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Asgardian’s Question

Written by Bob Whitaker. Originally posted August 23rd, 2013 –


“Anyone else find it difficult to transition from an argumentative/dissident role to a cooperative/leadership role? That’s a bad way to phrase it but what I mean is, getting into debates with anti-Whites is one thing. Dealing with Normal Whites who are slowllllyyyy becoming pro-White is another.”

“Or so it seems to me. Are the people who spark social change the same ones who go on to lead after the change?”


Huey Long was asked what Political Leadership is, and he gave a frank and accurate reply:

“You find out the direction everybody is going and you run out front.”

This is where Mantra Thinking comes in. Instead of using Long’s quote to look smart and yell about what fakes politicians are, I THOUGHT about this statement. While others were Looking Smart, I was thinking.

What did Long’s statement and the reality it reflected mean to a young man who was hungry for POWER instead of public office?

To others Long’s statement was a confirmation of their own opinion of politicians, insincere and all that crap.

To me, it meant that politicians give up real power to be Leaders. What mattered to me was not who walked in front but why the crowd was marching in that direction in the first place.


Sam Adams exercised POWER. He was almost forgotten as his cousin rose to the presidency.

Thomas Paine made the Revolution in POWER terms. Washington came as a Name and took over.

A sane person wants to be Presidents Washington and Adams. I decided to be Thomas Paine and Sam Adams.

Asgardian’s question is right on target for BUGS. We are making the underlying revolution.

But sometimes the underlying revolution involves questions so hot that the Names cannot take them up. That’s when you get upstarts like Lenin and Hitler taking power themselves.

Russia and Germany would have been lottery lucky if there had been a group like BUGS instead of Hitler or Lenin.

BUGS makes this both our argument and our program. As our memes take root, you can FEEL the white resentment growing. As an argument,  we warn anti-whites that, if no one is allowed to object to white genocide, this sentiment can explode under them.

All those people they silenced by screaming Nazi can end up just that. That is our argument.

Now, let’s remember that the reason Mantra arguments WORK is because they are simply TRUE. If no Name wants the leadership, Ole Bob knows how to take the lead, and he got paid by leaders to do just that.

I do not want to interrupt what we are doing now to theorize about the future. That seems to be about all people outside BUGS ever do. If you read me carefully, you will find yourself surprising yourself by knowing what to do next. If you have been inside as I have, what impresses you is how practical our discussions have become.

Your approach NOW would make pros in DC.


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We Want POWER!

Written by Bob Whitaker. Originally posted November 2nd, 2017 –

Something utterly new has happened:

PRO-WHITES on American campuses have begun to demand free speech on campus.

In Europe the Communists ruled all discussion just as the Comms do here. But almost as soon as the Nazis began to take on the Reds in the streets, Communists started losing. In fact, the elapse between the right beginning to show some testosterone and their taking power was, in historical terms, very very short.

By the election of 1932, no government could be formed without including the Communists with their usual thugs and mob rule on campus. The same thing had happened in Italy a decade before, when testosterone drowned out their Old Right. I have discussed repeatedly the fact that Mussolini lost the March on Rome when he almost MISSED the March that gave him power.

Mussolini had just made one more demand that the masses march, just as our “leaders” make the demand and wait for the usual flow of money and praise to come in.  But this time, unlike their “leaders,” who sat there and told each other what a hard sell any real action would be, their base wanted POWER.

By 1932 poor effeminate sighing “leadership” had FINALLY bored away everybody who had any actual heartbeat.

More important a new “leadership” had risen that actually LISTENED to what was going on.

Suddenly, as now, the LEFTISTS made it clear to the meanest that there would no longer be even a pretence of free speech for anyone but them, and for only a small portion of THEM.

Which is suddenly where we are now.

Twice the present pro-white “pros” tried to do a Trump commercial.

He repeated and retweeted ours.


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Fight White Genocide Podcast #13 Youtube Panics! Brothers of Banned

Our FWG channel has been censored from YouTube.

We are moving our channel over to BitChute.

Here is a link to our latest discussion on the YouTube purge. It is currently posted on our facebook page.

