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Use the Full Mantra Until You Learn How not to Need It

I mentioned before that YOU were working out a shortening of the Mantra.

In BUGS, unlike other fora, one commenter did not head off for some Wise Abstract, but asked what the hell I was talking about. Actually he just politely asked what I was referring to, but I was reminded once again that in BUGS, some people actually THINK about what I say, not about how they can get deeply philosophical about it.

In short, I said something, and I got called on it. Which is what BUGS is all about.

But life was certainly a lot simpler when all I had to deal with was people who tried to make things more complicated rather than being unapologetically proletarian and calling me on what I said.

Once again, the problem with what I said was that it is simplisticated.

I insisted on the full Mantra because of the tailgating tendency. After tens of thousands of debates against the actual enemy, I was familiar with the phenomenon that is NOW, TO YOU, second nature. Now that we are knee deep in the Mantra and you have actually BEEN smashing anti-white teeth out the way I was used to doing, you cannot put yourself back in the world where nobody had any idea what Mantra Thinking was.

But to COACH, you still obviously stumble over your own feet while giggling about how smart you are.

I know you tend to forget that, just a short time ago, nobody EVER said “anti-white” unless it was about non-white antisemitism and they said, ABSOLUTELY WITHOUT FAIL, “anti-white AND anti-Semitic.”

In every case we all knew they were talking about non-white antisemitism.

I call myself a Coach rather than a Teacher or a Source of Wisdom because that gives me the right to be blunt and just plain nasty to you in a way no Confucius or Buddha would have been.

So now let us go back to my original point: you don’t realize what a short time it has been since when the term “anti-white” was utterly unknown. So you don’t know how amateurish you still look to me.

Oh, yes, compared to the average AMPW and, God knows, compared to the general population, you are geniuses.

I read your comments on those who say the white man deserves extinction, and what I do NOT see is the approach I always use and advocate here, again and again and again: 1) “You are JUSTIFYING GENOCIDE and 2) NOTHING ELSE.

The point, 1) is “You are justifying genocide,” and 2) is the most important thing in a debate is SILENCE.

My heart welled with pride when I saw someone quote Lord Nelson in an interview, when the interviewer was caught flat-footed by the Mantra and tried to get off on something, else, Lord Nelson just said, “I have made my point.”

But, to be as frank as only a Coach can be, damned few of you are Lord Nelson, and Lord Nelson often looks like an amateur in actual combat.

And THAT , ladies and gentlemen, is the reason I insisted on the FULL Mantra.

The FULL Mantra comes from tens of thousands of actual combats and conversions I did ALONE

To be brutally frank, you have not been at this long enough to deal with the obvious points they are going to make, as we all can predict, without stumbling over your own tongue.

If you are satisfied with where you are now, I will demand the FULL Mantra every single time.

I HOPE the time will come that, having been out in the field hundreds of times, you will no longer get all confused when the same point is brought up predictably for the thousandth time.

Another difference between a Coach and a Learned Teacher is that a Learned Teacher is never just plain WRONG. Here I am either right or wrong. I demand you to use the full Mantra because I frankly don’t believe any of you are smart enough or disciplined enough to run right over them on the points you know they are going to make.

I think you are going to act like “race doesn’t exist” or one of the ten thousand versions of “whites deserve it,” is somehow NEW. Like a freshman football guard, you are going to stumble over your own feet.


I don’t think you can give a shortened version of the Mantra and block them totally the way I have learned to do.

So if you wonder why I insist on the full Mantra, concentrate on the lesson only Lord Nelson seems to have gotten right, that one time.

Most of you frankly don’t know the difference, which one terrific commenter pointed out, between “population shift” and “genocide.”

When the Mantra becomes public property, we will have to go on from there.

From what I see in your comments, you will be as helpless in world of free speech as the anti-whites will be.

By now, knocking anti-whites on their asses and keeping them there should not be rocket science, on ANY of the predictable pieces of crap that crippled pro-whites for decades.

Right now, you look amateurish to me.

But it took me years, too.



For Your Visual Pleasure

A video from the good folks at BUGS and Follow the White Rabbit.



The Mythical Middle Follows Screwtape’s Advice

Reading BUGS Swarm gives me a curious sensation — a good one!

After a lifetime spent on such things as trying to tell Republicans not to “go for the black vote” and trying to get SFers to mention the ongoing genocide of whites, it is a weird feeling that I don’t need to even answer questions about practical nose-to-nose strategy.

I have never before seen anybody who could think practically so I always find myself half-wondering when I write something BUGS SWARM.

