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Promoting BUGS and Recruiting New Bugs

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    I think I came to BUGS via Horus’ website and I got there after hearing him on the Don and Derek Black radio show.

    The success of BUGs depends on pounding out the Mantras, dodging the anti-White missiles and recruiting new Bug blood.

    I heard via Don Black that Bob will be talking at the Annual Conference. Hopefully this will draw in new recruits as well as imparting new ideas to present converts.

    So my question/suggests relates to other ways of how we can promote BUGS and recruiting to BUGS.

    There are 250 000 members on SF.

    We have only a tiny fraction of these characters. Some people won’t be on SF so we have even less than the tiny fraction.

    Now there are many out of our reach. I have enough arguments about what I think are “unhelpful goals” and viewpoints. Some however are within reach.

    If we caught only 1%, that’s 2 500. We all know that would be massive posting output.

    If a person recruits 1 more BUG like them, they are in effect doubling their posting output.

    How do BUGS suggest we get more BUGS on board and thus how do we promo BUGS?

    I have some ideas for low tech video – which might well be new BUG educational videos.

    Is anyone interested in getting involved in this?  It mainly means your voice – no personal appearances are required.

    Has anyone else any other ideas?



    J Locke

    Thank you for posting about recruits. We need to recruit all White an normals. We need to tell Stormfront that the only way to reach millions of people is by posting on the internet, and the most effective way to awaken the millions is if we are all on the same consistent message that will save our Race.

    BUGS is the only way we can save ourselves.

    We need both Trucker Roy and Derek from The Don and Derek Black Show to start spreading the solution with the message. The solution is to actively participate in the Swarm.

    We need to host an event where we all take in new recruits who vow to post the Mantra every day for two weeks. We can show them the ropes.

    Beefcake should garner the support we need from Roy to use the radio show to start an event where people can participate in practical politics from their home in the BUGS Swarm. The September seminar is about Practical Politics (ie the Mantra), so this will be appropriate. Each day Beefcake can be a co-host on the show. The hosts will discuss the Swarm activism that’s taking place in this two week BUGS seminar/event on Practical Politics. In this way, we will use our radio program to boost Swarm numbers.

    We do need media that promotes our Swarm activism solution. Trucker Roy is an excellent voice for our cause. I made some copies of him discussing Mantra points for YouTube at and



    I asked Johnny White Rabbit who does all the excellent music videos if he would go on Don Black’s show. It would promo his work but give a good push for Mantra thinking.
    He was certainly interested.
    Beefcake was on Don’s show a few times – he was certainly good. I would say he did not promo BUGS as I remember.
    I would like to see that happen.
    runner you don’t belong the HIVE on SF. This is dead at the moment. I have just joined.
    If could act as a conduit to bring people over here.

    Trucker Roy does talk about White genocide a lot.
    I heard Derek talk about this as well on the radio today.
    All of the presenters/correspondents are mentioning it a lot but they don’t seem to be talking about how ordinary Whites can get involved.

    If we could just get a few percentage of the listeners and members of SF we would quite literally explode on the internet scene.


    J Locke

    We should also make commercials for

    six gun, can you please describe your idea for a video? I would help if I can. I have Sony Vegas Movie Studio to edit videos.


    Sixgun,good luck with the Stormfront recruitment program.



    @runner I will pm you tomorrow on SF.

    @dungeoneer I’ll need some luck I think. I have started a few threads and have made little headway.
    I think the big SF boss is needed with a little help from the BUGS boss.



    Without going into great length I believe we need educational/marketing videos.
    Nothing high tech like How the Whites took over America.

    I imagined a number of characters having conversations. Not people on scene, the human input is the voice.
    There is a Scottish guy who started doing videos with a fish tank as the visual. He runs the video filming the tank of fish and talks.

    I imagined having white fish which were recognisably different, allocating a character/name to them and having a library of single and group fish shots. So the video switches between the fish as each “speaks.”
    As long as there were a reasonable amount of footage it could just be rotated round and paired up with the audio.
    The conversation would be scripted. I imagined 3 White characters – 2 males 1 female. There could be an anti-White as well and a non-White.

    The scripted conversations would be like a radio play. You could do it over MSN messenger and record it.
    Then put visual clips to the characters.

    You don’t need to be in the same room let alone the same part of the world.
    No-one is identified if that were an issue.
    The actual audios might well just take a few minutes. The longer process would be the script and matching footage to audio.

    It is a relatively non-confrontational format – white fish in a tank. It does not need to be fish but they are living and move a bit. The ones opening their mouths a lot would be better.

    It is simply a vehicle for the conversations which are vehicles for the message.

    So you could go over anti-racism is a code word for anti-White. Properly explain how this phrase is 100% correct.
    So if in conversation with an anti-White they say as I saw yesterday several said the phrase is rubbish, you can put a link into the video or the title of the video and they can go see. More importantly other people can go see and get a short video properly explaining the point in an easily digestible format.
    You can use a non-YT video hoster as the viewer is being taken to the video with the link. We don’t have to battle with the anti-White mentality of YT.

    Scripts could be viewed by Bob and we can be certain that it is all bang on.

