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Way to GO, Busy BUGS!

Responses to my “If You Need Something Done…” were so good they kicked ME in the pants!

“If you need something done, ask a busy man.” The reason a man is busy is because he gets things DONE, so more people ask him.

And responses came in from our BUSIEST bugsers.

In our case, “ask a busy man” has another advantage. Those of us who have been fighting out in the field can cite EXACTLY where we are REALLY weak, as opposed to theoretically.

One of them pointed out how critical it is for one bugser to greet another if he can out in the field. This is especially important to help out NEW bugsers.

I never thought of that.

Another thing I discovered anew was how well Truck Roy, White Rabbit, and I are working together. I may be falling down on that, and need to remedy it, especially in the case of Truck Roy.

If you look at a book by one the 1930’s anti-whites, like Franz Boas or Ashley Montague, you will see that almost all of their footnotes cite each other. This is not just because they tend to back each other up, but each book would point new anti-whites to buy or check out other anti-whites.

It was a team effort.

Previously a commenter said a common notation on the web is something like TL-DR, meaning “Too Long, Didn’t Read.” You get a real education in INTERNET AGE writing here.

One comment said that my statement, “A book is a LOT cheaper than an advertising slogan” should be one of our Mantras in dealing with other pro-whites. All the work changing Coca-Cola’s “The Pause that Refreshes” into “Mach Mal Pause” cost far more than writing and printing a hundreds bound volumes.

These comments, though, hit on one huge mistake Bob made. Once the Swarm got started, I put a red-letter link to it at the top of the page. That was good.

But I haven’t thought about it since, which is not good. Commenters have changes they want to make.

I want to do it the BUGS way: Go ahead and TRY the most SPECIFIC suggestion.

BUGS wants to MOVE. You get into the fight and THEN you find out what works. Those comments could not have been better.

BoardAd is busy. So I want this done and we give it to him.