“No, Bob, these folks can THINK.

On their own.

Just like people.”

I have mentioned that I have spent my life explaining this kind of thinking.

I have spent my life trying to get people in authority to think at a HUMAN level.

Every single “political analysis” tells respectable conservatives how they are to talk if they don’t want to be “discredited” — fired — by their masters.

In every analysis they talk about a “middle of the road.” When you repeat that, you are legitimizing the present system, truth is somewhere between the professional liberals and the professional conservatives. No one will keep his job as a paid “commentator” if he does not talk about right, left and center or if he asks “What IS a racist?” before he gets to groveling and peeing all over himself.

If you look at the actual records of ELECTED officials, very, very few are shown as middle of the road even on the charts set up by professional liberals and conservatives, the ADA and ACA voting percentages.

Almost all ELECTED congressmen are at one end or the other of the spectrum. Then every analyst says “the votes are in the middle of the road” If the election is decided in this mythical middle, why aren’t the people who actually get ELECTED there?

Screwtape pointed out to Tapeworm, Demon to Demon, that “People are always talking about how Satan puts ideas into people’s heads, but we actually spend most of our time keeping them OUT.”

“What is a racist?”

“What is the middle of the road?”

No professional analyst will ever talk about either of those questions.

Those of you who are in Swarm know first hand that our enemies can only deal with the Mantra by keeping it OUT.



Gar 5’s Whitakerism

Gar 5 did some thinking and came up with these for our section called “Whitakerisms”

The more money we pump into the education system, the stupider we get.

Truth is stranger than fiction, maybe that’s why people prefer fiction.

A bad generation will raise a worse generation.

Intelligence is knowing what to do. Wisdom is knowing what not to do.

The Roman empire lasted as long as the Romans did.

The smallest things have the greatest effect.

Rotten eggs make the whole cake taste bad.

If statistics ever changed anything, statisticians would be driving fast cars.

If there is an afterlife, it’s going to be chaos – all those enemies in the same place for an eternity!



You Missed the Point, Gang!

Commenters do tend to dislike my mentioning the Catholic sex scandals, and I understand that. Normally people who talk about that are doing it to attack Catholics.

My mind doesn’t work that way.

In fact the thinking this got me off on reminded me I used to get my ammunition reloaded at the Columbia Bible College.

If you are in serious intelligence work, and not a CIA bureaucrat, Bible Belt missionaries are good people to know. If you were in the African bush or a part of Bolivia where goat is a delicacy, the nearest white man is likely to be missionary.

But can you imagine someone in the Ivy-League-run CIA bureaucracy lowering himself to go to a local Bible College to get information and basics from the only people who go into those areas on their own?

I needed information and I went to where it was.

The New York Times had a black reporter who was making up his stories. Like the black woman on the Washington Post who was making up her feature stories, nothing was done until, being black, they were inevitably offered a major award, in her case the Pulitzer.

In each case, when a major award was being offered and a giant scandal threatened, the editors suddenly declared the black was lying. The probability that they didn’t know it before is zero.

In fact, the story at the New York Times actually quoted memos over several months about this black star reporter who made up his stuff and what to do about it.

But the fiction was maintained that nobody knew about it then.

I can’t help it if the same leftists who scream about the Catholic sex scandal have this case of total Double Think where liberal newspapers are concerned. I do not believe that a newspaper, whose whole job is finding out facts, can be unaware that some of its major reporters are making it up.

By exactly the same estimate, I do not believe that any Catholic bishop could be unaware that other bishops were shifting deviates around.

But another basic fact about this whole thing has been ignored, one which liberals are as anxious to avoid as any conservative is. The Church has repeatedly stated that it did allow the deviates to run wild, and it stated flatly that the reason it did that was that it was following the expert line, the Mommy Professor line, that the deviate should be treated and not rejected.

The Church has pointed out, REPEATEDLY, that it was following the Social Expert Line of the last generation, the Liberal Line that let rapists go out repeatedly, that said that Society was responsible for the “so-called criminals.”

That is exactly what DID happen. That is what the Church SAID happened.

But I have yet to hear one single person who gets upset at me for getting angered about the whole thing even MENTION this aspect of it.

On boy molestation, the Church keeps pointing out that it did exactly what Mommy Professor said it should do. All I get is people bitching about MY saying that the Church did EXACTLY what the Church SAID it did.

If one gets out of this respectable conservative defensive mode, seeing what actually happened, what the bishops and the Pope SAY happened, is the best denunciation of giving over one’s morality to Mommy Professor that anyone could imagine.