Link to all podcasts on archive dot org

Fight White Genocide Podcast #13 Youtube Panics! Brothers of Banned

Fight White Genocide Podcast #13 Youtube Panics! Brothers of BannedThe crew discuss the recent purge by Youtube of heretics to the Religion of Political Correctness and their ridiculous justifications for political censorship.2:44 Did we cause the purge?7:46 Destroying supremacy.10:41 The end of censorship is the end of the regime.13:20 Youtube blog post censorship announcement.14:17 Calling disagreement “hate” is childish.16:05 Self-serving media/academia complex protecting its power.16:29 Consulting “experts.”17:13 Censorship causes violence. Youtube wants violence.18:58 Bob on fake vs real censorship.20:30 They’re admitting they don’t care about free speech.21:15 Respectable Conservatives never talk about real censorship.21:34 The REAL reason for this purge is to silence exposure of white genocide.22:10 Anything government requires you to believe is a lie.22:26 Youtube blog post cont’d specific actions.27:06 Supremacy, superiority and separatism are all different things.28:16 Separate to protect non-whites from oppression. Access to whites is a human right?29:51 Separation is better than forced integration.32:16 Youtube’s reasons for censorship are ridiculous.32:30 CBS inciting violence.33:20 A Respectable Conservative’s job is to protect leftism.35:05 Religion of Political Correctness.35:40 Did Hitler talk about Jews like anti-whites talk about white people?38:15 Youtube blog post cont’d event denial.39:15 Truth40:32 The minute they let off on the censorship, they’re done.42:22 To destroy the system, focus on white genocide43:40 Alt-lite never defend our right to speak.44:44 Youtube blog post cont’d allowable content.47:44 We say nothing extreme.50:11 Anti-whites have no shame, you have to repeat.51:15 Get anti-whites on the defensive.52:35 Intent53:59 Youtube blog post cont’d allowable content.54:54 Community Decency Act of 1996 Section 230 Internet platform indemnity.58:39 Youtube blog post cont’d rewarding supporters of political correctness59:00 It’s not about money, corporations are not in charge, Big anti-white is.1:02:37 Pete Wilson1:03:39 Contradictions, discrimination1:05:26 Driving people into our camp.

Posted by Fight White Genocide on Thursday, June 13, 2019


If the Exceptions to Free Speech Happen to Match an Ongoing Program, it is Censorship

Written By Bob Whitaker. Originally posted June 23, 2013 –

I have repeated this theme many, many times, and I have gotten replies about how “heresy” is too theoretical.

This means you can either go back to sleep or make it less theoretical for yourself.

 photo hatespeech2_zps4efdf49b.jpg

So far you have chosen a nice mental nap. 
So on the Working Page there  are a couple of complaints about being told that You Tube allows “Free speech” but not “Hate speech.”

Replied to, presumably, by a dumb silence.

Every tyranny in history claimed free speech. The Stalinist Constitution of 1936 beat our first amendment in wording.


There is no difference between slavery and freedom EXCEPT….

Then I have said, over and over and over, “Why was this information produced?”    That you have gotten fairly well.

Put them together.

If the exceptions to free speech happen to match an ongoing program, it is censorship.

If the exceptions to free speech happen to match an ongoing program, it is censorship.

If the exceptions to free speech happen to match an ongoing program, it is censorship.

Hitler called it Communism; Stalin  called it fascism; today’s rulers call it Hate Speech.


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What Censorship Is

Written by Bob Whitaker. Originally posted November 28, 2004 –

The first rule of REAL censorship is that you don’t read about it.

Where would you read about it?

If you ask the average person about censorship, he will talk about the suppression he reads about a lot. He will ask you if you are talking about Michael Moore or the Federal Government refusing to sponsor pornographic “art.”

Those incidents of “censorship” are well-known because people read about them all the time.

When the Canadian authorities seized Why Johnny Can’t Think: America’s Professor-Priesthood I was not “outraged.” This is standard practice. I have dealt with it all my life.

Some people said, “Bob, you should take this to the press.”

Yea, right.


This is not Michael Moore-type national press discussions of “censorship.”

This is the real thing.

You can join the mob and scream about “censorship” when prayers are banned in public school and the fact is trumpeted nation-wide. This is what I call “famous censorship.”

Famous censorship is not real censorship. The whole point of real censorship is to keep things from becoming famous.

Making a big thing about students’ right to pray in school is easy and it makes the people who do it feel brave. You have a billion-dollar evangelical compex to trumpet that call. Those evangelicals have bought their right to media access by pushing third-world adoptions.

Those protestors of students not being allowed to pray in school wouldn’t touch the suppression of a book like mine. They could lose their respectability that way.

Let me repeat: real censorship is what you DON’T hear about.


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