    There could be something at the end saying if you found the content interesting go to BUGS – we could have links to non-YT video hoster where our videos are held safely and not open to the anti-White “hate speech” take downs.



    Daniel Genseric

    “There are 250 000 members on SF.

    We have only a tiny fraction of these characters.” -6 shooter

    Soon, you will have the stark realization that WE are the true (less than) 1%, rabbit. We do their thinking FOR them. They wanted it this way and so shall their will be done. There are a few there who will make the requisite synaptic leap in the future, but they will find US; not the other way around.

    Besides, even if you COULD see that leap happen, you’d need 250,000 microscopes the world has never seen before. And ours is an industry not founded with – nor rooted in – money, but with simple truth, free thought and an idea pyramid like you couldn’t possibly fathom.

    It’s cold and lonely at the top, eh boy-o? Report any nosebleeds you might have and a BUGSter will be through with a pea coat and an hemostatic agent. The lonely bit is something you have to work out for yourself, mate. Cheers!



    I sometimes wonder about these people who post leaflets about Jehovah’s Witnesses, do they have them in the US? Well you’ll know what I’m talking about. They knock on doors and try to convince people to convert if that is the word for a Christian to their sect or whatever it is.

    I cannot imagine anyone switching but still they carry on. I guess they will say well someone came knocking on my door one day and I converted.

    We all found our way here somehow or other – often by accident.


    J Locke

    The question is how can we unite Whites. BUGS is the only form of activism most people would unite under since it is safe, effective, and convenient. We should always ask how we can unite Whites into one effective form of activism.

    @six gun, How about a script?




    OK staying positive.
    I have written some scripts – the first one is dealing with anti-racism is a code word for anti-White.
    This is a phrase we use again and again….and again and always (just about),

    It is also the phrase that the anti-White twist.

    The White masses can trip up on it when it comes to the “code word” – this is how the anti-Whites try to twist the phrase.
    I had one saying it was rubbish – as they were replacing code word with “equals”
    I said its not “equals” – go look up code word.
    Then they returned saying it was synonym –
    I asked them why they were making up what the words are in the phrase.
    I defined code word and they disappeared.

    It happens quite often so I think it would be useful to nail this down in a video.
    What anti-racism is a code word for anti-White and how we can say it is true.

    I’ve written the script longhand so I’ll have to type it out.


    J M C

    Has anyone here from Whitaker online heard of these guys??? I have been seeing their stuff here and there with increasing frequency. Anyone know anything about them? About ‘Drake?’ About their plan for “MASS ARRESTS, DETENTIONS, and ADJUDICATION of the criminal elements that have illegally usurped our societies, governments, and planet.”

    I trust the experience and judgement of anyone affiliated with Whitaker Online and would appreciate any thoughts on this group:


    I found this page on White news now, that was linked to from a Bugster a while ago in the workspace. The person writing it is explaining how he dropped the Mantra in class etc. I think some of it would go into a short script very well, take a look and see what you think. Take a look at all 4 pages to find some good examples.



    We need more recruiting web pages like this one:

    I actually found out about Bugs from that site. Look how short it is. It links to the Introduction, the Mantra, the list of Mini Mantras and Where Did You Post the Mantra Today?

    That’s all you need to guide people here.



    Yes zyzz we need a shed load of links coming into this website.
    I have a link in my SF signature. Horus has his banners on SF. I presume as Bob is speaking at the SF Practical Politics Seminar, terms are good.
    I think there should be more visibility on SF and any website where people might be sympathetic to us.


    I know I’ve posted this several times before on a different thread about mobile log in issues but I’ve got a link to BUGS on my twitter & theres alot of people that use twitter just on a cell phone simply because its user friendly & anyone “White & normal” that sees it is gonna click on the link & go nowhere.. just an FYI, HV



    I came to BUGs from The Occidental Observer. I saw some posts of the Mantra a while back and then finally an article was put up on BUGs and Horus’ program. I wonder if Amren would put up an article on us?



    Bob has a Twitter account. I don’t properly understand Twitter. I know they talk about topics trending.
    I put “anti-White” into Twitter – I came up with quite a bit of stuff. I don’t like Farcebook or Twitter – especially Farcebook. It wants too much of your information and I’m not willing to give those crooks any of mine.

    Probably Twitter would be a good venue, especially if a subject is trending – as I say I don’t really understand how it works but I get the impression you can get your material in front of a lot of people.



    Twitter accounts are easy to get and they don’t verify. You can send messages directly to anyone – of course big names seldom read their messages. But in the past, I’ve gotten responses from Alec Baldwin and Keith Olbermann (yes seriously). Unfortunately, that was before I knew about BUGs. Anyway, I think sending messages to producers and 2nd tier people who don’t have as many followers, and therefore read their messages, could be helpful.

    Or also, sending supportive messages whenever you see a commentator say something that helps us. You can usually find someone by doing a Google search with the words “twitter” and then their name


    Daniel Genseric

    @six gun

    Twitter will prove to be essential in the future when it comes to full-on Swarm attacks. I suggest ALL BUGSters register and follow each other. That way, we can alert each other to emergency situations.

    Don’t register your actual information on Fakebook and you will be just fine. Networking is fun!

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