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Coachin’ From Pain

Shari gave us a good example of fitting the Mantra into websites online! Sometimes the full version just sounds like an irrelevant advertisement, so you can alter it a little bit. Thanks for the good example!

Since Bob wants us to keep moving with this, let me say that of course do not forget to post the full version wherever you can. Sometimes I’m just browsing around and I see that the topic is related so I cut and paste the Mantra. Actually, pasting the whole thing takes less times than figuring out how to reword it.

I usually don’t even follow it up; it figure it’s done the job and I move on elsewhere.

It’s only in personal conversation (or a heavily censored website) that I’ll give an abbreviated version, tailored to how timid the person is. When you are only talking to one person, it’s not as important as the web, where the audience may have millions.

By the way, this whole topic is hot potatoes; this is what people are thinking. This is why Google must censor its results so tightly on all things surrounding the ongoing white genocide. For example, for more than a year (a while back), the number one search result for Jew was an anti-genocide site — until Google censored it.

It’s the same with every other topic around white genocide. I am sure each of us has noticed more than a few websites that used to come up at the top of Google until they suddenly disappeared unless you typed in the actual site name.

Genocide is THE issues of the age, which is why it must be suppressed.

As it becomes a natural part of casual conversation, you will find yourself slipping it in and people nodding in agreement.


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Shari Tackles RJB

Shari brings a report from the front!

Shari: These “immigrants” are in Norway as part of an ongoing program of White Genicide. The same push for pouring the non-white hoards is going on in EVERY White country and ONLY into White countries. This is nothing less than an effort to genocide the White race, my race. Nothing else. There is no push for non-Chinese pouring into China,or non-Japaese into Japan. There is no push to invade EVERY Black country and ONLY Black countries. Anti-racism is ANTI-WHITE.

This is what I wrote in response to Randall Burns posting on rape in Norway.