow itself back into the same interminable discussion that the first thread had been.

    After groping about on the thread for some solution, two things finally sunk into me:
    1. Stormfront posters are going to show up and post in their usual manner because that is all they know, and you cannot change them!
    2. While we bugsters know how to handle anti-Whites, we do NOT know how to handle pro-Whites! Each of you reading this may think that you personally know how to handle pro-Whites, and maybe you do, but too many of us do not know how but will post back to pro-Whites anyway, and so any thread on which the most egregious Stormfront types are allowed to post will inevitably become a non-bugster thread.

    So my solution was to tell Viking Celt that his idea of starting a separate “Suicide or Genocide” thread was a good suggestion, since then we could simply tell the Stormfronters who wanted to discuss that to go there, thus getting them off the “What is the Mantra?” thread so we could preserve that thread to interact solely with Stormfronters who had a sincere interest in learning more about the Mantra and possibly using it themselves.

    For the same reason, when Max Victory came back on the “What is the Mantra?” thread complaining about the unfair treatment of his posts having been deleted from the first version of that thread, I replied to his post, but told him that if he wanted to discuss it further to please start a thread “Free expression on Swarmfront” or whatever name he chose, so that we wouldn’t clutter up the “What is the Mantra?” thread with off-topic posts. I don’t believe he’s made any further posts to Swarmfront since then.

    My idea was that on any thread we want to preserve for ourselves and for Stormfronters who have a positive interest in us, like the “What is the Mantra?” thread, that when Stormfront types show by their off-topic posts that they are not of that group, we politely divert them to an appropriate discussion thread. (I put up a post in bold on the “What is the Mantra?” thread stating that the thread was for us to illuminate the Mantra and our use of it, and for inquiries from readers who had an interest in learning more about the Mantra and in possibly using it themselves.)

    In other words, my solution was to accommodate the incorrigible Stormfronter types by having some discussion threads for them, so that we could divert them to those threads and preserve for our own purpose the threads we want to preserve.

    IMO the important experimental fact we’ve obtained on Swarmfront so far is this:

    We will NOT be able to have ANY thread on Swarmfront serve OUR purpose if the incorrigible Stormfront types are allowed to post more than one or two posts ON THAT THREAD.

    Whatever we do next should be based on understanding and accepting that result.

    I think my own plan was a reasonable next attempt to make Swarmfront work, but it stands a chance only if other bugsters are aware of the plan and agree with it, and implement it by politely but resolutely diverting incorrigible discussant types off the threads we agree to preserve for our own purpose and directing them to continue with their concerns on one of our discussion threads if they wish.

    I believe the only quarrel we’ve had among ourselves here has arisen out of our involvement on Swarmfront. It’s a very irritating involvement.

    Another possibility I offered on that thread but got no response to from other bugsters was contacting Don Black, which I offered to do if enough of you agreed with the idea, and asking him if we couldn’t have moderation on ALL of Swarmfront that would remove all posts that weren’t strictly on-topic, which would be all posts that weren’t either us illuminating the Mantra and our uses of it or readers wanting to learn more about the Mantra and the way it’s being used. We would alert the mods to off-topic posts by flagging them.

    So what do you think?

    Secret Squirrel

    I like the idea of moderating comments, but it sounds too easy. If we can’t convince the Pro Whites at SF, they are wrong in calling it Suicide, without the safety net of moderation, then we can’t convince anyone outside of it.

    Anyway, I would put this question to Bob directly. Despite the reservations of some people, I think Swarmfront is a big opportunity to get new recruits, so this must be handled correctly.

    Daniel Genseric


    Properly utilizing Swarmfront shall consist of, when you have time, copying the posts you make in “Where did you post the Mantra today-II” over to “Where did you post the Mantra today (Swarmfront)?” If a few of us do this regularly, then they will GET the hint we don’t have time to chit-chat about The Evil Genius Conspiracy and Keynesian economics with people who THINK they understand what it means to be pro-white. Just look at the “Where did you post the Mantra today (Swarmfront)?” thread. NOBODY but BUGSters and crickets [chirp-chirp] in there.