But, damn it, this is the kind of thinking that respectable conservatives get PAID to avoid.

Be it the New York Times or the Vatican, my approach is, within the bounds of being human, as consistent as I can make it.

And only because I am so consistent I see the REAL lesson here, which some of our best commenters missed badly.

For the POPE to say that he was led into something hideous because he gave up his morality to Mommy Professor, and for BUGS commenters to say we should not touch this is, let’s say, a bit disappointing to me.

But then again, it shows me once again that, no matter how good you are getting, sometimes you still need the Old Man to point to the crux of the matter.



The BUGS Swarm



The Silent Treatment

About the time we developed speech, older men began to be asked to explain things.

The old men were more and more worthless as they aged for hunting or any of the practical things. They found that they became indispensable as they began to EXPLAIN things.

And nobody Googled them.

Why is this information produced?

The old men began to pour out explanations. They could name the gods from whose spittle the universe got its beginning. They could give you the True Explanation for everything.

Any old man who said “I don’t know” was risking his reason for existence. The moment anyone asked a basic Whitakerism: “Why was this information produced?” one has a whole world view of intellectual history.

History makes it very complicated. The first old men asked these questions evolved into shamans, priests, philosophers, Intellectuals, Authorities, and Mommy Professors. One thing we become aware of is that the Truth of today will not be Truth of tomorrow. But the explanation, as usual with Whitakerisms, is so basic and simple that no one dwells on it.

Least of all the shamans, priests, philosophers, Intellectuals, Authorities and Mommy Professors.

This information is produced for different markets in each generation. And each generation is absolutely convinced that Truth has been EVOLVING to the Ultimate Truth.

Which means the Truth you have now. In every generation, people use the term “modern thought” without the slightest idea how ridiculous that makes them.

And this is where we are stuck until we question the process itself.

But the moment you SEE the process for what it is, you begin to laugh out loud when someone says “modern thought.” Where do you BEGIN to contradict someone who says “The sky is purple?”

People will openly express rage at your “questioning their most deeply held beliefs.” But if questioning their most deeply held beliefs is offensive, a Whitakerism is declaring those “modern” beliefs to be totally absurd.

Whitakerisms make you very unpopular. One is making it clear that what people call “Their most deeply held beliefs” are actually as silly as the population in The Emperor’s New Clothes.”

No one is comfortable around you. You have totally abandoned the usual discussion of Both Sides, even radicals on Both Sides, all of whom think and talk about their “sides” on modern thought that is presently being discussed.

So Creator in Iceland is getting the Silent Treatment.

Get used to it.



Getting Rid of Human Time Bombs Means Freedom of Speech for BUGS

One commenter said they were afraid that their particular suggestion “might be overstepping the bounds.”

It didn’t.

But the point is that BUGS has no room for people who go to pieces because you DO overstep the bounds. This gives you a chance to simply say what you are thinking.

There are two reasons people fear to make suggestions that might be taken badly.

One is the human time bomb. Stormfront’s Religious section was famous for that. People were regularly cut off for saying the wrong thing or endless pages were devoted to why someone should be cut off.

So we simply have no room in BUGS for touchy people.

But this has another side to it. Our own commenters have a tough skin, too. My black little heart is gladdened when a person who uses the term “anti” is viciously and unapologetically denounced.

A person who spots one of us — including Lord Robert Hisself — saying something stupid and destructive should SAY so.

There is time to be diplomatic but there is also a time to let ‘em HAVE it.

This is all more effective if you carefully reserve the totally unkind remarks for when somebody really needs to be called down, as when they use “anti.” Extreme remarks are for extreme situations.

On the other hand, someone who needs constant kindness and diplomacy doesn’t belong in BUGS. This is a rough place.

Wars DO tend to get a bit rough.

This also gives me a lot of freedom. I keep telling you that a lot of my ideas are developed right here. You allow me to talk things out here, to think out loud in front of an intelligent and critical audience.

We are exploring a whole world of logic and observations here that no one is allowed to even THINK about elsewhere. When one is thinking in areas no one is allowed to delve into, you are inevitably going to say some totally stupid things.

Many, many of the things I have said here over the years contain embarrassing nonsense and factual nonsense.

Some of the corrections have been as disrespectful as they deserved.

I am a battle scarred old hard politics vet. That doesn’t bother me.

I only feel let down when someone does NOT tell me when they believe I am just plain WRONG.

It’s simple, but it’s always true: You only arrive at the truth by stating your proposition and having others do you the service of shooting it down.

Old Bob is NOT a human time bomb.