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Zell Miller’s Other Point

After his fiery speech at the Republican Convention, Chris Matthews talked to the Georgia Democratic Senator on the Convention floor. Matthews was in his studio. Matthews made the usual comments about Miller helping out a party that was denying care to poor children.

Miller was in a fighting mood. He said, “The only reason you say that is because you’re safe in your studio and I’m here. Nobody accuses me to my face of denying care to poor children.”

He demanded that Matthews give him SPECIFIC details of that charge. As Matthews went silent, Miller said he wished he were in the days when you could challenge someone who insults you to a duel.

This is a major point of my book at


called “Why Johnny Can’t Think: America’s Professor-Priesthood.”

Zell Miller wouldn’t last a day as a professional commentator like George Will or any of the media’s pet conservatives. Try to insult Miller and he won’t stand for it.

Normally liberals casually say conservatives want to starve the poor or oppress minorities or hand out guns to children, but no respectable conservative will show the slightest outrage no matter how insulting the liberal is.

A respectable conservative makes his living by keeping that “respectable” label. And it is the media liberals who give that title to them. I make a major point of this in “Why Johnny Can’t Think.” I point out that the cowards and wimps and morons who are conservative spokesmen on television and in other media are the best friends liberals have.

It was such a relief to watch Zell Miller tear Matthews apart. It was very entertaining for everybody to see how to shut up a liberal who has said something he can’t back up.

I hope you saw it, because you won’t see it again.

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