    LN’s salesman tactics are justifiable to say the least. “You’re OFF TOPIC” and “It’s obvious the Mantra is not for you” shut it down and quick. However, the cold shoulder is the ultimate insult to ANYBODY. The whole Love me, hate me, insult me. But WHATEVER you do, don’t you dare ignore me. Where we run into problems is when two non-BUGSters start engaging each other while off topic.

    On the mod front, how would the innumerable mods know who is and who is not a BUGSter? OB is right. We do need to work on them from time to time; when we find that we need a break from anti-whites. It’s just hard to remember you MUST swap out the combat boots for penny loafers when running in the WN circles.

    I personally won’t let the suicide thing slide though. Not in Swarmfront. Not here. Not on any battlefield. No way. No matter what. It’s as bad as letting the enemy get away with saying the same thing. We have whole SECTIONS of mini’s dedicated to thwarting this anti-white talker. Just because some WN’s and Pro-Whites are confused about it, doesn’t mean we have to JOIN them or humor them. Not on our turf.

    The anti-whites LOVE to hear us talk about killing ourselves.

    “The worst thing you can say is what the opposition ALLOWS you to say [paraphrase].” – Bob

    Henry Davenport

    “Properly utilizing Swarmfront shall consist of, when you have time, copying the posts you make in ‘Where did you post the Mantra today-II’ over to ‘Where did you post the Mantra today (Swarmfront)?’”

    Excellent, Genseric! You are 100% correct for a zillion good reasons! This is a MUCH better idea than either of the “solutions” I suggested!

    I’m going to assume right now that your idea is so obviously correct that every bugster who reads it will agree with it. I suspect it’s exactly to Horus’ taste, and if that’s so I hope he’ll affirm that. Because it’s going to take all the weight we can get to make this happen.

    The only people we’ll need to exert control over are OURSELVES (not the Stormfront posters or mods as in my suggestions), but we’ll need to CONVINCE EVERY SINGLE BUGSTER (!!) that the ONLY POSTS (!!) WE WILL PLACE ON SWARMFRONT WILL BE, as you say, “copying the posts you make in ‘Where did you post the Mantra today-II’ over to “Where did you post the Mantra today (Swarmfront)?”

    Except maybe posts with the single line, “You’re off topic.” And if a Stormfront poster protests that, I’d suggest also this single statement in reply, “You’re free to start a thread elsewhere than on Swarmfront to discuss that. On Swarmfront, you’re off-topic.”


    If bugsters who read your suggestion agree with it, please say so here…please say that you agree that the only posts we should make on Swarmfront are posts that are copies of the posts we make to our own “Where did you post the Mantra today (II)?” thread here on bugs, copied to the corresponding Swarmfront thread, “Where did you post the Mantra today?”

    If we adopt this, we will need to to quickly set straight any one of us who is unaware and posts otherwise on Swarmfront.

    If we can get solid agreement on that much, then we can discuss suggestions as to any other extremely brief posts we might also need to allow ourselves, such as “You’re off-topic,” and a follow-up if necessary, “You’re free to start a thread elsewhere than on Swarmfront to discuss that. On Swarmfront, you’re off-topic.” We must not let any such brief statements we decide on draw us into discussion beyond them. If the poster continues to post on the thread after that, we simply ignore him completely if the mod doesn’t remove him.

    Henry Davenport

    (The editing function cuts off too quickly!)

    “If we adopt this, we will need to quickly set straight any one of us who is unaware and posts otherwise on Swarmfront. Otherwise, we will have the same old same old there.

    Henry Davenport

    I just slightly broke my own suggestion (“Not a single word more!”) with this reply to an off-topic post (a video of Jared Taylor complaining for two minutes that he couldn’t say the n-word!) on our Swarmfront thread, “Where did you post the Mantra today?” Did I say too much? I guess we’ll see. I also flagged the post, stating to the mod that the post was WAY off topic, since the post didn’t deal with our Mantra or even with ANY mantra, and was not a report of POSTING our mantra (or even ANY mantra!) as the THREAD TITLE stipulates.
    WisdomHonorStrength, you’re off topic. This thread is only for reporting (as the thread title says), “Where did you post the Mantra today,” and the Mantra is this one and its variations that the BUGS team has developed in practice:
    (link to our page “The Mantra”)

    Daniel Genseric


    I’m just suggesting that we TRY this for a while. It’ won’t take much time to see and measure the results. The idea is for us to LEAD by example. What is BUGSter-ing about? Fighting White geNOcide. Well, HOW do y’all do that?! Where’s ALL the activity?

