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This Is Europa Podcast

This Is Europa Podcast with Jimmy, Hans and Myself.

“Africa for the Africans. Asia for the Asians. White countries are for EVERYBODY. “Anti-Racist” is a code word for anti-White.

In today’s episode we chat with Laura Fitz-Gerald, one of the key activists behind the and BUGS (Bob’s Underground Seminar) project. We talk about the mantra movement and about its creator Bob Whitaker. Laura also gives us a quick update about the current situation in her homeland; Australia.

Robert Walker Whitaker, or Bob Whitaker as he was more commonly known as, (March 31, 1941-June 3, 2017) was an American professor, author, Reagan appointee and political activist for decades (we have partly him to thank for the fall of the Berlin wall). Before he died, he even ran for president in 2016 to get his messages out.  He is the creator of the mantra and he is the man who coined, or at least brought the term “anti-white” to the mainstream.

Few people know he was one of our biggest mentors and who inspired us to go into practical politics in the first place. He can rest in peace, knowing that his torched has passed on and now it’s up to all of us to finish the job. This one is for you, Bob!”



FWG Podcast #3 – Thoughts on Fighting the Propaganda War

Podcast #3 from! Featuring Laura, Jeff, & Ken!  In this podcast the FWG team discusses some their thoughts & experience on fighting the ongoing propaganda war. We hope you enjoy & we look forward to bringing you more podcasts & media.



FWG Podcast – More on Tactics and Narratives

Podcast #2 from! Featuring Laura, Jeff, & Ken!  A general conversation on tactics & narratives dealing with white genocide & recent events. We hope you enjoy & we look forward to bringing you more podcasts & media.



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Bob RAW #014 – The real Campaign is what we are conducting

Voice 001 – Republicans campaign News. Trump’s failing approach. Our campaign started when Hilary mentioned White Genocide.
Voice 002 – The second stage of the real campaign is going to develop around our issues.



Professor wishes for White Genocide for Christmas

Many articles yesterday and this morning about a professor from Drexel University who tweeted that his wish for Christmas was white genocide.

Some of these articles below:

University Professor: I Want ‘White Genocide’ For Christmas

Google search:


LL just informed us “White Genocide is one of the top Trends on Twitter this morning”.