    Most of us DO this. HERE. Let me show you the way. Move your legs and go through this door.

    Henry Davenport

    The poster I corrected PM’d me, and I PM’d this back to him:

    Thanks for your response, ___. We want to restrict the thread just to what its title says, reports of posting the Mantra (Bob Whitaker’s Mantra and the variations of it we’ve developed in practice) by the BUGS team and by others here who would like to join us.

    If you feel so inclined, please feel very welcome to check out some of the links we’re posting at…I see our indefatigable Genseric has just put up some fresh ones on that thread…and pitch right in. That’s how I began, just joining in a swarm and imitating the style of the bugster posts I saw there. If you don’t find a swarm anywhere, you could check our working thread on our home site to find links that seem to be being swarmed:…ay-ii/page/54/



    Well, I think OB and Genseric you two really know your stuff.

    But we still have a problem, we need to IMPOSE TERMINOLOGY.

    White GeNOcide.

    We need to mention and refer back to these points in every, single. post.

    In reality, we want to say that these people are pro-white. but being pro-white is the idea that your race has the right to exist, and standing up for them. Right now we must treat those who want to defame white geNOcide with ‘suicide’ as anti-whites. I think Horus put it best.

    “Nobody voted to flood all white countries with millions of non-whites and ‘assimilate’ with them until there are no more white people.”

    The mods are hypersensitive at SF, you really have to expect when you are hitting an anti-white WN to either get locked or deleted. That’s just how it is. But above all with handling Pro-whites who want to dissagree, or who want to sit on their rear, WE NEED TO MAKE THEM USE OUR TERMINOLOGY. IF WE IMPOSE TERMINOLOGY EVERYTHING ELSE WILL FALL INTO PLACE EASILY.

    My favorite suggestion I read earlier is that we need to post on SF’s most popular boards. News & Views will have the most people watching it. Then, we post somewhat controversial articles involving emotional issues relating to white GeNOcide and point out the obvious with mantra thinking, PRO-WHITE, ANTI-WHITE, WHITE GENOCIDE.

    We should take pointers from the Commies that took over the News agencies and used it to impose terminology on the masses.

    If we just post 2 or 3 articles a week using our terminology, and get enough people to use it, and post the mantra on the News-posts in Pro-white websites, we can exponentially increase our power fighting white geNOcide.


    Also, Anyone can post the mantra, or drop a mini mantra, or a snipet. We can use those posts on pro-white websites to get people to try posting the mantra on them, like we did with the tram video which we had such success with.

    Henry Davenport

    Well Genseric, I think you’ve set the gold standard for us on Swarmfront with your statement,

    “Properly utilizing Swarmfront shall consist of, when you have time, copying the posts you make in ‘Where did you post the Mantra today-II’ over to ‘Where did you post the Mantra today (Swarmfront)?’”

    Yes, we need to try it and see, but there’s already been another thread started on Swarmfront this morning or yesterday by a bugster, “New To BUGS? Want to learn how we work?” which has excellent initial posts, but by its existence violates your gold standard.

    In the long run I think we may find that that new thread and any other we start there will just be a problem, and we’ll decide that your gold standard is the right standard and we’ll stick to it.

    Let’s see how it goes. I want to get back to bugstering more myself (in case part of your comment was directed at me), but I want to also keep an eye on that Swarmfront “Where did you post the Mantra today?” thread and post corrections as I did above to dazed SF’ers who wander in and apparently just put up a post on anything that’s on their mind at the moment. I don’t want some other visitor to read OUR thread and think that one of US put up a video of Jared Taylor complaining for two minutes about not being able to use the n-word, and think that that is somehow part of what WE do! We’ll make a better impression if we show we care enough to police our grounds!


    The best course of action is to ignore the anti-Mantra members. A polite “its not for you, (insert derogative term here) and go on about our business.

    They are successfully stealing our time.

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